Chinese New Year 2017,Celebrating China’s Diversity with MBL

The Chinese New Year is upon us once again. The international charity organisation The Mother’s Bridge of Love (MBL) is staging its annual celebration in collaboration with the renowned V&A Museum of Childhood (Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA) on Saturday 11th February 2017.

Surprisingly to many in the West, there are 56 ethnic groups within China. This year’s theme is centred on this dynamism within the rich, vibrant and exciting tapestry of Chinese society and its culture. You will see a variety of fascinating performances throughout the day and our group of MBL specialists will introduce the varied ethnic groups. The colourful costumes, folk dance and music, and their links with other bordering countries will be demonstrated. At the same time, the usual classic and popular activities such as learning to speak and write in Chinese, costumes photo opportunities, paper cutting and mask making will be available throughout the day. We look forward to welcoming all families to participate and celebrating the China’s diversity with us.

The charity The Mother’s Bridge of Love was set up in 2004 by the internationally acclaimed Chinese author Xinran. Its aim is to promote Chinese culture for Children and reach out to Chinese children from all corners of the world. MBL is enjoying its collaboration with V&A Museum of Childhood for the fourth year. Having enjoyed the Chinese New Year activities, the families can also have the opportunity to sample the extensive collections of toys, childhood equipment and costumes that have been in the Museum’s collection since 1872.

So, come and join us, a fun and educational day out is waiting for you on Saturday, 11th February 2017!


Books for Kids Project Needs Your Help!

For more than ten years, MBL has provided assistance, advice and educational support to families around the world. This includes medical treatment for disabled orphans, and a number of disaster relief and educational projects in China. We have set up 16 children’s libraries in various regions of China, including in Tibetan and Muslim minorities schools, schools for migrant workers children, and schools which were suffered from the 2008 and 2012 earthquakes in Sichuan province.

MBL has collaborated with different organizations from all over the world to carry out the “Books For Kids” Project in order to build up MBL International Children Library in impoverished regions in China. Every year, MBL volunteers visit schools in these areas, to carry out research and learn more about how we can make a difference to these children’s lives.


2016 MBL International Children’s Library: 3 schools in rural Sichuan province

  • Shilong Primary School

Shilong Primary School is located in the mountainous area of Junlian County in Sichuan province, at an altitude of 1777.2 metres. The school was reconstructed in 2013 and relocated from the previous location of Dabang village. There are 2 teaching buildings, 9 teachers, 6 classes, and 162 students in total. Most of those students (113 of them) are ‘left-behind children’ whose parents live in different cities in China. The supply and quality of books in the school library in Shilong Primary School is extremely poor. Although the teaching buildings are relatively new, the teaching materials are in bad condition. The brand new books inside of the school library (borrowed from county authority) cannot be borrowed, while those that can be borrowed are mostly outdated and damaged periodicals from 10 years ago. Number of donated books needed: 855

  • Gonghe Village Primary School

Gonghe Village Primary School is located in the mountainous region of Mutan Town, near Yibin City in Sichuan province. Gonghe Primary School was founded in 1995 and relocated from the the south west of Gongteng Village. There are 2 teaching buildings (one is old and the other is new), 5 teachers, 5 classes, and 78 students in total in this primary school. Most of those students are from the nearby Gongteng Village, and more than half of them are left-behind children, whose parents are migrant workers in the factories in different areas in China. Books supply and quality in the school is extremely poor. The teaching facilities, walls, classrooms, teaching platform, and blackboard on campus are all very old and damaged. Number of donated books needed: 415

  • Hongchun Village Primary School

Hongchun Village Primary School is very far from Junlian County, and it took about 2 hours for MBL volunteers by local bus. There are 2 teaching buildings, 6 teachers, 6 classes, and 131 students in total in the school (again, most of them are left-behind children). The supply and quality of books in the school library is extremely poor, and some of the tables and chairs are broken and damaged (including those in the classroom). The temperature is very low with very heavy fog due to the high altitude. There are no heating facilities or lights in the classrooms. Number of donated books needed: 685

For Book Donation, please post your books to

Mrs ZHU Li (+86 13905150047)

Room 105, Building 42, RuiJin BeiCun,

Qinhuai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province P.R. China

Post code: 210016

To donate, please visit our Donate Page. Thank you!



MBL Celebration for 2016 Chinese New Year of Monkey at V&A Museum of Childhood on Saturday 13th February 2016

MOC CNY 16 Poster Timetable MOC CNY16

As the most important event in China, Chinese New Year has always been celebrated with various activities, delicious food and family reunions. In order to share this great joy with everyone, MBL hosted a Chinese New Year celebration at V&A Museum of Childhood, London, on Saturday, 13th February 2016. The event, full of fun and frolic, attracted 3,300 visitors from all around London. All of them gathered together to taste and enjoy the splendid and diverse Chinese celebration of the Monkey year. This event marks a great success not only because the visitors, including a large number of children, found it wonderful and enjoyable, but also because MBL had successfully raised over £200 for charity. MBL sincerely owes this success to all our performers, supporters and volunteers, because this is an achievement of our joint efforts!


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At the event, we had nearly 60 volunteers and performers who came to deliver a series of fantastic and joyful workshops and performances, ranging from paper cutting/folding to lion dancing and Chinese opera singing. Each workshop attracted a large number of children with its unique activity and the warm assistance from our passionate volunteers. For instance, the Chinese Costume Dressing-Up workshop provided over 30 different kinds of minority costumes for the children to experience the diversity of Chinese culture. With the help from our volunteers, every child had a gleeful time of putting on beautiful clothes and taking pictures, as well as a brief understanding of the cultures behind the costumes. At the Calligraphy area, children and parents were learning to master the art of brush and ink on rice paper and drawing artistic forms of monkey. Next door at the paper cutting section, hundreds of children queued up to choose their favourite patterns for paper cutting. Some made funny monkey faces and some made pretty red lanterns, and even Chinese characters.


Apart from the workshops, a wide selection of performances occupied the marble floor through out the event. Mr. Zhen Guidong, International Director of Talk Sport, was invited to tell the story of ‘Nian’ (meaning ‘Year’), giving the audience a new perspective to appreciate this traditional Chinese occasion. The Kung Fu shows, both Tai Chi (Tai Ji) and Yong Chun (a school of Kung Fu originated in South China), attracted plenty of audience and the following workshop encouraged both children and grown ups to participate themselves. Beijing Opera and Kun Qu amazed the audience. Other performances included singing, flute and violin performances, contemporary dance and ballet. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the lion dancing which allowed hundreds of families and children to have a closer look at the most well-known celebration of the Chinese New Year.


The manager of V & A Museum of Childhood, Ms. Teresa Hare Duke said after the event: ‘Very well done!’ The staff at the museum said that they thought it was ‘a fantastic and brilliant event’. Many families travelled long distances from different parts of London to experience this cultural event and showed an unanimous interest in next year’s event.   The Big Review TV came and filmed the highlights of the event and interviewed MBL team leader Haiyun on MBL’s work. Ms. Kristie Holloway was very impressed by the remarkable work that MBL’s three bridges had accomplished in reaching out to the world.


The success of this Chinese New Year event reflects the enthusiasm of both the public and our volunteers. We have more supporters and volunteers this year than ever and we are grateful and glad to see so many people joining the family of our charity. This year is the Year of Monkey—an animal of intelligence, agility and good fortune. We sincerely wish everyone a joyful new year!


If you would like to help the kids who are in need of better education, please contact us. Every little help means a lot for children in poverty.


Donation can be made,


On-Line Payment:

Please use this link:… and please leave your name and email address, and also put “Books For Kids” in the donation comment box.



Please POST the cheque to MBL, 9 ORME COURT, LONDON, W2 4RL, UK


Bank Transfer:

Account Name:The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL)

Account Number:11453130

Sort Code: 400607


IBAN: GB08MIDL40060711453130


Thank you very much on behalf of MBL and those children from village to village! MBL Head Office


Drafted by MBL volunteer ZHOU Zhou (周舟). Edited by WANG Haiyun


*The funds and donations that MBL makes from this event are to support MBL “Books For Kids” project and our operations.



More information on V&A Museum of Childhood Website:

MBL “Books For Kids” Project!


(Chinese version can be found中文版介绍请点击这里 HERE)

For Adoptive Families, please click HERE

In the past 10 years, MBL has provided assistance, advice and educational activities to families around the world, has provided medical treatment support to disabled orphans, and has supported a number of disaster relief and educational projects in China, including setting up 14 children libraries in China, including Tibetan and Muslim minorities schools, migrant workers children schools, and some rural schools, which were suffered from 2008 and 2012 earthquake in Sichuan mountain areas (please click HERE).

MBL “Books For Kids” is a on-going project aims to build up children libraries at poor countryside schools and orphanages in China. From 2015, MBL plans to build more children libraries in villages in Jiangsu, Yunnan, Gansu, Sichuan, and other provinces in China. The financial support for every 2 libraries (reading rooms) will be around £7k-£8k (depends on the local condition and transportation), which will also cover some administration costs.

We welcome people to raise funds for MBL “Books For Kids” project, and participate at some Key activities of “Books For Kids” including:
— 3-5 days with a local Chinese family; visiting local schools and MBL Children Culture Centre and taking part in classroom activities and other events
— 1-2 days with MBL volunteers; joining culture workshops at Special Needs Schools & Orphanages
— 3-5 days travel with MBL volunteers; travelling by train or local bus to impoverished villages/orphanages and joining Pre-Donation Assessment, Attending Donation Day, or participating Post-Donation Visits at MBL Children’s Libraries.

NB: We encourage you to bring books you are willing to donate.


No enough tables and chairs…Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 21.29.09



“School” like this still exits in poor villages in nowadays China…school in poor village


Volunteers and local peole are building the shelves and separate the books with different subjects and grades…Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 21.30.15


Activities’ timings and approximate dates:

Easter (code B4KE2016) and X’mas (code B4KX2015/16)
(2 trips per year, each trip lasts approximately 10-14 days):
Location: In 2015/2016, projects will take place in Jiangsu, Yunnan, Gansu and Sichuan

Deadline for Registration: th
-Code B4KX2015 close time 15th Oct 2015

-Code B4KE2016 close time 15th Jan 2016

-Code B4KX2016 close time 15 Oct 2016


MBL Team Leader “Books For Kids” MBL Volunteer Home
Room 201, 2nd Floor, Building 8
No1 Guanghua East Street

Qinhuai District
Nanjing City
P.R. China
Post Code: 210007
Ms ZHU Li:

Mobile:+86 13905150047


NB: If you would like to invite Chinese families and schools to visit your country, please contact MBL London Head Office!
Head Office: 9 Orme Court, London W2 4RL, UK

SAVE THE DAY for “MBL’s 10th Anniversary Celebration”


SAVE THE DAY for “MBL’s 10th Anniversary Celebration”

Sat 9th of August 2014, 11am- 15pm, at V&A Museum of Childhood

(Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA)

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL) is going to be 10 years old this August, and we warmly invite you to celebrate our BIG day at the V&A’s lovely Museum of Childhood, which is a place for CHILDREN to enjoy who they are – and also a place for ADULTS to be reminded of their childhood with lots of interesting memories (HERE is the wonderful toy collection at the museum…can you find some from when you were a kid?) 

The founder of MBL, Xinran, an acclaimed Chinese writer, will give wonderful talk and Q&A sessions for adoptive families and people who are amazed by her beautiful writing, or who are simply interested in China and Chinese culture. Meanwhile, famous artist Annabel Stockman, and adoptive mum herself, will talk about her exhibition on Chinese adoptees’ clothes, toys, and other belongings at the moment when they were adopted Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs at the Museum.

A group of talented Musicians, Artists, KungFu Masters, Magicians, Dragon/Lion Dancers, and Chinese culture workshop leaders will be performing, demonstrating and teaching during the day. Of course, some delicious Chinese food will also be available!

More detailed information will be updated on MBL Website, MBL Facebook, MBL Twitter, and MBL Weibo.

For more event information and details, and to LET US KNOW if you can come, please email


We look forward to seeing you on the Sat 9th of August!

Great thanks to V&A Museum of Childhood as our supporting partner!






201489 星期六 11am- 15pm


(地址:Cambridge Heath Rd, London 邮编:E2 9PA



母爱桥创始者,著名旅英华裔作家欣然女士届时将发表精彩演讲。在问答环节,欢迎收养家庭、忠实读者和对中国、对华夏文化感兴趣的各界人士踊跃提问!艺术家安娜贝尔·斯托克曼,同时她自己也是一位收养了中国孩子的西方母亲,将和大家分享其在V&A儿童馆举办的被收养中国儿童衣物摄影作品展《Hand Me Over Hand Me Downs》背后的故事。