What we do

Since the publication of her books, The Good Women of China, and Sky Burial, Xinran has received numerous letters from women all over the world – some from adoptive mothers of Chinese children, some from overseas Chinese mothers. All of them were concerned with such issues as those raised in the questions given below. As a result, she decided to create a charity – The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) – to help these women, their children, as well as the many children living in destitute conditions in China.

Her latest book, “Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother” focuses on stories of Chinese mothers who have lost their daughters, and includes details of how to donate to MBL.

Many western families have adopted Chinese orphans, mainly girls, since 1995. As they grow up, this is one of the first questions those children might ask:

“Why didn’t my Chinese mummy want me?”

With so many Chinese people living in poverty, millions of children all around the country can only dream of a decent education:

“How can I ever go to school?”

Meanwhile, millions of overseas Chinese children hardly understand their roots:

“What is Chinese culture?”

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love helps to find answers to these questions by building a bridge:

  • Between China and the rest of the world
  • Between rich and poor
  • Between birth culture and adoptive culture