Adoption related information in Germany & Chinese students in Germany

Overview of German Adoption Law

Overwhelmed By Thousands Of Refugee Children Traveling Alone, Europe Considers Adoption

“As the number of unaccompanied minors increases across Europe, governments are discussing new ways of responding to the crisis to ease the steep costs of housing them. One suggestion was to fast-track refugee children into the foster and adoption systems. In Germany, officials said the government has already started processing some unaccompanied minors for adoption.”

Chinese Students in Germany

Why Chinese Students are Flocking to Germany

“Not all of the Chinese enrolled at German universities are geniuses. There are the high flyers, but there are also problem cases. According to the association of nine technical universities, TU9, the Chinese students are as varied as the German ones.”

Chinese in east Germany don’t see bias in Dessau murder

“The murder of a Chinese university student has shocked locals in the eastern German town of Dessau. Amid reports of growing xenophobia, DW’s Kate Brady headed east to talk to the region’s Chinese population.”