A Letter to my Birth Parents

A Letter to my Birth Parents

A little holiday reading from one of our inspiring MBLers (reproduced with permission):

“Dear Xinran,

I like to share some information with you about me because I hope to find my birthparents sometime.

I was born in China, but live in the Netherlands now.

My name is Annemarije Cornel and I am thirteen years old. My chinese name is Wu Xin Rong and in 1999, at the the age of two-and-a-half years, I was adopted by my Dutch parents. I have a sister, age nearly 16, who is adopted from China also, from Zongshan in Guangdong. She is called Nynke (Chen Bai Lian).

At the moment I live with my parents and sister in a small village in the Northwestern part of the country, called Schoorl. It is situated near the Northsea and has beautiful beaches and sanddunes.

I am in my second year of secondary school now and I love to do sports. I used to do a lot of gymnastics, now I play football in a girlsteam. I also like to sing and I play the violin. I have a lot of friends and they are very important to me. I love animals too, especially our pets.

I am really happy to live in Schoorl. I have been to visit China in 2006. We visited the orphanage were I grew up in Wuhan. It was great to meet some of my carers and some of the children who still live there. It was very impressive because they could remember me and they gave me some photographs of when I was a baby.

It was nice to see the room where I had played and slept years ago. We managed to sing a few Chinese songs for the children and they sang for us in return. We also visited Guangzhou and the mountains in the Guilin region.

Now I grow up I think more often about China and my background. When I was younger we all took Mandarin lessons in a Chinese school. I have two cousins who are also adopted from China. We have a little Chinese group in our family and I think that is very nice.

From my adoptionpapers I know that my Chinese name is Wu Xin Rong.

I was born on April 3, 1999 and found to be abandoned in Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province on April 28, 1999. Than they send me to the Wuhan Children Welfare Institute of Hubei Province by the Local Police Station of Hongshan Villages, Wuhan City Public Security Bureau, Hubei Province on April 28, 1999. My parents and other relatives couldn’t be found at that time.

I wish I could find my birthparents, although I know it will be difficult as we don’t have any information about them. It is important for me as it is a very important part of me and of my live. I hope they are well and wish they are happy. Maybe we will meet in the future.

In summer 2013 we plan to travel to China again and visit the places where I was found and the orphanage.”

Me at the age of two years in Wuhan

              Me (left) and my sister Nynke (right) on Li river                         Me at the age of 13






我叫Annemarije Cornel,今年13岁。我的中文名是WU XinRong,在两岁半大的时候,我被荷兰父母收养。我有一个快16岁的姐姐,她也是父母从广东省中山市收养的中国女孩。她叫Nynke(CHEN BaiLian)。






我从养父母那里知道我的中文名叫WU XinRong。我1999年4月3日出生,同年4月28日在湖北省武汉市洪山区被遗弃。同一天,我被湖北省武汉市公安局洪山分局的工作人员送到湖北省武汉市儿童福利院。那时候,他们没能找到我的父母或者亲戚。




我(左)和我姐姐Nynke(右)在漓江上                                   十三岁的我


翻译(translated by MBL volunteer):魏渲 (WEI Xuan)