Who Am I? – From Anna Phoebe

About the Author:

annaphoebeAnna Phoebe has been hailed as the ‘vixen of the violin’ for stunning live stage performances that have won audiences and fans all over the world. Her distinctive and original sound combines influences from rock, classical, gypsy and Middle Eastern music, creating a new genre for the violin. Anna’s electrifying stage presence and unique style of playing has cemented her position as one of the world’s leading stage performers.

In the United States Anna Phoebe is best known for her exhilarating role with the multi-platinum selling arena rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra, where she was String Director and solo violinist from 2004 to 2010.

Anna’s first two solo albums, Gypsy (written with Angus Clark) and Rise of the Warrior (with Joost van den Broek) are available on iTunes. She is currently working on her third solo album with the musicians from London band Jurojin due to be released in 2013.

For more information please refer to Anna’s website. www.annaphoebe.com


“Becoming a mother – the bond with my daughter”

My name is Anna and I’m 32 years old.

The special bond with my daughter started from the moment I knew she was growing in my belly. Lying awake alone at night, stroking my tummy thinking about the daughter I was going to have, walking around proudly displaying my growing bump, and performing on stage knowing she was listening from inside and we were connected as one….all of these secret, special moments created the bond between us before she had her first gulp of air.

When I gave birth to my daughter Amelia just over a year ago, my whole world changed. I found the experience of childbirth incredibly empowering. The feeling of my body and hers working together to bring her into this world, listening to ourselves and each other and working as a team – it was the most connected to myself and another being I have ever felt. I’ll always remember that first special night in the hospital, lying awake too excited to sleep, watching the gentle rise and fall of her tiny, tiny chest as she slept peacefully.

Having Amelia has changed my entire perspective on life. She has taught me a true understanding of unconditional and all-encompassing love which engulfs my entire being and spills over to my partner, my family and friends. It also deepens the love and respect I feel for my own mother. At 4 weeks old I remember looking at Amelia thinking that she will never fully comprehend exactly HOW much I love her – which in turn made me think about my mother and made me instantly call her to tell her that I love her!

Each day is a learning curve and an adventure. Watching this little being grow and develop her own personality, her likes and dislikes, is such a privilege. As she grows older and becomes increasingly independent, my body is slowly reclaimed back as my own. However, it is forever changed. A part of me will always be with Amelia wherever she goes, and another part of my being becomes a link in the invisible chain which connects me to my mother, my grandmother and the lineage of mothers going back right to the beginning of time.