Something about being born in the year of Snake...

Something about being born in the year of Snake…


Born in the year of Snake?According to ancient China history, Snake was a symbol of virtues, a image that receives worships from people. Snake also is the earliest totem found in ancient China.

In the chinese mythology, people portrait a…ncestors as half snake and half human. There is a saying in some parts of China that if you find a snake in the house, you have to respect it and even bow before it as the snake is the resurrected form from your ancestor. Although people often relate dragon as China’s most important totem, we should note that this mythological animal is evolved from snake. For instance, the neck and body of a dragon is like that of a snake. In Chinese Zodiac, snake ranks the sixth, making it a very important symbol in Chinese culture.

For people who are born in the year of snake, there are some unique characters summarized by ancient fortune tellers. They are very passionate people, even though their appearance may be misinterpreted as indifferent and cold-blood. Also, they have everything very well planned, work diligently towards success. Besides hard-working, they are very resourceful and intelligent and good at grasping opportunities.

Snake girls are very good at taking care of families, very observant and talented in many things. Snake boys are born with charming character, very intellectual and have sharp mind. They always plan ahead and take the opportunity and achieve success. However, snake people should keep in mind curiosity kills the cat. One should accumulate more knowledge instead of gossip.

(Edited and translated by MBL volunteer PAN Ni)