Organisation: Families With Children From China

We are always trying to hlep create links for adoptive families with Chinese children, and so want to highlight relevant organisations, such as Families with Children from China (in the US). The following is from their website:

Celebrate Educate Advocate

“We are a vibrant community of families united by the experience of adopting children from China. We honor our children’s heritage, celebrate the diversity of our families, and advocate for their acceptance and respect.

Through events, publications, online resources and community activities:

We encourage adoption by providing information and sharing our experiences

We help families learn about China and Chinese culture to strengthen our children’s pride in their background and heritage

We sponsor programs that support the evolving needs of our families and assist our children as they grow to understand their life stories

We provide assistance to children who remain in China’s orphanages

We promote awareness of our community’s concerns to schools, governmental bodies, cultural nstitutions, Asian American organizations, adoption agencies, and other groups

Families with Children from China is a 501 c(3) tax exempt organization”

See them online at: