MBL at CACH Reunion 2013 (22nd - 24th March)

MBL at CACH Reunion 2013 (22nd – 24th March)

j1LVQRrcyrql3U1EKc0h3XfgHE-8FaGLOUrmqtBk-yw,67cLcu4fuzAEJIIO4pHwLwhdB5V6eo4gd8YZgk3hxxgDuring the 3-day CACH annual reunion starting from March 22nd 2013, seven volunteers from The Mothers’ Bridge of Love have participated in organizing workshops for more than 165 families and about 200 Chinese children at Dovery Hotel in Daventry. Ms. Xinran Xue, the founder of the Mothers’ Bridge of Love, gave a speech on the current state of the Chinese One Child Policy and delivered a talk titled “Messages from an unknown Chinese mother” to the parents.

Most of the volunteers arrived at the Dovery Hotel during the morning of March 23rd.. They had prepared a day of workshops for the children from all age groups. Bingqian He and Fan Wu were responsible for Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Cutting and Chinese Painting workshops. They taught the children to write “Father and Mother I love you” with the brush and how to cut “double happinesses” and “Four Springs.” Yixuan Wang is a college student who has a deep understanding of Chinese dance and costumes ran two workshops throughout the day to teach the children traditional Chinese dance, which as one parent said, “was an extremely enjoyable experience.” Jiang Li and Yunbian Zhu were Tai Chi and Er Hu masters respectively, and their workshops were all popular among the children and the parents.

At the MBL stall, XIAO Li and LI Xu were busy chatting with the parents regarding their experiences with the children. It was a touching moment when parents shared how they met and grew with their babies from China. Later that day, MBL arranged a Chinese Minority Costume Try-on Session where the children had the opportunity to dress like Chinese minorities and learn about their different cultures. The purpose of this session was to encourage the children to explore a different phase of the Chinese culture.

On the morning of 24th, the three-day event closed with the Reunion Grand Finale. MBL volunteer Li Jiang performed Tai Chi with Yixuan Wang playing Chinese flute in accompany. It was an unforgettable experience for all MBL volunteers to see the love between the parents and their adopted children. It really proves how love can go beyond ethnic, nationality and religion and to reach the very essence of human nature.


Report by MBL volunteer WU Fan