A long-time MBL volunteer Ping and her father's memoir about China

A long-time MBL volunteer Ping and her father’s memoir about China

LIN Ping is a long-time MBL volunteer, who now leads an MBL team, organizing events at V&A Museum of Childhood to celebrate the Chinese culture and holidays, such as Chinese New Year, Chinese Moon festival and summer festival.

When MBL’s late Board Chairman Toby Eady, who, sadly, passed away last December, first visited her family in Chengdu, her father, LIN Xiangbei, was in his eighties. Toby said to her, ‘Ping, tell your father that he should write about his life in China during the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, because in the West, people have no clue about what happened in those years.’

Mr. Lin started writing his memoir at the age of 84 and now he is 100 years old. He’s still writing about his life and his thoughts.

Ping has helped her father complete his memoir, and she has recently translated it into English. It’s a wonderful book about how an ordinary man gave his heart and soul to his country in the struggle to forge “The New China” and, in the end, to survive as a witness of the history.

Here is how Mr. Lin begins his memoir:

I am an ordinary Chinese man

Neither a hero nor a coward
If you are curious to know more
about a small corner
of a country in upheaval
about the distress and
hardship of resurrecting a nation
then please read this book.

If you would like to read more about Ping’s father’s life and to read about China’s history,  please click the link below and pledge for your copy. Thank you, Ping, for your passion and love for MBL! Thank you, Mr. Lin, for telling us a unforgettable story about China and its history.