MBL Mid-Autumn Festival at V&A Museum of Childhood

MBL Mid-Autumn Festival at V&A Museum of Childhood

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MBL Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival has successfully launched at V&A Museum of Childhood on Sunday, 27th September 2015. As one of the biggest Chinese traditional festivals held in UK, MBL has brilliantly attracted more than 1400 national friends to visit this event, most of whom are from different European countries with various cultural backgrounds, but it does not fade out their passion to engage with Chinese traditional activities. Without those kind volunteers and sponsors offering their efforts, this event can never succeed. Thus, MBL send our sincere thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers and trustees for devoting your time and energy.


Our workshops are involved with paper-folding, Chinese calligraphy, storytelling and minorities costume dressing-up. Each workshop was responded by one leader who demonstrated and taught children how to practice properly, and several assistants who walked around the workshop to offer individual help.

One of our workshop leader Rennie is mainly responded in the area of calligraphy. Under her patient demonstration through hand by hand, all of children were able to write down their names at the end of the session with the help from other assistants, like Mehta Neha, TANG Lai etc. Other great work could see by storytelling workshop. A Romantic mythological story Chang’E Soaring to the Moon was told over storytelling sessions. The group leader ZHANG YuYang with her emotional voice portrayed a beauty called Chang’E, lived eternally with a rabbit on the moon. This story kept children concentrating, imaging and laughing. The smiles reflected their inner happiness which make MBL strongly believe that this event had been created enjoyable memory among those children.

Minorities costume dressing-up attracted both girls and boys pulling their parents toward the colorful dresses they have never seen before. The moment they saw totally different themselves in the mirror, they were amazed. Some of them were as elegant as princess while some of them were like Master of Kungfu. The Parents were busy taking photos of the kids dancing, jumping, running around and playing Kungfu.

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Paper-folding/cutting workshop led by WANG HaiYun (Rosa) offered a fantastic opportunity for kids to enhance their craft skills. Groups of families sat at two sides of long tables, following the instruction of demonstrator and learning from each other. Within 10 minutes, children made out many small paper lanterns in red, yellow, green, which were perfect souvenirs for them. Because of kids’ strong desires, demonstrator had to teach them more, such as making the kitty face. Participants were obsessed and reluctant to leave.


The performance at the afternoon brought audience a great acoustic meal. Pan Tong, Ting Ting and her friends, who represent the young teenagers in MBL, played one piece of Guzheng and one piece of keyboard. Master Cheng Yu, played three classical Pipa pieces and taught children to sing along with. YANG XiaoRong sang one Kun Qu and one well-known song Shui Diao Ge Tou, it is a Chinese classic song of eulogizing moon on mid-autumn festival. We also had a young Chinese man called Yao TianYi to sing to beautiful Chinese pop song. Lastly, performance turned to modern Chinese pop-music display, sang by Chinese Guitar club with Tommy and his band mates Priscilla and Elton.


The MBL V&A Museum of Childhood was a resounding success. As one of our supporter put it. “I had a lovely time at V&A and it was the first time we worked together and there will certainly be a lot room for us to improve. We hope to be able to cooperate more with MBL from future events. ” It was a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm volunteers’ display on a continual basis. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Please allow me express our thankfulness to our sponsors:

Snowflake Books, UK Chinese Contemporary Music Association, Guanghwa Bookshop, TianJin-Business Association, UK Chinese Ensemble Society, and Chinese Emporium.

If you would like to help the kids who are in need of better education, please encourage us. Every little helps from you means a lot for children in poverty.

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MBL Head Office

Drafted by MBL volunteers HE RuiYun (何瑞云) and Chloé YANG (杨晶晶)

*The funds and donations that MBL makes from this event are to support MBL “Books For Kids” project and our operations.

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