MBL Christmas & 2016 New Year Greetings!

MBL Christmas & 2016 New Year Greetings!

MBL Christmas & 2016 New Year Greetings!

MBL Xmas and 2016 New Year Poster-Printing Version

Dear MBL Families and Friends,

Thanks for your continuous support to us, which made a wonderful year of 2015 for MBL especially for MBL “Books For Kids” Project! Under the guidance from MBL Trustees, MBL Head Office Team together with MBL China Volunteer Centre in Nanjing, and all the MBL supporters/sponsors/friends…in total we built up another four MBL libraries in 2015, including two MBL International Children Libraries at poor village schools in Jiangsu province, one MBL International Children Library at Nanjing YouFu XiJie Primary School, and one MBL China Volunteer Centre Library donated by Toby Eady Associate (located at MBL China Volunteer Centre in Nanjing). More details please feel free to check MBL Website: www.mothersbridge.org.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016 with full of Healthiness, Joy, and Success!

MBL 2015 Year Report is READY now, and please view the PDF version HERE!

2016 Year Plan is completed, and please visit MBL Website for more details. If you would like to participate any 2016 projects or even to become one of the Project Leaders, and please do not hesitate to contact us (UK Head Office: headoffice@mothersbridge.org; China Volunteer Centre: volunteercentre@mblabc.com) in advance.

If you would like to make donation for supporting MBL and MBL “Books For Kids” Project (click HERE), the information below maybe be helpful:

*** On-Line Charity Donation: Please use this link HERE and please leave your name and email address in the donation comment box.

*** Cheque: Please POST the cheque to:




W2 4RL


*** Bank Transfer: WIRE your money to

Account Name: The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL)

Account Number: 11453130

Sort Code: 400607


IBAN: GB08MIDL40060711453130

Thank You & 谢谢您!