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A South Korean Man Adopted by Americans Prepares for Deportation 

“Adam Crapser was adopted from South Korea nearly four decades ago, but today he languishes in an immigration detention center in Washington State awaiting deportation because his American parents never filed citizenship paperwork for him.”

U.S. Employers Offer Cutting-Edge Family Benefits to Stay Competitive 

“In the United States, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides new parents with leave to care for a newborn biological son or daughter as well as an adopted child.(5) In addition to FMLA coverage, employers are now more likely to offer not only adoption expense benefits to cover adoption costs, but also adoption leave.”

Please Stop Saying My Adopted Daughter Is ‘Lucky’

“Sometimes, I even have conversations with Swarna’s birth mother in my head. I tell her, “Our daughter is so tough, and so smart. I wish you were here to see her.”

How We Adopted Our Little Boy As A Same-Sex Couple and How You Can Too

“It’s an amazing feeling when he calls us mummy and mammy and asks for kisses.”

Randall On “This Is Us” Forgave His Dad, But as An Adopted Child, It’s Not That Easy 

“Adoption is pretty common these days, but when I was growing up, most of my classmates only understood adoption as happening as a result of a cabbage patch or as sitcom fodder wherein rich white men adopted black boys in need.”

Couple Adopts 4 Siblings At Once: “I couldn’t Imagine Life Without Them”

“We knew there weren’t a lot of people who would be willing to adopt all four kids,” Yohpe said. “We said, ‘Yeah, we want them to be our kids.'”