Xinran In The News, On MBL

The Guardian, UK
China’s lost girls“.

“…looking at all these Chinese girls who had been adopted by families around the world, I had mixed feelings. Were they China’s daughters? What did they know of China? Did their unknown Chinese mothers feel joy or sorrow, knowing their beloved daughters were happy in another mother’s arms?

In 2004, I set up a charity in the UK, the Mother’s Bridge of Love (MBL), for Chinese children living all over the world, and for the disabled children who languish forgotten in Chinese orphanages. Since then, I have met many groups of Chinese girls and I can never help myself: Little Snow’s features seem to be stamped on every one of their innocent, happy faces. In October 2007, I met a group of Chinese teenagers in San Francisco and again shed silent tears. Little Snow might have been among them, I thought. She would have been 17. I scrutinised each face, hoping to see the teardrop birthmark. I did not find it, but I did not lose hope because I knew my Little Snow would be just as pretty as they were, just as full of life…”

The Courier Mail, Austrlia
Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother written in Sydney

“…Xinran says founding the charity The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) in 2004, which helps to create a bridge of understanding between China and the West including the former’s adoptive and birth cultures, has given her the will to write the stories.

Since starting MBL she has been been inundated with emails, letters and DVDs from thousands of adopted Chinese girls from around the world, who also approach her on author tours.

She wanted to show these adopted children how things really were for their Chinese mothers and to tell them that they were loved and would never be forgotten.

“They all ask the same question ‘Why didn’t my Chinese mother want me?’,” she says. “They desperately want to know. One day they will become a mother so they want a story they can give to their own children…””