MBL Mid-Autumn Festival Event for CACH Oxford Group (22nd Sep 2013)

MBL Mid-Autumn Festival Event for CACH Oxford Group, which was led by the MBL team leader LI Jiang, together with other four MBL volunteers LI Pin, TingTing, CHENG YangYang, and PENG Yan was held in Oxford on 22nd Sep 2013.

All the five MBL volunteers were picked up by the families from the train station and drove about half an hour to the event venue, where is near the university of oxford. The festival event started at 1:00pm, with around 12 families with over twenty children, age varies from 5 to 14years old.


LI Jiang gave a brief introduction of MBL and then followed up by YangYang who was Miao ethnic and gave 30-min talk about the Miao’s culture, where they located and how they beautifully dressed and what they live like. YangYang had bought her own little gift for each family to take home with.

LIN Ping has given a Taichi demonstration and got everyone stood up to move around practice Taichi. Ping, who is our one of our most experienced volunteers in the group, she has been a Ch

inese language and culture teacher in the Confucius hub in Northeast of Scotland for four years, and just moved back to London.


PengYan, gave the story of the Mid-Autumn moon festival story, which children and parents were all quietly listening and excitedly handed up to answer Pengyan’s questions.

12 years old TingTing, who is our youngest volunteer, also Ping’s daughter, had very patiently and skillfully working with the younger children to make origami, Chinese fishing boat and Chinese paper cuttings. Children had lots of great fun with this little Chinese “sister” at the same generation with them…


At last, TingTing stood up and sang a Chinese song, ‘Mum is the best in the world’ to end up the workshop.

Each part of the festival event was short but was interactive full of knowledge and great fun. We were aiming at giving some basic knowledge of China and Chinese culture to those beloved Chinese. Although they are living in the UK, MBL is here for them and their families to stay close to China and Chinese culture. Of course, MBL is very happy to offer this opportunity to other CACH groups, to co-organize more events/activities and meanwhile to share our loves and our cultures.


Highlights from MBL volunteers:

LI Jiang: I like doing volunteer jobs, just like I like fresh air. I am surrounded by a reality that the whole society is crazy for money and power, our eyes are blind just like the sun is always hidden by the cloud in the UK. I have to breathe, and come back to the nature as Osho suggested. I, therefore, was actually on my way home, a truly home of my spirit.

TingTing:  Being a MBL Volunteer to play with children is a great fun and I enjoyed the MBL Mid-Autumn Festival with CACH Oxford Group.
Ping: As a mother myself now live in the UK, and being a Chinese I love to help the CACH, help the children to know their root, their culture and to love it.

PENG Yan: Before I saw the children, I felt so worried. But when I saw them, I found they are so lovely kids. And their parents are very nice. Being a volunteer teaches me to love people I have never known before.