2016 MBL Moon Festival

MBL and the V&A Museum of Childhood held the 2016 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

2016 MB V&A Moon Festival Celebration

This year on the 17th of September, Mother’s Bridge of Love (MBL) together with The V&A museum of childhood held the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival Celebration. On the day, MBL and the V&A Museum of Childhood opened their doors to more than 1,580 international visitors to share Chinese culture and enjoyment.

1) Chinese Art Performance : Chinese Kung Fu and Kung Fu fan dance were performed by MBL volunteers You Y u and Lin Ping. It was most popular moment of the event, over 50 children were enlightened by the Chinese performance. The children were watching and at the same time attempting to follow the movements of the performers.



2) Mandarin Learning : It was the most interactive activity of the day, led by volunteer Lin Ping, who taught basic Chinese words, simple greetings and numbers. To give western people some first steps in Chinese language learning.


3) Storytelling: Over 5000 years history of China, every story full of mystery and magic. The Story of “ Chang’e’s Ascent to the Moon” was one of them, which is also the most pertinent story related to the Moon festival.

Volunteers Tian Bin, YouYou and Lin Ping led the storytelling with their dramatic gestures and spectacular communication skills to bring children’s attention, increasing their awareness of the Moon festival.


4) Chinese Calligraphy: It offered a place to children for delivering their wishes  for now or in the future. Volunteer Cuizhe, Shuocheng Wang was helping children to write down their wishes through Chinese calligraphy. According to workshop volunteers there were lots of joyous moments during the event. Some children made wishes like “ Rose wants to become a bad princess” or “ Jessica wants to have a little pony”. Wishes reflected one side of the children that made volunteers better understand the children’s dreams and interests.


There were also other workshops that offered a Chinese experience on the day, painting of Peking Opera facial masks and Chinese costumes for dressing up.


We appreciated the volunteers who worked in these workshops. Ensuring  security at the same time, creating a pleasurable experience for the children sharing Chinese culture.  They were Sui Feng, Ting Ting, Ying, YangTong, Rainy, Patrick, Yonne and Jin.