Let's Spread Love All Over the World

MBL Global Calendar: Sharing, Connecting, and Being involved

Global Calendar Art

Starting August 2016, we are implementing a new project called “MBL Global Calendar.” It features one or more countries each month, with latest news, photos, videos, policies, and other information relevant to adoption and cultural exchanges with China in those countries. It aims at connecting Chinese adoptees and adoptive families from all over the world. We would like to invite YOU to join MBL Global Calendar and to share news, photos, stories, your country’s cultural exchanges with China, and more!  

Here is our tentative calendar:

January: Norway/Sweden

February: Ireland/ Finland

March: Netherlands/Denmark

April: Spain/Portugal

May: France

June: Germany

July: India/Singapore

August: China

September: Unite Kingdom

October: Australia/ New Zealand

November: Unite State/ Canada

December: Brazil/South America

If you would like to volunteer for a particular month or country, please contact Chloe Young <chloe.young@hotmail.com>. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

( The art is “Let’s Spread Love All Over the World.”  © 2016 Maya Cedergren. Maya is 7, a second grader, half Chinese and half Swedish, and she lives in California. She loves reading and one of her wishes is that all the kids in the world can have their own libraries.)