2015 Chinese New Year Celebration in V&A Childhood Museum February

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MBL celebrated Chinese New Year festival in V&A childhood museum on 19 FEB. There were nearly 2000 children and parents participating in it. Supported by all MBLers, including enthusiastic volunteers, and members from V&A childhood museum, this activity was held successfully. The big day was immersed into a festival atmosphere—the museum was decorated with various Chinese elements, such as paper cutting and flags. Teresa, who is the curator of the museum, told us it was the first time that V&A childhood museum organized activities involved with Chinese festival, which was warmly welcomed by western families.

The amazing performance given by London Chinese Guitar club, traditional Chinese dancers and the instrument player, as well as our brilliant workshop volunteers made our BIG day. The costume corner for Chinese minority clothes attracted many children and parents, acting as Chinese traditional roles. The lion dance, one of the most favorable shows this time, enables our audience to experience Chinese cultural closely. As to other workshops, ink painting, paper cutting, calligraphy and story telling, attendees were interested in it, which met interests of a couple of families.
The Chinese New Year celebration was grand and meaningful, both for cultural integration and communication. MBL believed and believes that activities like this enable western families to get insight into Chinese culture. We are also determined to strive to broadcast Chinese culture.


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Volunteer List: CHEN AnDi, DENG MingMin, DU WenBin, DU YaNan, LI JiaYing
LI Lu, Lucy Edwards, MA Joanna, Ting Ting, WEN Bin, WU Wei
WU Yin, Yan ShiHan, YANG XiaoZi, You HaoZhi,
YUAN ChengQinZi, Yuan HaoTong
Draft by Lu Li

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母爱桥志愿者与于丹教授分享 Tea Time

母爱桥志愿者与于丹教授分享 Tea Time

2月8号下午4:00-5:30pm,母爱桥志愿者与于丹教授分享’Tea Time’:




董海艺: “感谢于丹老师抽时间与我们进行发人深省的交流。席间老师对于人生不同阶段的感悟和体会对我们这些晚辈而言有着重要的启发作用。


李嘉颖SAYU: “感谢mbl和作家于丹老师安排的家庭见面会。邀请到于丹老师和我们面对面来聊人生,那气场和谈吐,真的听君一席话,胜读十念书。


Elaine: “MBL母爱桥慈善组织与于丹老师喝下午茶的机会让我弟一次形象地面对于丹老师。她是我见过最博学最出口成章的中国女性,引经据典,


Theresa: “很高兴能够参与这次的于丹老师见面会活动。于丹老师侃侃而谈的功底背后是数十年的文化修养和文学底蕴。席间老师对于中华文化的理解深深的


Melody: “于丹老师平易近人,笑容可掬的大家风范一下子拉近了我们与她的距离。沟通的过程中对于我们提出来的问题她都能够一一剖析,解答并且引申到深层次的哲学问题上,

MBL Chinese New Year Celebration at V&A Museum of Childhood, Thursday 19th Feb 2015!

Chinese New Year at V&A MOC

Great News!!! MBL is going to co-organize 2015 Spring Festival & Chinese New Year of 羊 yánɡ (Sheep, Goat,or Ram) Celebration at the V&A Museum of Childhood on Thursday 19th Feb, 10.00 – 16.00. There will be Chinese Culture workshops and performances all over the Marble Floor, Front Room Gallery, and Summerly Room! Please have a look at this stunning place: http://www.museumofchildhood.org.uk/corporate-and-private-hire/private-hire.

MBLChinese New Year Celebration Description:
-Front Room
10.00 -16.00 Mother Bridge of Love info stall & Chinese Snacks

-Marble Floor
13.15-13.30 Lion Dance (MBL)
13.30 -14.20 Music Traditional and modern (MBL)
14.30-14.40 London Hua Hsia Chinese School Dance Performance
15.00 -16.00 Traditional Chinese dance- Myths of Moon and Stars (MBL)

-Creativity Gallery
12.45-13.15 Storytelling (MBL)

-Optical Toys
11.00-16.00 Costumes /dressing up (MBL)

-Art Smarts
10.00-12.00 and 13.30-16.00 Chinese Shadow Firecracker workshop (AA’s)
11.00- 11.45 and 13.30-14.15 Paper cutting/folding (MBL)
12.00-12.45 and 14.30-15.15 Calligraphy/Ink painting (MBL)

-Hickory Room
10.45, 12.00, 14.15, 15.30, 16.15 New Year Monster Story (Yellow Earth Theatre Company) Free – sign up at info desk

-Mulberry Room
Miniature Book Making £5 per child 5-12 yrs – info desk

-Cole Room
11.30-11.50 and 15.00-15.20 Curator’s choice –exploring collections with Chinese connections – free

MBL has provided assistance, advice and educational/culture activities and events to families and organisations around the world, and has supported a number of disaster relief and educational projects in China, including MBL Library Project for children living in rural countryside areas in China.

MBL invites people from all over the world to support our work in building Bridges through education and culture!

For On-Line Charity Donation
Please use this link http://www.everyclick.com/mothersbridge

For making CHEQUE donation to MBL, please post your CHEQUE to MBL, 9 ORME COURT, LONDON, W2 4RL, UK

Please WIRE the money to The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL)
Sort Code: 400607
Account Number: 11453130
HSBC Bank, Russell Square Branch, 1 Woburn Place, Russell Square, London WC1H 0LQ,
IBAN No.: GB08MIDL40060711453130

Your support will enable MBL to organise more culture events/activities like this Chinese New Year Celebration at V&A Museum of Childhood, and meanwhile to improve the lives of Chinese children from country to country, village to village…

Thank You – XIE XIE NIN!

Special Christmas Greetings for Children with Special Needs—MBL Volunteers Home Christmas Event in Nanjing

Some MBL volunteers send their Greetings from MBL London Volunteers Video for MBL’s Christmas & New Year event for Children with Special Needs in Nanjing!

Would you like to volunteer at this event if you’re around Nanjing at that time? 
Or maybe you would like to send your warm greetings in various ways, like videos, drawings or paintings to children with special needs in China, whom MBL has been supporting?

On 20th Dec 2014, MBL Volunteer Home (Nanjing) together with some loving families and friends will celebrate the upcoming Christmas for those children with special needs at NingXin Sunshine Home. 

Engravings, lantern, micro basins and jelly wax…… Can you imagine all of them are made by children with special needs? When it comes to children with special needs, what kind of words will flash in your mind? Some people may think it can be a burden to look after them, some may think of love and caring. Today we would like everyone to think from another angle, their value as humanbeings!
If the God closes a door for you, he will definitely open you a window. What we should do, courageously look for that window, still hover in front of the closed door or bemoan the fate of injustice? More and more loving families are getting involved with us to help those children with special needs to find their own value. This is an extension of love from heart of you, me, and us.

Now let us deliver our care and love for those kids and confirm their value via their handiwork. Being courageous to change life, everyone has their potentials. Isn’t that the best present parents are able to give to their children.

Please send over your greetings and love for those kids in videos, drawings or paintings by Wednesday 17th Dec to MBL Volunteer Home Team leader ZHU Li: juliezhu34@hotmail.com

For supporting MBL with our projects of helping disabled children and building school libraries in minority and rural countryside in China, please make donation by visiting here:https://www.mothersbridge.org/donate/
Or by using this link: http://www.everyclick.com/mothersbridge.

天天TianTian is making a Jelly Wax inside of glass.

TianTian described herself as: “good memory, a little extra pounds, wearing glasses, warm hearted, well behaved”. Once she’s joining a play of 《Snow White》, and her role was the Queen. TianTian was practising the scripts and action everyday in front of the mirror…in order to play well of her role:)

欣宇 January in Nanjing, it’s quite cold and all the leaves are falling, we need some colourful things in this season.

XinYu’s teacher told MBL volunteers: “In their eyes, beauty is everywhere! Once XinYu asked me: “Hi Ms, can I have a piece of paper please?”. I gave him A4 paper, and he started drawing houses, green trees, and little mountains… Then XinYun asked for more papers, and he drew so many houses, green trees, and little mountains”

圣诞节活动主题 涵涵 HanHan is making a painting by using beans…

HanHan’s teacher told MBL volunteers that…
“Happiness for them is so simply and easy to find…Once, Hanhan pointed at a bag in my hand, and asked: “Ms, is this a lolly pop? I also like them”. Then I gave one to her, and she smiled with so much happiness. Since then, every time when HanHan saw me, she kept on telling me like she’s just eating a lolly pop: “Ms, you gave me a lolly pop before…it’s really sweet…enen…so yummy”


果果GuoGuo is a huge fan of bowknot, and she loves making them and wearing them. She looks so happy when she’s surrounded by those colourful bowknots.

纸浆画-中国Chinese Map made by Paper Pulp

纸浆画-爱的礼物This painting is called ‘The present of Love’ which is made from paper pulp.


果冻蜡—圣诞气氛 果冻蜡—缤纷世界Jelly wax

豆画-心心相印A nice Double Hearts painting made from beans.

豆画-小海豚A lovely Dolphin painting made from beans

串珠01String of beads



Some event photos on the day:

DSC_0135 DSC_0140 (1) DSC_0149 (1) DSC_0151 DSC_0155 (1)

DSC_0157 (1) DSC_0158 DSC_0163 DSC_0166 DSC_0191 DSC_0207 DSC_0212 DSC_0215DSC_0216 DSC_0217 DSC_0220 DSC_0222 DSC_0225DSC_0232 DSC_0235 DSC_0236 DSC_0237 DSC_0243 DSC_0249 DSC_0258 DSC_0261 DSC_0262 DSC_0266DSC_0285 DSC_0288 DSC_0289 DSC_0304 DSC_0314 DSC_0325 DSC_0328 DSC_0348 DSC_0352


MBL and London Chinese Guitar Club (LCGC) December 2014

MBL is aiming to create bridges of understanding between China and the West, MBL is dedicated to support diverse overseas Chinese societies in the UK. As what you familiar with that we have introduced many Chinese elements, including Kungfu, paper-cutting and calligraphy. We hope more and more Chinese children who were adopted by western families and who were grown up in Western countries, those Chinese people who live and work in the UK, and westerners who are interested in China and Chinese culture could have the opportunity to enjoy Chinese music in the UK, and we are proud to be leading this effort.


Here, MBL is pleased to announce the start of our co-operation with the London Chinese Guitar Club (LCGC) – we believe you still remember their incredible performance at our 10th Anniversary Celebration. The LCGC is the first guitar club based in London open for Mandarin speakers. It consists of monthly events, which are carrying out in London. All its artists are handpicked among many Chinese professionals and students in the UK, which is a real club for passionate Chinese music fans. They are playing and singing familiar euphonic Chinese and international songs in the UK!


MBL has been supporting LCGC with few events in 2014.








YANG Mi[杨幂yáng mì](Know more about YANG Mi, please click HERE ),she is a very famous Chinese actress and singer. This time, she came to London as the ambassador of the China International Film Festival London 2014. In addition to this, YANG Mi attended her FanMeeting at UCL, meanwhile, she and the KONG XiangXi who is the chairman of China International Film Festival London Presented 1800 pounds to MBL at the end of this FanMeeting event.
YANG Mi cares about children and female issue, and she would like to contribute her effort to support MBL. She just gave birth to a baby girl and become a mother in this June. YANG Mi also said when she pregnant, she was told her baby girl’s heart is a bit small. She mentioned, ‘Now my daughter is alright and heathy, however I will never forget the painful feeling. Therefore I understand if how important a baby means to a entire family’.

Event Facebook Link, please click HERE

Time/Date Sun 7 Dec 2014, 1:30PM – 3:30PM
Venue University College London (UCL)Cruciform LT1Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
Attendees Chairman of MBL trustees: Toby EadyMBL trustee: Ching-He HUANGMBL Team Leader: XIAO LiMBL Volunteers:CUI ZheBIAN YuanYU WenLingMA YaWei



WU You(Photographer)

Apologies YAN Ye (was late)


Time Activity Participants
13:15 arrived, and prepared MBL Leader XIAO Li  and MBL Volunteers
13:30 – 15:00 Fans admission
15:00 – 15:30 Warming-up Host: DU HaiTao
15:30 – 16:20 Interaction with YANG Mi:1.     YANG Mi gives speech2.     Interactive games3.     Asking questions to YANG Mi4.     Video showing YANG MiHost: DU HaiTao and fans
16:20-16:25 Specific process of donation activity(Photos will be illustrated below) Xiao Li & Toby & Ching Accepted the donation chequeToby Awarded YANG Mi the certificateChing Awarded KONG XiangXi the certificateXIAO Li Giving gift to YANG Mi,KONG XiangXi (Echo bag, book, T-shirt)

IMG_2708Event venue

DSC_0260Xiao Li & Toby & Ching Accepted the donation cheque (From left to right: XIAO Li; HUANG Ching-He; Toby Eady; YANG Mi; KONG XiangXi)


IMG_2839Toby Awarded YANG Mi the certificate (Toby, YANG Mi)


无标题1Ching Awarded KONG XiangXi the certificate (Ching, Toby, KONG XiangXi)


IMG_2812Toby spoke (Toby, YANG Mi)


IMG_2830Ching spoke


IMG_9304IMG_2835XIAO Li was introducing MBL (XIAO Li, Ching, CUI Zhe, Toby, YANG Mi,DU HaiTao)


IMG_9282 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_9317XIAO Li Giving gift to YANG Mi,KONG XiangXi (Echo bag, book, T-shirt)



无标题3MBL Volunteer CUI Zhe was translating (XIAO Li, Ching, CUI Zhe, Toby, YANG Mi,DU HaiTao)


IMG_9306MBL team photo with YANG Mi at the donation ceremony (Top row: CUI Zhe, XIAO Li, Ching, Toby, KONG XiXiang, YANG Mi, DU HaiTao; Down row: BIAN Yuan, YU WenLing,YAN Ye, MA YaWei, ZHANG TianYun,WU You, Bai Lu)


IMG_9303MBL Leader XIAO Li and MBL volunteers family photo (CUI Zhe, MA YaWei, BIAN Yuan, YU WenLing,ZHANG TianYun, YAN Ye, XIAO Li;  Front: WU You)


Reported by MBL Volunteer MA YaWei

MBL Children Centre Thanksgiving Workshop November 2014

Thanksgiving Workshop’s Schedule


11 am: arrive in Nanjing

11am-12pm: launch

12pm-14pm: set up workshop:

–         upload video online

–         preparing box for turkey recipe

–         preparing video for song

–         preparing gifts ( a few candies or chocolate bars)

–         prepare the thanksgiving cards

14 pm: welcoming and introduction (10-15 mins)

14.15: show Thanksgiving video to the kids to explain what Thanksgiving is (5 mins)

14.20: TURKEY ACTIVITY – explain what is the turkey tradition and the recipe to make it. Kids will learn the English name of simple ingredients (e.g.: salt, pepper, tomato, oil, vegetables) and kitchen staff (e.g.: oven, knife, fork, etc..) . They will be divided in 2 groups. The two groups have to be able to recognise which ingredients are correct for the recipe and their correct order (40 mins)

15.00: SONG ACTIVITY – play a song and the kids divided in 2 groups have to guess the right words of the lyrics (25 mins)

15.25: kids can write on the Thanksgiving letter whom they want to say thanks to and we will help them with the English (30mins).

15.55: we can have some snacks and drink something together to finish up before leaving

16.00: Thank everyone for attending the workshop !



–         computer with wifi acess

–         video projector

–         2 boxes (to make it look like a turkey)

–         pens, pencils and papers

–         Thanksgiving cards

–         Some candies and chocolate bars to give as price

–        DSC_0126 DSC_0127 DSC_0128 DSC_0129 DSC_0130 DSC_0131 DSC_0133 DSC_0135 DSC_0140 DSC_0141 DSC_0142 DSC_0145 (1) DSC_0145 DSC_0148 DSC_0149 DSC_0157 DSC_0159 (1) DSC_0159 DSC_0161 DSC_0162 DSC_0163 DSC_0166 DSC_0173 DSC_0179 DSC_0180 DSC_0183 DSC_0188 DSC_0189 DSC_0190 DSC_0193 DSC_0196 DSC_0197 DSC_0200 DSC_0201 DSC_0203 DSC_0204 DSC_0205 DSC_0208 DSC_0211 DSC_0213 DSC_0214 DSC_0215 (1) DSC_0215 DSC_0219 DSC_0223 DSC_0224 DSC_0225 DSC_0229 DSC_0231 DSC_0237 DSC_0240 a couple of juices and some chips to finish up

MBL volunteer SU XiaoMeng’s Charity Fundraising Cycling around the UK September 2014

A special volunteer showed up on MBL’s 10th anniversary! Apart from the Martial Art performance, he is supported by MBL for fundraising cycling to Scotland in the coming September. Xiaomeng Su, a Chinese cyclist who has been cycling for over 8000 miles in three years within UK, wish to show his personal support and raise fund for the Chinese children in need via this simple and sustainable way. Both Xiaomeng and MBL would like to pursue opportunities of education and future development for Chinese Children in rural area. This simple and meaningful cycling tour is a way to explore, it is also a way back to love and help!

We are calling bicycle companies,  cycling facilities companies and sportwear companies to be our honored supporters, and we are also calling passionate cyclers who would like to join XiaoMeng!

For further information about supporting Xiaomeng’s cycling, please email at: headoffice@mothersbridge.org.  




10600438_682228951852727_2295585312781698113_n-2 10613128_682229081852714_280810994116248781_n

Alice’s Volunteering Experience with MBL in Nanjing, China 2014

Alice is going to Oxford University to do her BA Chinese Studies, she also got scholarship from Oxford University.


At 21th and 27th September, MBL Nanjing Children Centre team leads by ZHU Li, PAN ZhiGang and XIONG Qian,  invited Alice to a talk event, in oder to share her experience and answered questions for these parents who would like to send their children to UK for further education.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA800-600.e7d4dfc79dab88da2f54aa99fd99fc5120093c74_whjt_59.920adf800-600.8a658e3c859a10dc76cb054980e91a176c0550e8_whjt_59.72afbf





800-600.83e4ac48c5a6b22d04e8a7d88a115154e3822602_whjt_59.da3cf1800-600.2a1fba84d31bc74378e3b4c9e8b81d83017cb1a8_whjt_59.83a041P9275332 P9275340 P9275342 P9275344




Alice also went to Special Needs School to meet, play, and teach the children there!

Some training courses on how to teach children with special needs.

PIC_20150421_031219_E0D PIC_20150421_031201_F12


Teaching and playing with children…look how concentrate Alice was, and how happy the children were with Alice!

PIC_20150421_031242_7EE PIC_20150421_031325_C71 PIC_20150421_031313_244 PIC_20150421_031318_62F PIC_20150421_031249_F00 PIC_20150421_031332_6A7 PIC_20150421_031339_B59 PIC_20150421_031349_F3A



Pastry baking workshop for local kids.

PIC_20150421_031555_4F5 PIC_20150421_031549_139 PIC_20150421_031608_040 PIC_20150421_031601_6B7



Alice’s volunteering at Children Culture Centre, and meanwhile attending some Chinese culture workshops there.

PIC_20150421_031435_CE1 PIC_20150421_031623_9A3 PIC_20150421_031529_D54 PIC_20150421_031423_74A PIC_20150421_031405_101 PIC_20150421_031419_769 PIC_20150421_031452_930 PIC_20150421_031504_5DB


MBLers in Suzhou



Suzhou, a city in South China famous for its beautiful classic gardens and handicrafts.


Two of our MBL volunteers have just started their one-year adventure in Suzhou, and they are recording their exciting life on a blog.

Italian natives, London adoptees, travel lovers currently based in Suzhou, China. Sharing our experiences over a year living,loving and working in Suzhou ! Welcome to our blog!

Here are some of their posts, for the latest update, visit their blog Home in Suzhou.

From their blog sharing, MBL would love to introduce some traditional Chinese elements to you. Please see original text below:

10 Sep


Shooting a documentary at the Master of Nets Garden/网师园

Last week we assisted for the first time at the shooting of a documentary at the Master of Nets Garden 网师园 made by our company, Suzhou Media Culture Communication or 梅地亚. We were there by the very early morning and the absence of tourists and the quite of the place helped to create a magic atmosphere. The site is unbelievably scenic as you can see from the pictures below.


MBL Academy: Suzhou is China’s well-known “city of gardens”, which tops all others in both the number (nearly 200) and the artistry of gardens. Gardening is one of the important types of architectural art, and the art of gardening has undergone a history of 1,500 years. These gardens have their own characteristics in layout, structure and style. The essence of garden is to construct beautiful surroundings by designing all the elements -mountain, water, path, indoor decoration, in a harmonious and organic way. 



(indoor decoration)


9 Sep

Asking information in Suzhou: a must do



One of the things people don’t tell you about Suzhou is how ridiculously funny can get asking information in the street. …
Here is as it goes (in Suzhou): you walk on the street and get lost -it happens all the time because most of the street don’t have names or they only have Chinese characters, which you might try to deal with but will find yourself giving up very easily- and decide to approach someone showing them the address which you trying to find. So let the show begin: you choose someone- usually young because, naively, you assume they might speak a little English- and start walking towards that person who will immediately understand you’re trying to engage in a sort of communication.  Their faces start to become worried because they know that you won’t give up that easily, which you don’t. So, after having finally stopped that misfortunate person, you try for at least 5 minutes to pronounce in a decent way those two words that you can remember….
So, if you’re thinking of asking people any sort of information be prepared because it might take a while but it will also be fun!
MBL Academy: In China, the popularisation of English is still limited, especially in some small cities, which they have their deep-rooted culture and local dialect. You will find it is difficult to find English show in Street names or menu. Normally, international travellers cannot pronounce the Chinese street names correctly even they “knew”. Thus, the moment when international tourists are asking local people direction is always funny and time consuming, sometimes finally, you even cannot get a right direction by misunderstanding in communication.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 / 中秋节


Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Chinese Moon Festival, takes place on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest version. This is one of the two most important occasions in the Chinese calendar (the other being the Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year) and it is an official holiday. This year we celebrated on September 8 and China public holidays lasted for three days. This is the time of the year for families to be together. The traditional food for mid-autumn festival is the moon cake which is round and symbolises reunion.

9 mooncake
Celebration of Mid-autumn festival has a long history since when the emperors had the tradition of worshiping the Sun in spring, and the Moon in autumn.
MBL Academy: Mooncake (simplified Chinese: 月饼traditional Chinese月餅pinyinyuè bĭng) is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节,Zhōng qiū jié). The festival is intricately linked to the legends of Chang E (嫦娥,cháng é), the mythical Moon Goddess of ImmortalityTypical mooncakes are round pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 3–4 cm thick. 
Read More on:
Home in Suzhou