2015 Chinese New Year Celebration in V&A Childhood Museum February

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MBL celebrated Chinese New Year festival in V&A childhood museum on 19 FEB. There were nearly 2000 children and parents participating in it. Supported by all MBLers, including enthusiastic volunteers, and members from V&A childhood museum, this activity was held successfully. The big day was immersed into a festival atmosphere—the museum was decorated with various Chinese elements, such as paper cutting and flags. Teresa, who is the curator of the museum, told us it was the first time that V&A childhood museum organized activities involved with Chinese festival, which was warmly welcomed by western families.

The amazing performance given by London Chinese Guitar club, traditional Chinese dancers and the instrument player, as well as our brilliant workshop volunteers made our BIG day. The costume corner for Chinese minority clothes attracted many children and parents, acting as Chinese traditional roles. The lion dance, one of the most favorable shows this time, enables our audience to experience Chinese cultural closely. As to other workshops, ink painting, paper cutting, calligraphy and story telling, attendees were interested in it, which met interests of a couple of families.
The Chinese New Year celebration was grand and meaningful, both for cultural integration and communication. MBL believed and believes that activities like this enable western families to get insight into Chinese culture. We are also determined to strive to broadcast Chinese culture.


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Volunteer List: CHEN AnDi, DENG MingMin, DU WenBin, DU YaNan, LI JiaYing
LI Lu, Lucy Edwards, MA Joanna, Ting Ting, WEN Bin, WU Wei
WU Yin, Yan ShiHan, YANG XiaoZi, You HaoZhi,
YUAN ChengQinZi, Yuan HaoTong
Draft by Lu Li

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