Fundraising Challenge Events in rural area in China & MBL Culture Trip in Nanjing, China

Challenge yourself to participate one of our outdoor adventure events/activities and meanwhile to raise funds for MBL projects for disadvantaged children in rural countryside in China!

After Wenchuan earthquick in Sichuan province, MBL donated 8 school libraries ( as our support to those children who were affected and suffered from this tragedy.

We would like to introduce this fundraising trek event to you in Ya’an, Sichuan Province, China, please click HERE – “Ya’an Trek 4 MBL”. Join in us to challenge yourself by treking around mountain aeas in beautiful Ya’an and meanwhile to visit MBL school libraries hidden inbettwen the mountains. What you’re doing will bring more books to those poor children and your generous giving will make real change to many children’ live from county to  county, from village to village!

***We aim to organize this charity trekking event every month apart from June/July/August/September (raining seasons), neither January/February(Chinese Spring Festival). We also have to make sure evenry time there will be at least 8 participants, otherwise the event will be cancelled according to the costing issues*** 

Meanwhile, MBL is raising more moeny for school libraries in rural countryside in China (MBL Library Project 2014 Gansu, China…with more information will be added soon) and please make donation via:


MBL Culture Trip in Nanjing

This wonderful Trip involves historical sightseeing and visiting MBL Children Culture Centre in Nanjing, where participants including Chinese adoptees and people who are interested in Chinese languang and Chinese culture…could attend some very interesting Chinese culture workshops and activities. There will be some chances to visit local orphanages, special needs schools, or social welfare institutes. This is a maximium 2-weeks trip and could happen anytime during the year. And please let us know at least 1.5 months in advance, so MBL could contact our counter parties in China to check the updated information and details for this trip.

More Trip details please click here: MBL Culture Trip in Nanjing


Pen Friend

A Pen Friend from China…with MBL



‘Hello’ – ‘Thank you’ – ‘My name is Cindy’ – ‘I live in Britain’

Do you want to have an overseas pen friend far away from – China?

Do you want to learn Chinese language and the differences between China and the UK?

Do you want to visit China and your pen friend and her/his family…one day?


One of our projects – Pen Friend is to help and keep the link between Chinese children/youths in all corner of the world and enable them to get access to their birth culture in a very unique, interesting and friendly way, which we believe could be very rewarding for their future.


How does it work?

  1. Download and fill in MBL Pen Friend Form (Word) and email it to or send it to us – MBL, 9 Orme Court, London W2 4RL, UK.
  2. Both children/youths will receive the respective contact information, then it is your turn to make a friend…happy writing!


Your privacy is highly respected and will not be exposed to irrelevant parties