Special Christmas Greetings for Children with Special Needs---MBL Volunteers Home Christmas Event in Nanjing

Special Christmas Greetings for Children with Special Needs—MBL Volunteers Home Christmas Event in Nanjing

Some MBL volunteers send their Greetings from MBL London Volunteers Video for MBL’s Christmas & New Year event for Children with Special Needs in Nanjing!

Would you like to volunteer at this event if you’re around Nanjing at that time? 
Or maybe you would like to send your warm greetings in various ways, like videos, drawings or paintings to children with special needs in China, whom MBL has been supporting?

On 20th Dec 2014, MBL Volunteer Home (Nanjing) together with some loving families and friends will celebrate the upcoming Christmas for those children with special needs at NingXin Sunshine Home. 

Engravings, lantern, micro basins and jelly wax…… Can you imagine all of them are made by children with special needs? When it comes to children with special needs, what kind of words will flash in your mind? Some people may think it can be a burden to look after them, some may think of love and caring. Today we would like everyone to think from another angle, their value as humanbeings!
If the God closes a door for you, he will definitely open you a window. What we should do, courageously look for that window, still hover in front of the closed door or bemoan the fate of injustice? More and more loving families are getting involved with us to help those children with special needs to find their own value. This is an extension of love from heart of you, me, and us.

Now let us deliver our care and love for those kids and confirm their value via their handiwork. Being courageous to change life, everyone has their potentials. Isn’t that the best present parents are able to give to their children.

Please send over your greetings and love for those kids in videos, drawings or paintings by Wednesday 17th Dec to MBL Volunteer Home Team leader ZHU Li: juliezhu34@hotmail.com

For supporting MBL with our projects of helping disabled children and building school libraries in minority and rural countryside in China, please make donation by visiting here:https://www.mothersbridge.org/donate/
Or by using this link: http://www.everyclick.com/mothersbridge.

天天TianTian is making a Jelly Wax inside of glass.

TianTian described herself as: “good memory, a little extra pounds, wearing glasses, warm hearted, well behaved”. Once she’s joining a play of 《Snow White》, and her role was the Queen. TianTian was practising the scripts and action everyday in front of the mirror…in order to play well of her role:)

欣宇 January in Nanjing, it’s quite cold and all the leaves are falling, we need some colourful things in this season.

XinYu’s teacher told MBL volunteers: “In their eyes, beauty is everywhere! Once XinYu asked me: “Hi Ms, can I have a piece of paper please?”. I gave him A4 paper, and he started drawing houses, green trees, and little mountains… Then XinYun asked for more papers, and he drew so many houses, green trees, and little mountains”

圣诞节活动主题 涵涵 HanHan is making a painting by using beans…

HanHan’s teacher told MBL volunteers that…
“Happiness for them is so simply and easy to find…Once, Hanhan pointed at a bag in my hand, and asked: “Ms, is this a lolly pop? I also like them”. Then I gave one to her, and she smiled with so much happiness. Since then, every time when HanHan saw me, she kept on telling me like she’s just eating a lolly pop: “Ms, you gave me a lolly pop before…it’s really sweet…enen…so yummy”


果果GuoGuo is a huge fan of bowknot, and she loves making them and wearing them. She looks so happy when she’s surrounded by those colourful bowknots.

纸浆画-中国Chinese Map made by Paper Pulp

纸浆画-爱的礼物This painting is called ‘The present of Love’ which is made from paper pulp.


果冻蜡—圣诞气氛 果冻蜡—缤纷世界Jelly wax

豆画-心心相印A nice Double Hearts painting made from beans.

豆画-小海豚A lovely Dolphin painting made from beans

串珠01String of beads



Some event photos on the day:

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