China Baby Bonds – An American Adoptive Family’s Story

Before leaving for China last June to bring our 2 year-old daughter home, I was both excited and anxious, fearful and faithful. My life those last days before travel was consumed with the anxious thoughts of a frightened and desperate mother who was aching to get to her China baby but deeply dreading leaving her other six children an ocean’s distance behind.

I am not a traveler. I have always been content to stay quite close to home. I live only a few miles and minutes from where I grew up and right next door to my grandmother’s home where my father did. I attend my same childhood church and my children go to the same school that I did at their age. I am more than content this way. Dorothy’s words upon returning from Oz have always resonated with me: “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”


So when it became apparent that a precious part of my heart’s desire was not in my backyard but on the other side of the globe in a land both mysterious and unknown to me, I was more than a little uncomfortable. And I was torn. Every thing in me longed to get to my daughter across the sea but just as much of me was distressed at the thought of leaving her siblings so very far behind.

During those last days before travelling to China my mind was primarily consumed with concern for my children on both sides of the sea. But a part of me deeply longed to be connected with another adopting family in China with whom we could share this adoption pilgrimage. Somehow, I instinctively knew that me husband and I would find comfort through companions in a foreign land and I longed to recognize a family in China with whom we could share this precious journey to our daughter.

And I did recognize them. Quickly.

We were in China only hours before I was aware of our pilgrimage partners. A family in our agency’s travel group was traveling with two of their older children. Their children were delightful and spending time with them was such a comfort to my husband and me as we were missing our older children so deeply. I remember knowing that their children would make good and fast friends with our flock back home. And this family had adopted a child before which was so encouraging to us a we stepped into the adoption arena and all of its emotions for the first time. They had navigated it only three years ago and were choosing to navigate it again. Nothing could have been as comforting or as encouraging to us in those last days and hours before our daughter was placed into our arms as witnessing a family who believed in what we were doing enough to do it again themselves while bringing their children to witness it!

We received our daughters in China on the same day, at the same time, and in the same room… forging an intimacy that can perhaps be approached only by being present in the delivery room for a birth. We were witnesses to the raw emotions of those first few moments with our daughters. Over the next two weeks we witnessed the anxiety and grief in our baby girls and in each other. We listened to each other and encouraged each other and supported each other. In civil affairs offices and in police stations and in medical appointments, in the office of the U.S. Consulate General and ultimately on an endless airplane flight, we worried and rejoiced together. And, when necessary, we found much needed humor in the emotions and frustrations that surfaced as we learned to read and to comfort our children.

At the end of our two weeks in China, I ached to see my state-side children but I grieved being separated from these friends and their support. I did not know how we would have been brave enough in China without them.

As we returned to our homes and to our other children and began adjusting with our China babies, we continued to encourage and to check on each other. We supported each other and our babies through appointments with physicians and surgeries. We sent photographed images of our children as they bonded with their siblings and we joyfully awaited the day that we could meet again with all of our (11!) children.

A few weeks ago, our precious China friends came through town on their way to visit family. The visit could not have been more of a gift. We had a beautiful early Autumn picnic and, as we watched our children play together, we witnessed how miraculously far our families have come since our precious time in China. I felt like there was hardly time to breathe! I had so much I longed to tell them and ask them and share with them while we had those precious moments face to face again!song-felicitymae2


By the time they left and I reflected on our time together, I realized that this precious family was way more than our China friends. They were our forever friends who had been sent to us while we were in China…when we so desperately needed them.

–Anne-Elizabeth Williams

In Anne-Elizabeth’s words: My husband, Jimmy and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in February. We live in Tallahassee, Florida where I am a very-part time lawyer and a very full-time mother to our 7 children. Our youngest child, Song-Felicity, was our first adoption and during our journey to her we fell in love with China and the Chinese people we encountered while there. Our wish is that she will always treasure and honor both her American and her Chinese heritage in an awareness that she is, indeed, a beloved daughter of both lands. “The Mothers’ Bridge of Love” is my very favorite book to read to her! My family would love to help with MBL and their Books for Kids project.

A letter from Xinran: New Projects, New Teams

Volunteer Trainings in London

Dear MBLers and friends:

Please allow me to invite you to celebrate MBL’s 12th Birthday in August 2016 with us!

Since MBL’s birth on 18th August 2004, we, with passion and love, have been working hard on building the bridges between birth culture and adoptive culture, between poor and rich, and between China and the rest of the world. 

Over 1,000 volunteers across 15 countries have joined us to share the same goal

  • MBL has reached 27 countries where over 150,000 Chinese children have been adopted 
  • MBL has built 19 MBL school libraries in poor areas of China and has contributed to 3 schools for Tibetan, Muslim and migrant children in China.
  • MBL has hosted or been involved in over 100 culture events for adoptive families, schools, and Chinese communities in The UK, The U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Ireland.     

I wish I could have included all of what MBL has done in our report to you, but that would have made it too long to post here! These select photos may help you understand who we are and what we have done in the past 12 years. I am sure many MBL volunteers can find themselves in thosehistorical moments!

After ten years of learning and exploring, we have set up Books for Kids in 2015 to help adoptive families build ‘a short cut’ between loving parents and adopted children.  Please check out the Ongoing Projects page on our website to read the moving letter from a New Zealand family. The adoptive parents have found the birth family for their adopted twins from Sichuan through Books for Kids!

Starting this month, August 2016, also MBL’s birth month, we are implementing a new project called “MBL Global Calendar.” It features one or more countries each month, with latest news, photos, videos, policies, and other information relevant to adoption and cultural exchanges with China in those countries. It aims at connecting Chinese adoptees and adoptive families from all over the world. We would like to invite YOU to join ‘MBL Global Calendar’ and to share news, photos, stories, your country’s cultural exchanges with China, and more!  

MBL’s website now has a new team leader, American-based Chinese author Fan WU. Her critically acclaimed books, “February Flowers” and “Beautiful as Yesterday,” tell stories about today’s China and the Chinese people.

Here is our “drafted idea” for “MBL Global Calendar”, please feel free to advise us!

January: Norway/Sweden

February: Ireland/ Finland

March: Netherlands/Denmark

April: Spain/Portugal

May: France

June: Germany

July: India/Singapore

August: China

September: Unite Kingdom

October: Australia/ New Zealand

November: Unite State/ Canada

December: Brazil/South America

We’re starting “MBL Global Calendar” from this August, and it’ll be about China! MBL head office and China Volunteer center will be sharing a lot of latest information about China with you. I hope you will enjoy reading it and will join us to build the Calendar!

With MBL’s new initiatives and developments, we need more help from you, from our talented and passionate volunteers. Please consider joining the teams below.

1) Website team We need more researchers, content managers, and IT experts ( please contact Fan WU<> )

2) China Volunteer Center We need more support for Books for Kids ( please contact Li Zhu <>)

3) The UK team, We need more volunteers for Spring/Autumn events with V&A children museum and CACH event in March. ( Please contact Chloe Young <> )

We need YOU! Chinese children need YOU! China needs YOU!

Thank YOU for your sharing and support!

MBL won’t have a bright future without YOUR contribution!



Founder of MBL

Culture adviser of BBC World Servers

Author of The Good Women of China, Sky Burial, The Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother, China Witness, Buy Me the Sky 


MBL sponsor Mr. William Franklin takes month in china to understand and support MBL Cause

It was a warm yet clear morning in May…”I am going to be in Beijing for the whole of August and I wondered if I could help MBL by taking out some books or other materials?” Surrounded by Chinese ceramics and seated in the oak-panelled club lounge of the China Investors Club’s head office in the City of London, William Franklin was speaking to the elegantly dressed Xiaoli about his up coming visit. William, the Founder of the China Investors Club had been a supporter of MBL since February 2015. Both he and Xiaoli were passionate about the helping MBL to help Chinese orphans and ‘left-behind’ children by building libraries. These libraries are to provide an educational environment as well as offer each child the chance to ‘escape’ into the magical world of reading where you can be instantly take yourself to another time, place or world.

五月,一个温暖的早晨。 “我打算一整个8月都呆在北京,不知我这次前去能否帮助MBL(Mothers bridge of love)带一点书籍给你们正在筹建的图书馆项目?” 身为中英投资俱乐部(CIC)成立者之一的William Franklin 如上所说,诚恳的表示他对母爱桥工作的支持。那天,母爱桥伦敦负责人肖莉女士身穿优雅的短裙,William和她坐在CIC(China Investor Club) 伦敦办事处里边嵌满橡木的咖啡厅里进行了短暂会面,并交流了下接下来去北京的行程。 William 作为CIC 的成立人员之一,自今年2月以来一直是MBL活动的支持者。他和肖莉同样也对贫困地区的图书馆建设充满了热情,此次北京之旅,带去的图书将成为输往贫困地区图书馆建设的一部分资源,提供给每一个孩童发现另外一个世界的机会。


The Handover

A few short weeks later, William and Xiaoli arranged to meet as a package of children’s books had been prepared. The meeting took place in the same luxury surroundings of the China Investors Club and the moment was captured by an MBL volunteer called Chloe. While William joked that he would have to pack another suitcase in order to transport the vast quantities of brand new books to Beijing and onwards to Nanjing. The books had come from the energetic efforts of MBL volunteers during the London Book Fair in April 2015 who went round all the publishers at the end of the exhibition and asked for donations. On behalf of all those generous companies and individuals that donated the books and the team that collected them, thank you very much.


几周之后,William 和肖莉安排了一次书本移交会晤,地点选在了布置高雅的CIC伦敦总部,正式开始了CIC 与MBL 的慈善援助,同时到场的还有MBL 的志愿者-Chloe. 当时William他开玩笑的说他也许需要一个新的旅行箱重新装载如此浩大的书本数量从北京一直运送到到南京。这些书本均来自2015年4月 举办的伦敦书展由热情的志愿者们向各个参展商索要而来,在此MBL 深深向所有参与捐赠的书本厂商表示深深地敬意

The Visit

After an overnight stay in Shanghai, William took the 07:05 fast train on Sunday 16th August to Nanjing.  Coming out of the North entrance of the station, William took in the vast uncluttered view of Nanjing on a quiet Sunday morning and then saw the unbounded bubbly enthusiasm of Frank coming to greet him. While William and Frank both realised that their respective fluency of Chinese/English may present a small issue, the power of a smile, positive personalities and Pleko translator meant the two of them got on like a house on fire.

The first stop of the day was at the Nanjing Qinhuai District Children’s Palace where Zhuli greeted us for a tour of the facilities. Even though the students were not in class, it gave William the chance to see the facilities including the playgrounds, dance and music studios, calligraphy and art rooms and most important of all, the dedicated MBL centre. The brilliance of the flags from all nations, the postcards from around the world and at the entrance the Tree of Supporters that I was lucky enough to have the chance to support all gave a warm and cared for feeling. Next time William comes to Nanjing he is looking forward to reading to the class of children from one of the books he brought from England.


在上海过了一夜,8月16号这天William 赶着7点05分的快车从上海到了南京。从北站出来后,William 拍了张静而美的南京清晨照,正在此时,他望见热情洋溢的frank 正向他走来并向他大声打招呼。然而,他们彼此发现语言上并未能如愿的畅通交流,但是微笑的力量和乐观积极的性格让同行的翻译Pleko觉得他们其实在精神上已经聊得火热了。

当天首要的事情就是去南京秦淮区儿童之家参观,接待William的是朱莉,当时学生不在学校,她带着他参观了多种校资设备,包括了教室,操场,舞蹈音乐教室,书法和艺术教室,以及此次前来的重点MBL中心。在母爱桥南京中心, 无数鲜艳的各国国旗和来自五湖四海的明信片陈列在会展展厅,门口由母爱桥爱心人士一首“栽培”的爱心之树让William新生敬意,下一次到南京, William已经做好了打算下次要在课堂上给当地的孩子们读一本他从英国带过来的图书。



The Interview

Zhuli, Frank and William then went to the small but well equipped MBL offices. Surrounded by mountains of books already packaged and ready for delivery to two MBL libraries, William formally handed over the books to Zhuli and Frank. He also handed over a special gift from London which was a print from 1830 representing an orphans hospital in Westminster which shows that irrespective of time and place, both the UK and China care about their children. Frank then handed William a gift of Chinese tea that was very well received.

After this exchange of gifts, Frank treated William to a traditional meal of Nanjing noodles and Nanjing dumplings. Delicious once William learnt how to eat them without causing a mess!

On returning to the MBL office we were then joined by Fiona and YaWei who proceeded to interview William about his involvement with MBL and his views on China during his trip. He then took part in placing official MBL stamps on the books before they were packed up for shipping to the rural libraries. They were then kind enough then to take William to the Nanjing museum that remembered all those that lost their lives in 1937. A very moving experience for all of us which reminded all of us about the sanctity of life. In order to show the other side of Nanjing, William was then taken to a traditional weekend festival where we enjoyed a very un-traditional sport of pillow fighting. Fiona, YaWei and William made such an impression to the organisers they were even captured by the official photographer and posted up onto the main promoters website.


朱莉,Frank和William 来到了精致玲珑的MBL小屋,里面已经堆积如山地放置了来自世界各地的捐赠书籍。 William在这里正式将远从英国带来的书本交给了朱莉和Frank, 同时William 还附赠了一份来自伦敦特殊的礼物,这是一张1830年的复印图片,画面上是威斯敏斯特孤儿院今夕的对比图,以及中英两国母亲对各自孩童的关爱,同样地,处于礼尚往来的习俗,Frank也还礼给William一份上好的中国茶叶。

在交换完礼物后,Frank 请William 下馆子吃了一次正宗的南京拉面和南京饺子,美味的当地特色让William赞不绝口,同时也让William学会了如何才能干净利索的把饺子吃干净。

饭后,回到MBL办公场所,同样作为MBL 志愿者的Fiona 和雅维邀请了William进行了简短的见面聊天聊解下此次中国访问的行程,随后,他和其他志愿者工作者一样,将MBL印章盖印在每本送往图书馆的书册里面。 接下去的行程,志愿者们还带着William到了南京博物馆去参观1937年迷失的南京记忆。具William自己描述,这是一段印象深刻的回忆,让我们知道了生命是不可侵犯的。 为了体验出不一样的南京风貌,William还受邀参加了传统的周末活动-枕头大战。这次的活动留给在场的Fiona, 雅维和William一个深刻的记忆,活动现场的图片也被摄影师抓拍下来并放在了活动官网。

The journey home

After a long day and incredible hospitality, the final act of kindness came when Frank drove William all the way to the airport for the flight back to Beijing. During the drive, Frank was able to explain the valuable work MBL had done in reuniting families from the West with the biological parents in China. While this service is not the core of MBL’s work, by showing care and compassion, all of those involved in the extended family were able to come together and share in the joy of a child growing into a happy and successful young adult. Frank also shared his vision for the next stage in the growth of MBL and will be sharing his plans over the coming months.


漫长的一天即将结束,受到热情款待的William 被frank 开车送往机场,赶赴接下来在北京的行程,在此匆忙结束了短暂的南京之旅。一路上,frank向William诉说了MBL 之前所做的伟大工作,其中包括了帮助西方领养家庭的中国孩童找到在中国的亲生父母。 然而MBL 的核心工作并不仅仅是怜爱和关怀收养儿童,从长远的角度上讲,MBL 通过两个家庭的结合提供收养孩童一个美妙的记忆,帮助他们更健康快乐的成长。 最后Frank和William分享了就MBL未来的发展计划。


William’s visit to Nanjing reinforced his support for MBL and the work going on both in China as well as in the UK. He learnt that packs of up to 8 books can be sent to Zhuli in Nanjing where they can be sent onto the schools. There is also the possibility that as new MBL libraries open up in China that exchange trips can be made with English schools to spread the work already started. The importance the Chinese government place on looking after their children is commendable and so if MBL can complement this programme in a localised way then the future certainly looks brighter for all those children left without the direct care of their parents and families.



Adopted Chinese Girl reunited with her biological family

A wonderful event that bridged the gap between 2 cultures- 2 countries and 2 families (and made one 11 year old girl very happy indeed)

10 years – in the life of a family – it can pass in a flash. But to one Dutch family –their lives have changed immeasurably over the last 10 years since they adopted a little Chinese girl when she was 16 months old . She had been abandoned in 2005 in Shenzhen.

The Dutch family raised the child as their own with love and attention. During this time the Dutch mother began a search for the biological family of their beautiful little Chinese daughter. They really wished to bring her to her original home and even hoped that they could possibly reunite her with her birth parents one day. It was an optimistic dream that they pursued relentlessly.

Miracles happen – with “Mother’s Bridge of love’s” assistance, on 10th August 2015, the Dutch mother and her Chinese daughter arrived in Shenzhen airport. The little girl was finally reunited with her biological family. MBL volunteer Maple, witnessed this very special and emotional reunion and then went on to assist the family during their 12 days in Shenzhen.

To respect the adoptive family’s wishes, we have been asked not to disclose their names here, but the Dutch mother wrote:


We have just returned from a wonderful and emotional visit to Shenzhen. After searching for almost 10 years we finally found my daughters family in April 2015 and visited them for 12 days in August. It was absolutely amazing to experience the immediate connection between my daughter and her siblings. Because of MBL, especially Maple, we were enabled to communicate with everyone and get around in Shenzhen. Our heartfelt thanks to the whole team of MBL!

                                                        A Family from the Netherlands

On 10th August Maple met and picked them up at Shenzhen airport, where the little girls biological family then welcomed them. From the second that Maple introduced the little adopted girl to her biological mother and sister – there was a very emotional reaction. The following 12 days in Shenzhen were filled with priceless, happy memories for the Dutch mother to share with her adopted child and her biological family. The search was over and there was time to create happy times for both families to share for the future.

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An American Girl Back to China looking for her birth parents after 23 years

Peipei with her family

A few days ago, a 23-year-old girl, Joy (Chinese name is Jiang Peipei), from United States came to Nanjing with her American adoptive mother (Patracia) looking for her birth parents.

Peipei was found in Nanjing when she was only 14 days after birth. After spending several years in an orphanage with Nanny Fan who took Peipei as her daughter, Peipei was adopted by her American mother Patricia and moved to the Michigan, U.S.

This summer, with Patricia’s great encouragement, they took a long journey to China hoping finding Peipei’s birth parents. Peipei told us that she did not dream about finding her birth parents because the only clue she had was the place she was abandoned which is in Nanjing, Dachang District. But with the help of local police, MBL volunteers and a lot of kind people, they managed to find Peipei’s hospital birth records and some other important information. Life is full of surprises. Peipei’s dream was finally consummated and she found her birth parents within 24 hours. All the people were tearing when they met again after being separated for 23 years. Jiang Peipei said she was very happy to find her Chinese birth parents and she would like to come back to China more often in the future because here is the root.

Peipei with MBL Team

While we are excited about the perfect ending of Peipei’s journey searching for birth parents, we are deeply moved by the determination and love in her heart. It is this love that gives her the power to overcome all the difficulties on the way back to China, to her beloved family. It is this power that encourages MBL volunteers to help her and all the other children. The truth is we can not choose which family we were born or what we look like, but we have the right to live with our own wills. What Peipei did shows us the true beauty of forgiveness and kind.

Peipei with her birth parents

There are much more children in China, who were born in poverty but urgently look forward to knowledge that could help them establish a better future. If you would like to help them to get one more chance by donating one book or sharing this post, it means a lot to MBL. We can never achieve what we do without your help.

How to make donation:

— Online donation:

— POST the cheque to: MBL, 9 ORME COURT, LONDON, W2 4RL, U.K.

— WIRE your money to

Account Name:The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL)

Account Number:11453130

Sort Code: 400607


IBAN: GB08MIDL40060711453130

Chinese Version:…


Drafted by Phyllis Zhang

MBLers in Suzhou



Suzhou, a city in South China famous for its beautiful classic gardens and handicrafts.


Two of our MBL volunteers have just started their one-year adventure in Suzhou, and they are recording their exciting life on a blog.

Italian natives, London adoptees, travel lovers currently based in Suzhou, China. Sharing our experiences over a year living,loving and working in Suzhou ! Welcome to our blog!

Here are some of their posts, for the latest update, visit their blog Home in Suzhou.

From their blog sharing, MBL would love to introduce some traditional Chinese elements to you. Please see original text below:

10 Sep


Shooting a documentary at the Master of Nets Garden/网师园

Last week we assisted for the first time at the shooting of a documentary at the Master of Nets Garden 网师园 made by our company, Suzhou Media Culture Communication or 梅地亚. We were there by the very early morning and the absence of tourists and the quite of the place helped to create a magic atmosphere. The site is unbelievably scenic as you can see from the pictures below.


MBL Academy: Suzhou is China’s well-known “city of gardens”, which tops all others in both the number (nearly 200) and the artistry of gardens. Gardening is one of the important types of architectural art, and the art of gardening has undergone a history of 1,500 years. These gardens have their own characteristics in layout, structure and style. The essence of garden is to construct beautiful surroundings by designing all the elements -mountain, water, path, indoor decoration, in a harmonious and organic way. 



(indoor decoration)


9 Sep

Asking information in Suzhou: a must do



One of the things people don’t tell you about Suzhou is how ridiculously funny can get asking information in the street. …
Here is as it goes (in Suzhou): you walk on the street and get lost -it happens all the time because most of the street don’t have names or they only have Chinese characters, which you might try to deal with but will find yourself giving up very easily- and decide to approach someone showing them the address which you trying to find. So let the show begin: you choose someone- usually young because, naively, you assume they might speak a little English- and start walking towards that person who will immediately understand you’re trying to engage in a sort of communication.  Their faces start to become worried because they know that you won’t give up that easily, which you don’t. So, after having finally stopped that misfortunate person, you try for at least 5 minutes to pronounce in a decent way those two words that you can remember….
So, if you’re thinking of asking people any sort of information be prepared because it might take a while but it will also be fun!
MBL Academy: In China, the popularisation of English is still limited, especially in some small cities, which they have their deep-rooted culture and local dialect. You will find it is difficult to find English show in Street names or menu. Normally, international travellers cannot pronounce the Chinese street names correctly even they “knew”. Thus, the moment when international tourists are asking local people direction is always funny and time consuming, sometimes finally, you even cannot get a right direction by misunderstanding in communication.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 / 中秋节


Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Chinese Moon Festival, takes place on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest version. This is one of the two most important occasions in the Chinese calendar (the other being the Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year) and it is an official holiday. This year we celebrated on September 8 and China public holidays lasted for three days. This is the time of the year for families to be together. The traditional food for mid-autumn festival is the moon cake which is round and symbolises reunion.

9 mooncake
Celebration of Mid-autumn festival has a long history since when the emperors had the tradition of worshiping the Sun in spring, and the Moon in autumn.
MBL Academy: Mooncake (simplified Chinese: 月饼traditional Chinese月餅pinyinyuè bĭng) is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节,Zhōng qiū jié). The festival is intricately linked to the legends of Chang E (嫦娥,cháng é), the mythical Moon Goddess of ImmortalityTypical mooncakes are round pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 3–4 cm thick. 
Read More on:
Home in Suzhou

SAVE THE DAY for “MBL’s 10th Anniversary Celebration”


SAVE THE DAY for “MBL’s 10th Anniversary Celebration”

Sat 9th of August 2014, 11am- 15pm, at V&A Museum of Childhood

(Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA)

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) is going to be 10 years old this August, and we warmly invite you to celebrate our BIG day at the V&A’s lovely Museum of Childhood, which is a place for CHILDREN to enjoy who they are – and also a place for ADULTS to be reminded of their childhood with lots of interesting memories (HERE is the wonderful toy collection at the museum…can you find some from when you were a kid?) 

The founder of MBL, Xinran, an acclaimed Chinese writer, will give wonderful talk and Q&A sessions for adoptive families and people who are amazed by her beautiful writing, or who are simply interested in China and Chinese culture. Meanwhile, famous artist Annabel Stockman, and adoptive mum herself, will talk about her exhibition on Chinese adoptees’ clothes, toys, and other belongings at the moment when they were adopted Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs at the Museum.

A group of talented Musicians, Artists, KungFu Masters, Magicians, Dragon/Lion Dancers, and Chinese culture workshop leaders will be performing, demonstrating and teaching during the day. Of course, some delicious Chinese food will also be available!

More detailed information will be updated on MBL Website, MBL Facebook, MBL Twitter, and MBL Weibo.

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We look forward to seeing you on the Sat 9th of August!

Great thanks to V&A Museum of Childhood as our supporting partner!






201489 星期六 11am- 15pm


(地址:Cambridge Heath Rd, London 邮编:E2 9PA



母爱桥创始者,著名旅英华裔作家欣然女士届时将发表精彩演讲。在问答环节,欢迎收养家庭、忠实读者和对中国、对华夏文化感兴趣的各界人士踊跃提问!艺术家安娜贝尔·斯托克曼,同时她自己也是一位收养了中国孩子的西方母亲,将和大家分享其在V&A儿童馆举办的被收养中国儿童衣物摄影作品展《Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs》背后的故事。