(Happy) Chinese New Year Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) would like to say Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year to you! And also to bring you an update on our work.

MBL’s activities in 2011:

• Supporting Adoptive Families: MBL has been contacted by many adoptive families from different countries and gave them help regarding to searching their family roots in China as they required, and supporting them to build up the knowledge of Chinese culture for these beloved little ones. We had few successful cases regarding to our China-based volunteers helping adoptive families searching for their Chinese children’s connection in China in 2011. They were always such joyful news for all the MBL adoptive families, for our volunteers and for MBL!

• Children’s Picture Book Donation: MBL International Children’s Libraries in China have received about 3,200 copies of children’s picture books from individuals, publishing houses, schools, libraries and our MBLers… all over the world. Thank you for your continued support of this project from all of our little readers.

• MBL Student Society Books/Christmas Cards Selling Event: At SOAS, MBL volunteers organized the MBL Books/Christmas Cards Selling Event to get more students know about MBL and also to raise the money for our Chinese children living in orphanages, in disability and in poor countryside.

• LBF 2011: MBL had a successful cooperation with LBF 2011, supported meetings and seminars between LBF and Chinese publishers, especially GAPP delegation, providing voluntary translation and communication.

• The Library project: MBL funded the installation of 8 these wonderful libraries in 8 elementary schools in Sichuan (details will be posted later). See more on the Library Project here.

MBL’s Plan in 2012:

In 2012, under the advice and guide from MBL trustees, MBL London Head Office will still work on projects like adoptive family cultural events, student societies, Children’s Libraries in China, helping orphans, disabled children and poor rural children in China.

Furthermore A membership plan is being developed as a base to support MBL and these Chinese children.

• MBL Yearly Events: We will be holding at least TWO events every year for our families and all the Chinese living in the UK. They are Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, which will encompass both Western and Chinese culture. We look forward to the Chinese New Year 2012 when we will hold an event with cultural activities in London.

• Nanjing BaiXia Children’s Palace World Cultural Workshop: We are setting up a new program, which is called “Embrace Culture from the World” – Series of cultural exchange workshops which cover Art, Literature, Education, History, and Science…will travel all the way from the UK, USA, and Australia etc to embrace the children in China.

• Pen Friends: We plan to set up a pen friend registration system for connecting children from adoptive families and Chinese children in Baixia Children’s Palace in Nanjing to help and keep the link between them, which could be rewarding in their future.

• MBL Column on Chinese magazines: We plan to open MBL Columns in Chinese magazines especially in Chinese family’s, women’s and children’s magazines, to send out information from adoptive families all over the world “their queries, their love and care” to local Chinese communities.

• MBL New website Launch: We are planning to launch a new website and developing it to be more interactive, as a platform for adoptive families and all those who have passion in Chinese culture. We would like to provide a Mandarin Chinese version of the website as well as other languages in the future.

• CACH: MBL aims to forge links with more regional branches of CACH (Children Adopted from China) and hold joint events and Chinese cultural workshops for the children.

• 2012 London Book Fair (LBF) – China Market Focus program: According to MBL’s successful participation and experience with LBF 2011, at LBF 2012 – China Market Focus MBL as a supporter and partner would work closely with organizations such as LBF, British Council and General Administration of Press and Publication China (GAPP) by providing professional interpretation, information desk and consultancy.

MBL needs your help and support:
MBL is currently looking for more volunteers to join our growing international family. MBL is especially looking for people who can offer their professional assistance in the fields of: Website development/IT support, Fundraising, Financial Advice, Legal Advice, and Project Management.

We are also placing special importance on fundraising and making links with people and organizations who can help us continue our work and who can provide sponsorship to our planning projects. If you would like to know more about our projects or have any queries, please contact MBL Head Office at admin@mothersbridge.org.

We hope that as MBL grows we can grow in our ability to help Chinese children everywhere. Let’s hope we can all work together to continue helping Chinese children, from village to village, from country to country…

Thank You & XIE XIE,

MBL Head Office