An American Girl Back to China looking for her birth parents after 23 years

An American Girl Back to China looking for her birth parents after 23 years

Peipei with her family

A few days ago, a 23-year-old girl, Joy (Chinese name is Jiang Peipei), from United States came to Nanjing with her American adoptive mother (Patracia) looking for her birth parents.

Peipei was found in Nanjing when she was only 14 days after birth. After spending several years in an orphanage with Nanny Fan who took Peipei as her daughter, Peipei was adopted by her American mother Patricia and moved to the Michigan, U.S.

This summer, with Patricia’s great encouragement, they took a long journey to China hoping finding Peipei’s birth parents. Peipei told us that she did not dream about finding her birth parents because the only clue she had was the place she was abandoned which is in Nanjing, Dachang District. But with the help of local police, MBL volunteers and a lot of kind people, they managed to find Peipei’s hospital birth records and some other important information. Life is full of surprises. Peipei’s dream was finally consummated and she found her birth parents within 24 hours. All the people were tearing when they met again after being separated for 23 years. Jiang Peipei said she was very happy to find her Chinese birth parents and she would like to come back to China more often in the future because here is the root.

Peipei with MBL Team

While we are excited about the perfect ending of Peipei’s journey searching for birth parents, we are deeply moved by the determination and love in her heart. It is this love that gives her the power to overcome all the difficulties on the way back to China, to her beloved family. It is this power that encourages MBL volunteers to help her and all the other children. The truth is we can not choose which family we were born or what we look like, but we have the right to live with our own wills. What Peipei did shows us the true beauty of forgiveness and kind.

Peipei with her birth parents

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Drafted by Phyllis Zhang