MBL’s at Chinese Festival Day – 19th Jan V&A Museum

On January 19th 2014, 10 volunteers from the Mothers’ Bridge of Love participated in the Chinese Festival Event held by the Victoria and Albert Museum, helping to run the event smoothly and successfully.


image image MBL at V&A MBL at V&A1MBL, as a charity organization known for diminishing the cultural gap between the British and Chinese cultures especially for those British families that adopt Chinese children, made great contributions to this event in various ways. The 10 volunteers from MBL tried their best to provide a cross-culture support to all the activities. Among the volunteers some of them are native Chinese. They used their own knowledge to answer the questions raised by the families about China and provided language assistance to the Victoria and Albert Museum for the whole day. Besides that the MBL volunteers also provided general support in various corners of the museum, helping to guide the visitors and doing marketing for the events. Some of them also joined the activities directly and helped to run the workshops along with the official staffs of the museum.

On that day, a number of activities relate with Chinese culture such as the imagination station in which the family members should find out their Chinese zodiac according to their birthdate and create their family creature using imagination and kite-making workshops are held in the Museum to help the coming families learn more about traditional Chinese culture. Some MBL families also attended the Chinese cultural activities to enable their children have a deeper understanding about the Chinese civilization and arts.

After the whole day’s work, MBL members and volunteers reinforced our connection with the MBL families. Moreover, we also introduced the concepts and aim of our organization to some new families who are interested in the MBL. The museum highly appreciated the volunteers’ hard work. And the volunteers all feel rewarding.


 Reported by MBL volunteer Erica (Peng Yan)