2016 summer festival MBL report edit

2016 summer festival MBL report edit

2016 summer festival MBL report edit

This summer, Mother’s Bridge of Love (MBL), as one of the event cooperators, helped the V&A museum of childhood in holding the children’ssummer festival on 25th July 2016.

 It was a wonderful chance to gather the family together to share laughter, somentertainment and the sunshine. During the event, MBL witnessed lots of happy moments: parents hand in hand dancing to the live music with their sons and daughters, families sharing food with their pets and lots of children picking lovely well-designed handcrafted products to give to their parents. MBL as one of the event contributors openeda stand in order to share Chinese culture, entertainment, and love with all of the international family.

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In the early morning, MBL volunteers led by Xinran, the founder of MBL, arrived at the V&A museum of childhood to set up our event desk and prepare for the start of the event. After half an hour’s training, the stand attracted its first visitor who was attracted by thedizzying array of self-designed Chinese accessories. Those charity accessories are provided by MBL volunteer Yuyang ZHANG and Yin tong Betser. The gifts included bracelets displaying the animals of the Chinese zodiacand traditional Chinese folding fans.In addition, MBL was received kind donationsfrom our volunteer Suifeng.He sentpart of his private collection from China, and these collectables turned out to be very popular among people of all ages.



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In total, MBL received around £150 of voluntary donations from the event’s visitors of which 50% came from products sales, raffle tickets and financial support from books for kids. Without our volunteers’ help, MBL would not have been able to operate smoothly and work successfully in cooperation with the V&A museum of childhood. Our MBL volunteers all came from different places and for many travelled a long way to London so we are really appreciative of their effort in supporting MBL. Many thanks to Xinran Xue, Chloe Yang, Yuyang Zhang, YintongBetser, Qi, Shenhui Huang, Patrick, Suifeng, Jake, BingBing, LiangJiezi, and Shuicheng Wang. By volunteeringto support our event you have helped to make MBL grow ever bigger and stronger. Last but not least, MBL is a sharing platform, where we welcome people from different worlds to join the MBL family team and tounderstand and share Chinese culture. We hope the organisationwill continue to help well into the future!

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