MBL Christmas/2015 New Year Greetings & 2015 Year Plan!

MBL Christmas/2015 New Year Greetings & 2015 Year Plan!

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MBL Christmas & 2015 New Year Greetings!

Dear MBL families and friends,

Thanks for your continuous support to us, which made a wonderful year of 2014 for MBL especially for MBL 10th Anniversary in August 2014! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 with full of Healthiness, Joy, and Success!

Here we would like to share with you few fantastic MBL moments in 2014 and hope you will enjoy reading tem and maybe you could find yourselves in those fantastic moments!

MBL in 2014

In 2015, MBL will keep on working hard to bring more interesting and meaningful events and activities for MBL families and friends, and we will try our best to raise funds for those disadvantaged children we’re supporting in China and make a better future for them! We hope wonderful people like YOU could come to join us! 

于丹英国巡演(慈善募捐活动YU Dan’s Charity Fundraising Lecture Tour LSE (China Development Forum Sat 7th Feb 2015), and Bath(Tue 10th Feb 2015) 

中国新年家庭欢乐日(慈善募捐活动) Co-organize Chinese New Year Celebration at V&A Museum of Childhood (Thur 19th Feb) Please visit here for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1531730383762931/

支持英国收养家庭年会 Support CACH (Children Adopted from China) Annual Reunion (Fri 13th – Sun 15th Mar)

支持伦敦书展 Support London Book Fair 2015 (Thu 14th – Thur 16th Apr)

母爱桥图书馆计划(雅安徒步跋涉慈善募捐活动Organize MBL Library Project/Ya’an Fundraising Trek (Apr/May/Oct/Nov)

— MBL & 欣然与收养中国儿童家庭互动 Adoptive Families with MBL & Xinran (8th – End May)

  • Singapore (8th – 10th May)
  • New Zealand (11th – 15th May)
  • Australia (16th – End May)
  • Norway (End May)

与伦敦国际华语电影节慈善合作(慈善募捐活动Support China International Film Festival London 2015 (Wed 13th – Mon 18th May)

— 参与伦敦香港龙舟赛(慈善募捐活动Participate at London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival (Sun 28th June)

参与收养家庭暑期中文学校 Support Adoptive Family Chinese Summer School, East Sussex (Sat 25th July)

中西方儿童艺术之旅 Organize East-West Children’s Art Trip (End July/Early Aug – TBC)

母爱桥图书馆计划(江苏/甘肃/四川徒步跋涉慈善募捐活动Organize MBL “Books For Kids” Library Projects (Jiangsu/Gansu/Sichuan Fundraising Trek) (Mid Sep)

中秋节家庭欢乐日 Mid-Autumn Festival at V&A Museum of Childhood (Sun 27th Sep)

经典大型舞剧《大梦敦煌》来英首演 Organize “Dunhuang My Dreamland” (one f the most famous Chinese Dance Drama) First Tour in the UK (Sep/Oct – TBC)