Who Am I? – From Paolo A Volpe

About the author:

Paolo A Volpe 

In the spirit of Marco Polo, the Milanese-born Italian has always been a traveler and was bitten by wanderlust as soon as he hit 19. First, he relocated to London, then it was Venice and then Rome, where he completed his university degree. Upon arrival in Beijing he finally settled, a concept more foreign to Volpe than any of the places he’s lived in.

Now Volpe runs his own company, Vision Group, a thriving business that connects Chinese companies and foreign eco-technologies, which focus on recycling, specifically waste-to-energy and waste-to-valuable-materials conversions.


So, Who am I?

I have asked myself this question since I start realizing I was much more than bones and flesh, I could date this back when I was 12 years old. I have then committed myself to a phase of research, back then I didn’t know it could have been forever, and through experiencing sensations and feelings in my body, in my mind and in my heart, I have begin observing the continuous mutation of these three aspects of my being; through it I realized that the answer to the question Who am I ? couldn’t have come from either the mind the heart or the body, simply because if continuous mutation is one of the Universal law, who I was yesterday it might not who I am now, or who I will be tomorrow. So, the present is the only real time we are living in, the past is gone, the future we are creating it by living the present with awareness of it.

Now, in this exact instant, who am I? : I am a human being, an extraordinary result of amazing energies at work, a hot-air balloon discharging its past weights, the heavy emotions, in order to fly higher, burning its inner fuel to reach a complete awareness of the processes regulating my actions, the control of the direction through the observation of my thoughts, always with Love for myself and for whatever surrounds me. It is not easy for sure, but I am trying my best, I see results day by day.

Paolo A Volpe