Gender Imbalance in China

The latest edition of The Economist looks at “Gendercide” and the problems of gender imbalances in China, India and other areas, due to gender selection and a cultural preference for boys over girls. The article notes:

“…all countries need to raise the value of girls. They should encourage female female education; abolish laws and customs that prevent daughters inheriting property; make examples of hospitals and clinics with impossible sex ratios; get women engaged in public life—using everything from television newsreaders to women traffic police. Mao Zedong said “women hold up half the sky.” The world needs to do more to prevent a gendercide that will have the sky crashing down.”

See the article here.

It continues coverage with “The worldwide war on baby girls” and quotes a tragic passage from Xinran’s latest book (Xinran is MBL’s founder).

Of course many little girls from China are given up for adoption, and end up overseas in western families. MBL has worked to help Chinese children in China, as well as families who have adopted children from China and who want to learn more about the culture. We will be sharing some of their stories on this blog.