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  1. Adoption May Become Easier For Single People Under Government Shake-up 
  2. Australia and China strengthening the cooperation of the child adoptions services
  3. Call for foster carers as number of vulnerable children sleeping in hotels or rented apartments tops 200 for the first time
  4. Child Adoption in Australia government report 2014-2015
  5. In 2015, from the government report in China, only 292 children have been adopted to Australia.
  6. Knowing your adoption and foster care rights as an LGBTQIA+ person
  7. Review of the Adoption Act 1988 – Review recommendations
  8. Child Protection Minister Susan Close’s Bill would allow same-sex couples to apply for adoption in SA
  9. Australia China BusinessWeek (ACBW) 2016 Sydney Returns on November 8-9th
  10. Australia Chinese Community celebrated Moon Festival with the social housing tenants
  11. Nicole Kidman: ‘Adoption curiosity is universal’
  12. Australia FCCA JU HUI from 23rd to 27th September 2016


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