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Chinese New Year at V&A MOC

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What’s Next

— MBL & 欣然与收养中国儿童家庭互动 Adoptive Families with MBL & Xinran (8th – End May)

  • Singapore (8th – 10th May)
  • New Zealand (11th – 15th May)
  • Australia (16th – End May)
  • Norway (End May)

– 与伦敦国际华语电影节慈善合作(慈善募捐活动Support China International Film Festival London 2015 (Wed 13th – Mon 18th May)

— 参与伦敦香港龙舟赛(慈善募捐活动Participate at London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival (Sun 28th June)

 母爱桥图书馆计划(江苏/甘肃/四川徒步跋涉慈善募捐活动Organize MBL Library Projects/Jiangsu/Gansu/Sichuan Fundraising Trek (Early July – TBC)

— 参与收养家庭暑期中文学校 Support Adoptive Family Chinese Summer School, East Sussex (End July – TBC)

– 中西方儿童艺术之旅 Organize East-West Children’s Art Trip (Mid July/Early Aug – TBC)

— 中秋节家庭欢乐日 Co-organize Mid-Autumn Festival at V&A Museum of Childhood (Sun 27th Sep)

– 经典大型舞剧《大梦敦煌》来英首演 Organize “Dunhuang My Dreamland” (one f the most famous Chinese Dance Drama) First Tour in the UK (Sep/Oct – TBC)


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