MBL wishes you a very happy Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day falls on different days depending on the countries where it’s celebrated. In the UK,  it’s 31 March this year.

Since its birth, MBL has been reaching out to Chinese children in all corners of the world: those who have been adopted by Western families, those who have been raised abroad, and those living in China. As of today, MBL has built 27 international libraries for underprivileged children in rural China, and has helped many adoptive families and adopted children understand and explore China. Among MBL’s volunteers and supporters, many are mothers. We’re forever grateful for their love and commitment.

Mothers, you deserve the best. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day. 母亲节快乐!

(A big thank you to our talented volunteer, Yifeng, for designing the lovely holiday card.)


Happy Women’s Day & MBL founder Xinran’s new Book, The Promise, a story of love and loss in modern China, is out now!

Happy Women’s Day!

We’re excited to announce that MBL’s founder Xinran’s new book, The Promise, has recently been released. Since her 2002 international best-seller, The Good Women of China, Xinran has established herself as a dedicated chronicler of the political and social changes that have impacted the Chinese people, especially women, in modern China. The Promise (I.B. Tauris), translated from the Chinese by William Spence, is yet another persuasive and absorbing exploration of her homeland.

In The Promise, Xinran, through a series of interviews, tells the story of the Hans over four generations. At the start of the twentieth century in China, the Hans were married in an elaborate ceremony before they were even born. While their future was arranged by their families, this couple had much to be grateful for. Not only did they come from similar backgrounds – and as such were recognized as a good match – they also had a shared passion in their deep love of ancient Chinese poetry. They went on to have nine children and chose colours portrayed in some of their favourite poems as nicknames for them – Red, Cyan, Orange, Yellow, Green, Ginger, Violet, Blue and Rainbow. Fate, and the sweep of twentieth century history would later divide these children into three groups: three went to America or Hong Kong to protect the family line from the communists; three were married to revolutionaries having come of age as China turned red; while three suffered tragic early deaths.

With her trademark wisdom and warmth, Xinran describes the lives and loves of this extraordinary family over four generations. What emerges is not only a moving, beautifully-written and engaging story of four people and their lives, but a crucial portrait of social change in China. Xinran begins with the magic and tragedy of one young couples wedding night in 1950, and goes on to tell personal experiences of loss, grief and hardship through China’s extraordinary century. In doing so she tells a bigger story – how traditional Chinese values have been slowly eroded by the tide of modernity and how their outlooks on love, and the choices they’ve made in life, have been all been affected by the great upheavals of Chinese history.

A spell-binding and magical narrative, this is the story of modern China through the people who lived through it, and the story of their love and loss.

Select Reviews

“A brilliant storyteller” – Hilary Spurling

“Much has been written about political, social, and economic changes in China since before the 1949, but few authors apart from Lynn Pan—who explored the common notion that love originated in the West before it arrived in China—have taken an intimate look the Chinese women’s private lives spanning four generations.” – Asian Review of Books

“Filled with poignancy, insights, and revelations, this is an ideal book for anyone curious about life in China—and surely, in this day and age, that means all of us.” – Randallwrites.wordpress.com Book Review

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Asian Review of Books 

The Spectator 



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An adopted Nanjing Girl visits her old home at Nanjing Children’s Home

Today is MBL’s 15th birthday. We have some wonderful news to share.

On 12th, August, 2019, accompanied by Julie and Flora, two MBL volunteers, several special guests visited the Nanjing Children’s Home. One of them was Xiaoqiu, a Chinese girl, who had lived here before she was adopted by a Dutch family.

Not long after Xiaoqiu was born, she was found abandoned near the Children’s Hospital. A kind stranger sent her to the Children’s Home. In 2006, a Dutch family adopted her with the help of MBL and several other local agencies. They treated her like their own and gave her a happy childhood.

Xiaoqiu was very excited about her return to her old “home”. She thanked the staff who had looked after her, and said, “I also want to thank my biological parents and my adoptive parents. I cherish my life in the Netherlands and everything I have right now.”

Xiaoqiu’s adoptive mother said that Xiaoqiu is currently attending a Dutch high school and has many hobbies, such as theatrical performance, handcraft and travel. She also enjoys reading, dancing, gymnastics and music. She excels at school, but finds math a bit challenging. Overall, she enjoys school and hopes to go to a good university someday. She takes Chinese lessons once a week and loves it.

Xiaoqiu’s adoptive mother also said that they are very happy to have raised Xiaoqiu. “But she misses her biological parents,” she added, “Finding her biological parents and learning the Chinese culture are her wishes as well as her rights.”

MBL was founded in the U.K. in 2004. For the past fifteen years, MBL has devoted itself to helping overseas adopted Chinese children find their roots, and arranging trips and events for adoptive families and adopted children.

MBL volunteers connect adoptive family and adopted children with the biological families in China, help with translation and information gathering, and provide assistance to their visit to China.

As of 2018, MBL has helped countless adoptive families and adopted children. We have worked with more than a hundred children’s welfare institutes in 17 different provinces.

Thank you, MBL volunteers for your help and support for the past fifteen years! Thank you, adoptive families, for your love and kindness.

Happy 15th Birthday, MBL!

A call for Volunteers and Sponsors at the 2019 Chinese New Year Festival at V&A Museum

Happy new year! We are collaborating with V&A Museum of Childhood to launch the 2019 Chinese New Year Festival, which will be held from 11am to 4pm on 9th, Feb., 2019. Want to volunteer or become a sponsor at this exciting event? It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience the Chinese culture, to meet friends, to support a good cause, and, most importantly, to have a lot of fun. 

Volunteers will be responsible for:

Stall reception ( 3 volunteers )

Performance stage and wall art ( 3 volunteers )

Dressing up ( 3 volunteers )

Craft session ( 5 volunteers )

A volunteer training will be held on the 26th Jan, and the location is 19 Queens court, Queensway, London, W2 4QN, UK. We hope you’ll join us.

We will also be very grateful if you can help us find sponsorship, or business to set up stalls at our venue. Please contact Yifeng Shi (WeChat: SYF1127YK Phone: 07734697037) to get a copy of our invitation letter to potential sponsors. Thank you! 

If you would like to volunteer at this festival or become a sponsor, please contact our team leaders:

Yifeng Shi, WeChat: SYF1127YK Phone: 07734697037.

Ping Lin, WeChat: pinglin2018 Phone: 07436009413 .

Xinran Xue, WeChat: xxxr0719 Phone: 07740151726.

Happy New Year!

Xin Nian Kuai Le! 新年快乐,万事如意!