Letter to the woman who gave birth to my precious daughter

A very touching letter from an adoptive mum to her Chinese daughter’s birth mother…who’s always there, but maybe we will never meet.

Chinese translation by MBL volunteer YUAN XuJia (Vivian YUAN)


Letter to the woman who gave birth to my precious daughter

I am the proud mother of one of China’s lost daughters. And this enormous valuable gift I was fortunate to receive, is telling me what a great loss another woman experienced.

Your loss is my gain.

I am humble to the fact that I am able to watch this precious, beautiful girl grow into a strong and proud woman. I know that for her sake you had to give up this possibility.

I want you to know that I do take care of the little girl you carried under your heart, and I will raise her to be proud of her Chinese background.

You gave the little baby girl a great gift. First, you gave her the gift of life, and then you gave her a chance to have a better life then she otherwise would have. That is your gift to her.

So please don’t feel ashamed or feel guilty because you gave her up for adoption. I speak of you with all the respect that deserve, because you gave the little one this wonderful gift. I want you to have some peace of mind, so that you can live your life without fear and worry about the little girl you gave birth to.

I will treasure her, and guard her with my life.

I will make sure she has the best opportunities in life, just like you made sure she had a second chance to live a good life. I will honor the sacrifice you made when you made the impossible choice to give her up for adoption.

This is my gift to you.

On her birthday I light a candle and place it in the window, and send lots of warm thoughts and love into the universe and all the way to China and to you.

Thank you for the gift of a child.


Thank you.













Letter to the woman who gave birth to my precious daughter