Message from Xinran / 来自欣然的信息

I met up with my friend Paul Peters again on my book tour for ‘Message from An Unknown Chinese Mother’ in Amsterdam last month. He mentioned one book he had done in Chinese called Drugs During Pregnancy.


I have read some of it and realized it could help a lot of Chinese women to learn how to protect themselves from this knowledge… Therefore, I sent three questions to Paul and he answered…I would like to share with you as MBL’s care to Chinese to-be-mothers.


(1) Why it is an important book for today’s families?
The emotional and social balance in a family is improved by a planned and wanted healthy child. Today, it is achievable to take care of preconception (men & women) and pregnancy health threaths in order to primarily prevent developing disorders or birth defects, hence, avoiding family suffering.

(2) is it for people who never had medicine education as well?
Depending on their general education, this handbook for individuals and health professionals is not only full of knowledge related to medicines but also deals with environmental and occupational exposures, and vaccines. Continuous questions about the (un) safety of substances are related to ingested elements, including vitamines and herbs, exposure through skin, or inhalation from drugs of abuse, such as alcohol and smoking upon the course of pregnancy, the health of the unborn and the quality of breast milk.
Moreover, in case no medicines were taken before pregnancy illnesses – yes or not – related to pregnancy could be necessary to be taken. In that case it is of paramount importance to prescribe and to use drugs that do not interfere with pregnancy, the health of the unborn or lactation.

3 What’s your message to Chinese women from this book?
Chinese women can become independent of prescribers of drugs that might be hazardous. A better risk estimation and perception might avoid risks that are preventable. Occupational and environmental exposures and conditions that can be improved through a better estimation of hazard and risk give a possibility for the best (pre)pregnancy situation, while after birth a better lactation process will be achieved.
The passive acceptance of prescription drugs and certainly the latest on the marked has to be countered by prescription of drugs with known safety.
On the other hand in case of the use of a drug causing concern and even provoking a discussion of an abortion of a wanted child can give a relief since the information is softening the toxicity of the substance. Hence, preventing an unnecessary abortion.

Enjoy your beloved family and happy motherhood.