A letter from Xinran: New Projects, New Teams

Volunteer Trainings in London

Dear MBLers and friends:

Please allow me to invite you to celebrate MBL’s 12th Birthday in August 2016 with us!

Since MBL’s birth on 18th August 2004, we, with passion and love, have been working hard on building the bridges between birth culture and adoptive culture, between poor and rich, and between China and the rest of the world. 

Over 1,000 volunteers across 15 countries have joined us to share the same goal

  • MBL has reached 27 countries where over 150,000 Chinese children have been adopted 
  • MBL has built 19 MBL school libraries in poor areas of China and has contributed to 3 schools for Tibetan, Muslim and migrant children in China.
  • MBL has hosted or been involved in over 100 culture events for adoptive families, schools, and Chinese communities in The UK, The U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Ireland.     

I wish I could have included all of what MBL has done in our report to you, but that would have made it too long to post here! These select photos may help you understand who we are and what we have done in the past 12 years. I am sure many MBL volunteers can find themselves in thosehistorical moments!

After ten years of learning and exploring, we have set up Books for Kids in 2015 to help adoptive families build ‘a short cut’ between loving parents and adopted children.  Please check out the Ongoing Projects page on our website to read the moving letter from a New Zealand family. The adoptive parents have found the birth family for their adopted twins from Sichuan through Books for Kids!

Starting this month, August 2016, also MBL’s birth month, we are implementing a new project called “MBL Global Calendar.” It features one or more countries each month, with latest news, photos, videos, policies, and other information relevant to adoption and cultural exchanges with China in those countries. It aims at connecting Chinese adoptees and adoptive families from all over the world. We would like to invite YOU to join ‘MBL Global Calendar’ and to share news, photos, stories, your country’s cultural exchanges with China, and more!  

MBL’s website now has a new team leader, American-based Chinese author Fan WU. Her critically acclaimed books, “February Flowers” and “Beautiful as Yesterday,” tell stories about today’s China and the Chinese people.

Here is our “drafted idea” for “MBL Global Calendar”, please feel free to advise us!

January: Norway/Sweden

February: Ireland/ Finland

March: Netherlands/Denmark

April: Spain/Portugal

May: France

June: Germany

July: India/Singapore

August: China

September: Unite Kingdom

October: Australia/ New Zealand

November: Unite State/ Canada

December: Brazil/South America

We’re starting “MBL Global Calendar” from this August, and it’ll be about China! MBL head office and China Volunteer center will be sharing a lot of latest information about China with you. I hope you will enjoy reading it and will join us to build the Calendar!

With MBL’s new initiatives and developments, we need more help from you, from our talented and passionate volunteers. Please consider joining the teams below.

1) Website team We need more researchers, content managers, and IT experts ( please contact Fan WU<sailingwu@gmail.com> )

2) China Volunteer Center We need more support for Books for Kids ( please contact Li Zhu <juliezhu34@hotmail.com>)

3) The UK team, We need more volunteers for Spring/Autumn events with V&A children museum and CACH event in March. ( Please contact Chloe Young <chloe.young@hotmail.com> )

We need YOU! Chinese children need YOU! China needs YOU!

Thank YOU for your sharing and support!

MBL won’t have a bright future without YOUR contribution!



Founder of MBL

Culture adviser of BBC World Servers

Author of The Good Women of China, Sky Burial, The Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother, China Witness, Buy Me the Sky 


SAVE THE DAY for “MBL’s 10th Anniversary Celebration”


SAVE THE DAY for “MBL’s 10th Anniversary Celebration”

Sat 9th of August 2014, 11am- 15pm, at V&A Museum of Childhood

(Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA)

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) is going to be 10 years old this August, and we warmly invite you to celebrate our BIG day at the V&A’s lovely Museum of Childhood, which is a place for CHILDREN to enjoy who they are – and also a place for ADULTS to be reminded of their childhood with lots of interesting memories (HERE is the wonderful toy collection at the museum…can you find some from when you were a kid?) 

The founder of MBL, Xinran, an acclaimed Chinese writer, will give wonderful talk and Q&A sessions for adoptive families and people who are amazed by her beautiful writing, or who are simply interested in China and Chinese culture. Meanwhile, famous artist Annabel Stockman, and adoptive mum herself, will talk about her exhibition on Chinese adoptees’ clothes, toys, and other belongings at the moment when they were adopted Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs at the Museum.

A group of talented Musicians, Artists, KungFu Masters, Magicians, Dragon/Lion Dancers, and Chinese culture workshop leaders will be performing, demonstrating and teaching during the day. Of course, some delicious Chinese food will also be available!

More detailed information will be updated on MBL Website, MBL Facebook, MBL Twitter, and MBL Weibo.

For more event information and details, and to LET US KNOW if you can come, please email headoffice@mothersbridge.org.


We look forward to seeing you on the Sat 9th of August!

Great thanks to V&A Museum of Childhood as our supporting partner!






201489 星期六 11am- 15pm


(地址:Cambridge Heath Rd, London 邮编:E2 9PA



母爱桥创始者,著名旅英华裔作家欣然女士届时将发表精彩演讲。在问答环节,欢迎收养家庭、忠实读者和对中国、对华夏文化感兴趣的各界人士踊跃提问!艺术家安娜贝尔·斯托克曼,同时她自己也是一位收养了中国孩子的西方母亲,将和大家分享其在V&A儿童馆举办的被收养中国儿童衣物摄影作品展《Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs》背后的故事。



预知更多活动信息和详情,预报名参加周年庆活动,请发邮件至: headoffice@mothersbridge.org




MBL Season’s Greetings & New Year Newsletter 2013!

Dear MBL friends:

MBL London Head Office wishes you and your family a Happy New Year!

Here we would like to forward a New Year Message from MBL founder Xinran to you ALL:

Xin Nian Kuai Le! (Happy New Year!)

It’s very difficult for me to let 2012 pass since it was an unforgettable year for MBL and also has given me so many friends during work with MBL adoptive families, media talks, the worldwide book tours, and the universities’ lectures.

Great thanks to those Chinese adoptees and MBL families for sharing their stories with us and their trust to MBL!

Meanwhile, respects to MBL’s growing volunteer teams – London SOAS/LSE/King’s College/Queen Mary, Cambridge, Oxford, and Bath University, MBL Nanjing BaiXia Children Centre, and many newly joined volunteers from different places in China and around the world!

Without your help and support, MBL’s mission would be only in words on piece of paper! You ALL have made a wonderful MBL 2012 as history makers!

2013 is a little dragon year – can we call it “baby dragon year”? We all need some time to grow our ideas, passion and love! Looking forward to your continuous Love to our Chinese children! Please contact us if you would like to support MBL!


MBL in 2012
From London Head Office, guided by MBL Trustees Ching-He Huang, Jeremy Gordon and Toby Eady.

More MBL activities in 2012 can be found on MBL Newsletters on Facebook and 母爱桥每月简讯on MBL Weibo…both two pages were set up and managed by very few hands but with very hard and heartfelt work!

• For Adoptive Families, MBL volunteers have helped so many families to confirm their Adoption Documents and Family Roots Information! We didn’t realise that before — MBL could be everywhere for western adoptive families’ needs in China!
• For Disadvantaged Children in China, MBL supported 8 Children’s Libraries in Sichuan. It’s always wonderful to see beautiful and happy smiling on children’s faces!
• For MBL Volunteers, we provided opportunities for them to get involved in London Book Fair – China Year; Language support during the Olympics and MBL events for adoptive families with their beloved Chinese kids in different countries. They also got supported by MBL Workshop and Training sessions.


MBL in 2013

For Adoptive Families
Adoption Documents and Family Roots Information checking for MBL family members.
• An MBL new project called “Who Am I” (see post to follow), which is to benefit Chinese adoptees, western born Chinese, and even anyone who adopted other cultures apart from their original culture in their daily life.
• MBL & Xinran’s meeting Adoptees and MBL Families in different countries:

  • February – MBL might get a chance to see some Dutch families with adoptive Chinese children again during Xinran’s lectures at Tilburg University in Netherlands in the end of month.
  • March – CACH (Children Adopted from China) families in the UK 2013 Annual Reunion will receive gifts from MBL: Children Arts Workshops, Chinese Minority Fashion Exhibition and Xinran’s Q&A with CACH parents.
  • April – We hope snow-white Finland has been turned green by spring and bring some new friends to MBL when Xinran is on her book tour there.
  • May – Would be a very busy month for us! American adoptive families could have given MBL some ‘homework’ in advance, so Xinran & MBL are able to deliver our answers to adoptees and families during Xinran’s visiting between a few cities in USA.
  • August/September – MBL will go back to Norway to hug our little Chinese friends with their much loved Norwegian families during MBL’s Workshops there!
  • September/October – In Italy, we hope to meet up with some MBL families and Italian volunteers during MBL’s work with HOW (Hand Off Women) conference.

For Disadvantaged Children in China ( Contact Us for more details)
• Setting up a team to collect updated information of Orphanages in different places in China. So we could find out how to help/support those Orphans in different situations more effectively.
• Funding more Children’s Libraries in rural areas in China.
• MBLers will team up as a group to make a Post-Donation Visit to those 8 children’s libraries in Sichuan, China. (Date: TBD)

For MBL Volunteers
• Volunteer Recruitment Fair on Campus, Workshops & Trainings ( Contact Us if you want to host one at your University/Organisation)

  • March – Oxford
  • July, August & September – China
  • October & November – Cambridge/London

• Other Events & Activities

Well, well…We all know that there is always more coming than we planned! But don’t forget, there will be an MBL Chinese New Year Celebration in February and an MBL X’mas Party in December for children, families, volunteers, and friends! (Please Contact Us …if you are interested in Sponsorship/Partnership with those events)

Thanks for your continuous Support and also please keep updated with us through MBL Website, Facebook, Weibo, and Twitter!

Have a great 2013 ahead!

XIAO Li 肖莉
MBL London Head Office