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A “great” article: Buy, Sell, Adopt: Child Trafficking in China, full of detailed information by Mark McDonald reporting and criticising the relation between children trafficking in China and the international adoption. MBL considers that the main purpose of Mark’s article is to expose the corruption in some of the orphanages in China, so people could search the right way to fight against children trafficking in China.

Since MBL was set up in 2004, we have been in contact with adoptive families with Chinese children in 27 countries all over the world. What was mentioned in Mark’s article did really happen during MBL’s work with adoptive families for their adoption documents checking and those adoptees’ family root searching in China. And we could tell that how shocked when adoptive families realised that so called adoption papers were actually forged ones with some so called official signatures on them!

So YES! MBL does agree with those facts that Mark reported in his article, BUT those facts still couldn’t represent the whole picture of orphanages and international adoption in China. Why do we say this?

  • On the one hand, from Xinran’s research, there were even some much more serious situations happened in some orphanages.
  • On the other hand, China is a huge country and those illegal things happened in some orphanages doesn’t mean the rest orphanages in the whole country are doing the same. Also, the living condition and the way of people’s thinking between the city and the countryside, even between cities could be 500 years different! So what Mark reported are only part of China and we do believe that there are still many orphanages that are trying to look after those orphans and help to find a loving home for each of them!

What happened in the past, no matter good or bad, is part of our life history. Instead of forgetting or ignoring it, we should face it and learn from it…since it shaped who we are, and it taught us lessons for life! Through all of those years, MBL has been trying to help/support those Chinese children to clear up the clouds in the sky along their journey of finding the way back “home” and knowing about themselves- who they are! It involves lots of work regarding to checking out those children’s adoption documents and carrying out family root searching in China. Meanwhile, we want to tell those Chinese children that they are the luckiest ones who experienced two different types of loves between China and the West, especially the loves from those adoptive parents, who offered those Chinese children a new home and a new life!

While, the most unbelievable thing is that if you read some of those people’s comments to Mark’s article, you might get totally shocked! Such as:
Unfortunately, many childless women are so neurotic that they don’t care if the baby is stolen. They regard motherhood as their right, are terrified of being different from their pram-pushing peers, and see a child as a status symbol.

— Michelle Heeter (Sydney, Australia)

Adopters buy children. They willingly participate in an industry that is unethical at best, heinous at worst. They support and enable these crimes in order to fulfil their selfish desires. They are the demand that results in this reprehensible supply.

— Renee Davis (Oceanside CA)

Here, Xinran was kindly invited to share her knowledge and thoughts with us about the relation between children trafficking in China and the international adoption! Meanwhile, MBL would like to call all of YOU to leave your comments below…IF you DO NOT agree with “Adopters Buy Children”!!!


XIAO Li  肖莉

MBL Head Office


Comments from Xinran

Dear friends:

I would like to share my thoughts, or say worries, with you here.

I have been reading Mark’s report on Buy, Sell, Adopt: Child Trafficking in China again again…and again since MBL Head Office Xiaoli sent it to me a few weeks ago.

As Xiaoli mentioned in her comment, MBL and I, we have discovered a few child trafficking during MBL projects which help some adoptive families to search the information for their beloved adopted children from China. It was, and still is very painful for us, to face such facts. I believe so are some adoptive families.

BUT NOT over 150,000 adopted Chinese children all come from child trafficking, impossible!!

Yes, the history should be told honestly so that we won’t be misguided as much as we did from the past reading and education.

Since I started working with so many adoptive families and adopted Chinese children mainly girls in 2002 when I published my first book ‘The Good Women of China’, I have learnt a big lesson from the most adoptive parents, they brought up their Chinese children with their heartfelt cares and unconditional love, it encouraged me wrote and published ‘Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother’ in 2010. Afterwards, I have been on my worldwide book tours between so many countries and many adoptive families as a writer and a MBL volunteer.

I was so shocked and touched by the same question raised by almost each single of Chinese adoptee I have met in so many different countries and in many different languages too!

– Why my Chinese mum didn’t want me?

I knew I had some answers as I written in the book, but I couldn’t be able to tell the truth in front of the little girls, because I didn’t, still don’t know which one comes from which fact due to Chinese hidden culture and the poor records. I can NOT let them live in this kind of dark wondering forever. One day they will become parents and have to tell a story of where they come from and they will face more questions from their own children…how could I allow the unsure darkness pass to their future generations?

There is a deep hole in their whole life about who they are, why their Chinese family didn’t want them, the elder they grow, the more they think, the deeper the hole becomes…as I have ONE of missing my mum! My life dream is to be a real daughter of my mother. We are mother and daughter, but I never had chance to be with her as her daughter since she was taken away by the political party’s order when I was only 30 days old! We both are alive, but the past and life have depart us from each other…I miss her and want to hold her fingers, or even sleep in her arms on my 55th birthday this year!

Tears can water our souls, but not for watering the shame, fear and growing lost!

I am going to America in May 2013, I would like to meet Mark and share my heartfelt worries with him if I may.

People should tell different stories about colourful China. But for children, we need to find a way to help them to understand the truth without digging another deep hole in their missing mother’s heart!

We have so many MBL volunteers hard working for that, we are trying to build up a bridge between mothers for helping Chinese children! But we need YOUR support!

Sorry about my limited English.

Thanks for sharing and forgiving!



Author of  

‘The Good Women of China’  ‘Sky Burial’  ‘China Witness’  ‘The Message from Unknown Chinese Mother’