MBL in Helsinki, Finland (17th-19th April 2013)

MBL and Xinran were invited by Finnish publisher Atena for the newly translated book in finnish “The Message from An Unknown Chinese Mother” and this book is especially for adoptive families with Chinese children.

Xinran & Xiaoli (from MBL London Head Office) visited a school called Meilahden ala-aste in Helsinki is. There are more than 600 students in this school, and around 200 of them are studying Chinese. Among those 200 students, half of them are either third generation of Chinese migrants or Chinese adoptees, and half of them are Finnish children. The photos showed here is about students studying during their Chinese class.

With a group of Chinese adoptees and school teachers in the Chinese classroom…


Exciting talking with schools teachers in the Chinese classroom during the break…


Chinese senses involved in their classroom…so lovely!


Each student has their name translated into Chinese character and written in Chinese calligraphy way…the most interesting thing is that the name badges were hanged up on the wall just like during the very acient times in a Chinese school!


With school master and  teachers during the class…



Xiaoli’s giving MBL book “Motherbridge of Love” as MBL’s present to an adoptive mum Manna Kokko from Adoptioperheet


MBL are working on planning for the future collaboration with Adoptioperheet and Meilahden ala-aste in finland, in order to provide more help and support Chinese children, adoptive families with Chinese children, and people who are interested in China and Chinese culture…in Finland!


During Xinran & MBL’s stay in Helsinki, Xinran got interviewed by many Medias, such as Newspapers/TV/Magazines/Organizations…including:

— Journalist Kalle Lahtinen from MTV 3 / News, and the Report was aired on April 18th: http://www.katsomo.fi/?progId=184591

— Johanna Jurkka from Sunnuntaisuomalainen — Johanna Yrjölä from Me Naiset — Maria Aarnio from avatv.fi — Eeva Nikkilä from STT — Eeva Lauronen from Kotivinkki (famous women’s magazine) — Anne Lagerstedt from Näkyvä nainen (feminist magazine) — Manna Kokko from Adoptioperheet — Iida Simes (journalist, editor)

— Kirsi Riipinen from Lapsen Maailma — Tiina Kirkas (freelancer) from Pelastakaa lapset — Iida Riekko from Plan


Xinran also gave a presentation regarding to the book “The Message from An Unknown Chinese Mother” at a book store called “Akateeminen Kirjakauppa”, Helsinki