Adopted Chinese Girl reunited with her biological family

Adopted Chinese Girl reunited with her biological family

A wonderful event that bridged the gap between 2 cultures- 2 countries and 2 families (and made one 11 year old girl very happy indeed)

10 years – in the life of a family – it can pass in a flash. But to one Dutch family –their lives have changed immeasurably over the last 10 years since they adopted a little Chinese girl when she was 16 months old . She had been abandoned in 2005 in Shenzhen.

The Dutch family raised the child as their own with love and attention. During this time the Dutch mother began a search for the biological family of their beautiful little Chinese daughter. They really wished to bring her to her original home and even hoped that they could possibly reunite her with her birth parents one day. It was an optimistic dream that they pursued relentlessly.

Miracles happen – with “Mother’s Bridge of love’s” assistance, on 10th August 2015, the Dutch mother and her Chinese daughter arrived in Shenzhen airport. The little girl was finally reunited with her biological family. MBL volunteer Maple, witnessed this very special and emotional reunion and then went on to assist the family during their 12 days in Shenzhen.

To respect the adoptive family’s wishes, we have been asked not to disclose their names here, but the Dutch mother wrote:


We have just returned from a wonderful and emotional visit to Shenzhen. After searching for almost 10 years we finally found my daughters family in April 2015 and visited them for 12 days in August. It was absolutely amazing to experience the immediate connection between my daughter and her siblings. Because of MBL, especially Maple, we were enabled to communicate with everyone and get around in Shenzhen. Our heartfelt thanks to the whole team of MBL!

                                                        A Family from the Netherlands

On 10th August Maple met and picked them up at Shenzhen airport, where the little girls biological family then welcomed them. From the second that Maple introduced the little adopted girl to her biological mother and sister – there was a very emotional reaction. The following 12 days in Shenzhen were filled with priceless, happy memories for the Dutch mother to share with her adopted child and her biological family. The search was over and there was time to create happy times for both families to share for the future.

There are many more children in China that need our help and your love.

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