Red Thread Between MBLers

Xinran, the Guardian 2011 World Top 100 Women, and the founder of MBL, met Nicole from Québec, Canada…one of the authors of “The Red Thread” – Messages to the Mothers of our Children Born in China” in London in September 2011 and was kindly invited to write the preface for this beautiful book. Eventually this book was published in its French version “Le fil rouge – Pour les mères de nos enfants nés en Chine” in early 2012.


Le Fil Rouge

The book begins with Xinran’s heartfelt writing about her many years’ research and experience with adoptive families with Chinese children all over the world, and the amazing work and activities that her charity The Mothers’ Bridge of Love has been doing since it was set up in 2004 in th UK. Then it is followed by an introduction to the historical and social context that led to the adoption of Chinese children by Western families. The main body of the book consists of twenty anonymous testimonials by the adoptive parents to the birth mothers of their children born in China…with lots of joy and tears.

Thanks for sharing those lovely “Red Thread” stories with MBLers all over the world…and also it is amazing that MBL’s LOGO – a beautiful Chinese Knot is made of Red Thread as well!


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