Chinese New Year 2017, Celebrating China’s Diversity with MBL

On 11th February 2017 MBL successfully held its annual Chinese Spring Festival celebration at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London. The event attracted more than seven thousand visitors from a range of European countries to experience all that Chinese culture has to offer and join in the new year festivities. All who participated, no matter their background, fully enjoyed what the event had to offer from Chinese painting and storytelling to paper-folding and crafting.


All the volunteers

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Our volunteers worked tirelessly to deliver fun and imaginative workshops celebrating Chinese culture to our guests. At the painting stand Rui Yun 小夕 delivered a masterclass in the styles and patterns attributed to Chinese art. Her teaching, along with the invaluable assistance of others such as Julie and Eric Cai, was so good that all of the children present left with beautifully drawn and coloured Beijing Opera masks! Particularly popular were the dazzling costumes on display at the storytelling workshop which represented all the different peoples who make up China. All who watched were given the chance to wear these costumes and transform themselves into elegant and beautiful princesses or strong and brave Kung Fu warriors straight out of an ancient Chinese storybook. This special occasion would no doubt have given many parents some fantastic photographs to show friends and family. Finally, Jing Yi 静怡 led a wonderful class in paper-folding and crafting. Sat along two long tables, groups of children and adults alike followed her instructions and before too long were producing Chinese lanterns representing the new year celebration and many more fantastic creations. The class proved such a success that by the end most were reluctant to leave!

In addition to the visual highlights visitors were also treated to some great musical performances. Pan Tong, Ting Ting and friends, all of whom represent the teenagers of MBL, played beautiful compositions on the guzheng and keyboard drawing our audience to the sounds of traditional China. Master Huang Xu followed this by introducing our guests to the Chinese tea ceremony and its value in Chinese society. Last, but by no means least, Yoyo and Ping performed their Kung Fu and Fan Dance respectively bringing a close to a highly memorable day of festivities and celebration.


Guzheng performer:Tong Pan


Tea ceremony:Xun Huang


Kongfu performer:Yuyu


Taichi performer:Ping Ling


Orzu Arts Theatre Group was invited to be part of the main show and they lived up to every expectation. A very interesting combination of singing and dancing in colourful costumes and upbeat music was staged: the singing and dancing are from Chinese ethnic areas as well as China’s bordering countries through the Silk Road: Tibet, Turkmenistan, Uzbek, Kazakh.

A variety of traditional and popular acts such as Guzheng, Kung Fu, Tai Chi were also performed by our own talented volunteers, Linping, Youyou, Tingting and Tongtong. A tea ceremony was also provided by a volunteer’s company Capacitea, they also kindly donated all their proceeds to MBL at the end of the event. Story telling took place in a separate area, our volunteer Dingding applied her education study to great use. The main show was capably managed by our colleague at MOC Anne and Linping, our own volunteer team leader.


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The MBL V&A Museum of Childhood was a resounding success. The number of visitors is more than 2600 on the 11th Feburary.As one of our supporters put it, ‘I had a lovely time at the V&A. It was the first time we worked together and there will certainly be a lot room for us to improve. We hope to be able to cooperate more with MBL for future events.’ It was a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm volunteers’ display on a continual basis. Without our kind volunteers and sponsors offering their time and effort, this event would never have been able to succeed. Thus, MBL sends our great thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers and trustees for devoting your time and energy. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Heartfelt thanks to all volunteers:Yintong,Ping Ling,Julie,Zhigang Pan,Zhihao Chen,Heling,Cai,Yu Yang,Ziyang Zhang,Jingyi Chen,Pingting Lin, Weiwen Wang,Wenjun Ding,Ruiyun He,Yutong Jin,Wenwen Xie,Xun Huang.

MBL Mid-Autumn Festival at V&A Museum of Childhood

MBL Mid-Autumn Festival at V&A Museum of Childhood

Mid-Autumn Festival 09272015-final

MBL Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival has successfully launched at V&A Museum of Childhood on Sunday, 27th September 2015. As one of the biggest Chinese traditional festivals held in UK, MBL has brilliantly attracted more than 1400 national friends to visit this event, most of whom are from different European countries with various cultural backgrounds, but it does not fade out their passion to engage with Chinese traditional activities. Without those kind volunteers and sponsors offering their efforts, this event can never succeed. Thus, MBL send our sincere thanks to all our sponsors, volunteers and trustees for devoting your time and energy.


Our workshops are involved with paper-folding, Chinese calligraphy, storytelling and minorities costume dressing-up. Each workshop was responded by one leader who demonstrated and taught children how to practice properly, and several assistants who walked around the workshop to offer individual help.

One of our workshop leader Rennie is mainly responded in the area of calligraphy. Under her patient demonstration through hand by hand, all of children were able to write down their names at the end of the session with the help from other assistants, like Mehta Neha, TANG Lai etc. Other great work could see by storytelling workshop. A Romantic mythological story Chang’E Soaring to the Moon was told over storytelling sessions. The group leader ZHANG YuYang with her emotional voice portrayed a beauty called Chang’E, lived eternally with a rabbit on the moon. This story kept children concentrating, imaging and laughing. The smiles reflected their inner happiness which make MBL strongly believe that this event had been created enjoyable memory among those children.

Minorities costume dressing-up attracted both girls and boys pulling their parents toward the colorful dresses they have never seen before. The moment they saw totally different themselves in the mirror, they were amazed. Some of them were as elegant as princess while some of them were like Master of Kungfu. The Parents were busy taking photos of the kids dancing, jumping, running around and playing Kungfu.

IMGT0176 IMGT0179

Paper-folding/cutting workshop led by WANG HaiYun (Rosa) offered a fantastic opportunity for kids to enhance their craft skills. Groups of families sat at two sides of long tables, following the instruction of demonstrator and learning from each other. Within 10 minutes, children made out many small paper lanterns in red, yellow, green, which were perfect souvenirs for them. Because of kids’ strong desires, demonstrator had to teach them more, such as making the kitty face. Participants were obsessed and reluctant to leave.


The performance at the afternoon brought audience a great acoustic meal. Pan Tong, Ting Ting and her friends, who represent the young teenagers in MBL, played one piece of Guzheng and one piece of keyboard. Master Cheng Yu, played three classical Pipa pieces and taught children to sing along with. YANG XiaoRong sang one Kun Qu and one well-known song Shui Diao Ge Tou, it is a Chinese classic song of eulogizing moon on mid-autumn festival. We also had a young Chinese man called Yao TianYi to sing to beautiful Chinese pop song. Lastly, performance turned to modern Chinese pop-music display, sang by Chinese Guitar club with Tommy and his band mates Priscilla and Elton.


The MBL V&A Museum of Childhood was a resounding success. As one of our supporter put it. “I had a lovely time at V&A and it was the first time we worked together and there will certainly be a lot room for us to improve. We hope to be able to cooperate more with MBL from future events. ” It was a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm volunteers’ display on a continual basis. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Please allow me express our thankfulness to our sponsors:

Snowflake Books, UK Chinese Contemporary Music Association, Guanghwa Bookshop, TianJin-Business Association, UK Chinese Ensemble Society, and Chinese Emporium.

If you would like to help the kids who are in need of better education, please encourage us. Every little helps from you means a lot for children in poverty.

Donation can be paid:

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Thank you very much on behalf of MBL and those children from village to village!

MBL Head Office

Drafted by MBL volunteers HE RuiYun (何瑞云) and Chloé YANG (杨晶晶)

*The funds and donations that MBL makes from this event are to support MBL “Books For Kids” project and our operations.

IMGT0206 中秋 - Copy


MBL Books For Kids Project – Donation Day Report

MBL Books For Kids Project – Donation Day Report


On the 20th September, MBL volunteers had set for the town of Lianyungang to donate materials as part of its ongoing “Book For Kids” Project. 22 volunteers traveled, to stay for two days at the town of Lianyungang. They took with them a large of number of books and products to help the children’s education in the town.

The volunteers then went to the TuHe village to meet the young beneficiaries of the donations and to engage with them on a personal level. The two days were a magnificent success!

All in all, MBL volunteers had brought with them…

  • 2580 Books
  • 18 Library desks and sets of matching chairs
  • 6 Custom bookcases
  • 8 Heaters
  • Maps, globes and sound systems

This would the first in many events that will bring the Book For Kids Project alive for the poor villages in China. MBL were able to make a great impact and help change these children’s lives. The successes will continue!

Below are the experiences and insights by three of MBL’s Western volunteers who had assisted on the Donation Day. They are Valentina from Italy, Aurore from France and Annabel from the UK. All three had helped MBL tremendously and had learned much from the day. Their experiences will highlight the importance of MBL’s Book for Kids Project.

Editor – Sheak-Asif Hussain 胡风夫

image029 image046

What MBL volunteers say…(from Annabel Lawrence, Aurore Bois, and Valentina Rigoni)

I can’t believe that I am writing this on my penultimate day in Nanjing. From the get-go this has been one of the most stimulating and formative experiences I have ever had! I leave with no doubt that this is just the beginning of what will come to be many more encounters between myself and the dedicated team here at MBL.


I arrived in China three weeks ago and spent my first week in Shanghai teaching at Wellington College International. This was my first time in the bubbling metropolis and it didn’t fail to impress! Waiting to watch the sun set over the city at 474m high from the infamous ‘bottle top’, shopping in various silk markets and eating a multitude of street foods were just some of my favorite moments.


After Shanghai, I took the bullet train to Nanjing where I was to spend 2 weeks volunteering with MBL. This superfast train travels faster than 300 km/h; I wish trains in the UK would travel this quickly!


During my time with MBL I was involved in a variety of different activities. Without a doubt, my personal highlight of this trip was working with MBL’s ‘Books for Kids’ project. On this day, along with Frank and his MBL team, I visited a primary school here in Nanjing who have been collecting donations for the project which we were to take at the weekend to Lianyungang. It was fascinating for me to see the differences between primary schools here in the China and back in the UK; the class sizes were so big and the children were so well behaved!

在南京,我参与了很多MBL的活动。毫无疑问,让我感受最深的是参与了“BOOKS FOR KIDS”项目中的一些活动。这也是我这次来华体验的最大亮点。周二,我和Frank Pan以及MBL中国团队访问了南京的一所小学,这所小学为连云港的贫困学校募捐书籍。周末去贫困的乡村,把书给哪里的孩子们。这对我来说是非常有意义的,让我看到了中国学校的差异,以及班级规模和英国的极大差异,但是中国的学生表现非常出色!

image003 image005 image007

It wasn’t until the following Sunday though, that I truly realized the true necessity of the B4K project. At 6:30am I, along with 29 MBL volunteers, started to load the bus with heating supplies, stereos, desks,bookcase,atlases and over 2500 books that were going to travel the 300km with us to Lianyungang.


Upon arrival, I was struck by how different this little rural school was from the primary school I had visited earlier in the week; there was no athletics track nor calligraphy room, no gardens nor ponds. The playground consisted of two broken basketball nets, the classrooms housed wooden desks and chairs which for the most part were broken, the two dormitories each 45 meters squared,each housing 40 children, one for girls and one for boys. Liners made of bamboo were used in lieu of mattresses and there were often three children sleeping on a single bunk. The importance of what we could achieve if we were to give these children books became very apparent to me.


However, It’s no use having books but nowhere to put them! So, we built a library; we built bookshelves, tables and chairs so as to make our new library as best a learning environment as possible. As someone who has never even built IKEA flatpack furniture this was quite a challenge! By the end of Sunday evening we had build libraries in both the schools we were visiting. We filled them full of the books from MBL donations and donned the walls with posters. It was then time to get some rest before meeting the children who would use our library the following day


image017 image019

On Monday we returned to the school for their flag raising ceremony in which the principal thanked MBL for all their time and effort and in which Frank encouraged the children to use their new books to further their own education. This flag raising ceremony was a new experience for me; watching over 600 children marching in step and saluting perfectly in time was quite a sight! I was then asked to teach an English lesson to 60 8 year-olds. They picked up the new material very quickly and the whole lesson was incredibly rewarding. The two days in Lianyungang emphasized to me the huge disparity in educational opportunities in China and the tremendous amount of work that still needs to go into overcoming this gap.

周一我们再次来到学校,参加了升旗仪式。校长感谢母爱桥志愿者团队的付出和努力。Frank Pan再一次的强调帮助孩子们用好新书,引导孩子们更多的阅读来满足对知识的渴望。升旗仪式对我来说是一个全新的体验,有超过600个孩子在同一时间集中到操场上来游行,看上去是那么的整齐和有纪律!之后我给孩子们上英语课,我问是怎样的班级,被告知是超过60个年龄在8岁左右孩子的班级。这是一个巨大的挑战,但是学生们很守纪律并十分配合我的教学,他们很快拿出新书,这个课堂看起来非常完美。两天的连云港之行,我感受到中国教育机会的巨大差距,这点必须被强调,还有很多大量的工作等着我们去努力缩小这样的差距。

The rest of the time I have spent in Nanjing has either been working in the MBL offices where I have helped to make English podcasts, teaching a new word or phrase every day, or touring the beautiful sights this city has to see.

I have spent two days at Ningxin disability home where I taught the children English nursery rhythms and sat in on their lessons. I also spend a day at a children’s orphanage with an Australian family whose adopted daughter comes from Nanjing. It was the first time she had returned to China since being adopted at the age of 3 and it was the first time she met the family who fostered her until her adoption. My day in the orphanage opened up my eyes to some of the social problems facing china as well as highlighting the importance of MBL’s aim to reunite birth and adoptive cultures.


我花了两天的时间在宁馨残疾人中心帮助工作。我给他们上英语课,唱儿歌,打节奏,做活动。我还花了一天的时间,与一个来自澳大利亚的家庭一起参观了孤儿院,这是他们养女之前的家,来自南京孤儿院。这是他们养女3岁被领养之后,第一次回到中国。我在孤儿院里,看见了中国面临的社会问题,体会到MBL BOOK FOR KIDS项目中的生养文化、寻根团聚的重要性和迫切性!

Throughout my time in Nanjing, I have been made to feel so welcome. I would like to thank Tinting and her family for hosting me throughout my stay, for the most amazing array of breakfasts I have ever seen and for bearing with me when I didn’t understand what was going on!


Thank you to the MBL volunteers who made our trip to Lianyungang such a success, thank you to Jenny for being such a wonderful tour guide, thank you to everybody who works in the MBL office for being so kind, generous and feeding me with so much fruit! I have loved my time with you.

Thank you to Julie and Xiao Li for helping me to organize this entire trip, without you both this would not have been possible, and finally, thank you Frank. For showing me the real China, for explaining many intricacies of Chinese cultures, for our stimulating evening conversations on Chinese society, for taking me to eat in the most amazing local places and for showing me how much you believe in the work MBL does, thank you.

感谢这次母爱桥志愿活动,去连云港捐赠是非常的成功。感谢珍妮一个出色的陪伴,感谢每个人在MBL办公室如此努力的工作,善良,慷慨分享时间、爱和水果。感谢朱莉和肖莉小姐帮我组织整个旅行,没有你们,这将是不可能实现的体验。最后谢谢Frank Pan,给我展示一个真实的中国、解释复杂的中国文化、关于中国的谈话、分享当地精彩的小吃、和对MBL事业的热忱。

MBL’s unwavering determination to improve the educational opportunities for poor Chinese children as well as your desire to teach more children English is inspiring. I leave Nanjing in the hope that I too, through working with MBL, will be able to make a difference to the lives of these children. MBL’s work is truly amazing, thank you for letting me be a part of it.


image013 image033 image035 image039

Valentina’s Report

Since I was a child, my parents would read stories to me every evening after the dinner and before sleeping. My two sisters and I always cherished those moments. We fought for having a better look of the images printed on the book so not to miss any part of the ‘holy story. Maybe that’s why even still now, I can’t sleep before reading at least one page of a book. From this habit I’ve learned so much from books. including the Chinese language!. I strongly believe books can help people to be better educated, open minded, helping us to understand other people and the world around us.

Two years ago, I discovered the charity Mothers Bridge of Love. I’m so happy to be engaged as a volunteer because I want to improve the bridge between Chinese and Western culture. Here in China, Mother’s Bridge of Love has helped me so much, it’s like another family for me.

I took part in the amazing project called ‘Books for Kids’. First, we packed around 900 books in one week in MBL’s office. Then, with MBL’s other volunteers we went to the poor countryside area for two days. I got the impression that we were to enter into the ‘real’ China. Not the China with a lot of light and nightclubs, but the China who are struggling to get out the poverty. I really loved the way we were greeted to the village: a red banniere on the main door to welcome us!

On Sunday, we arrived at two different schools and helped to build libraries there. It was very interesting for me to see the dormitory where kids sleep without even a mattress. Likewise I liked to watch the playgrounds where I tried to figure out what kind of games the children played.

Then on Monday I taught an English class to the children with my colleague, Valentina. I was struck by the fact that there were so many children in the class. And also that their English level was so good, perhaps even better than French children at the same age!

I asked the children to read a text after me and they all shouted the English words with such a great clarity! Though, when I asked a little girl a question she was so shy that even though I was beside her it was difficult to hear her! The difference of the voice intensity between when they are in a group and when alone in front of everybody struck me a lot. The children need more confidence boosting because they have a great talent that has to nurtured.

Of course, it’s always difficult to measure the real impact of what we’ve done to the two schools. It’s as Xinran said, we are all only a drop of water to China’s great ocean! However, I’m firmly convinced that what we’ve done was really important not only for these children but for the whole China.

I know the children will enjoy reading these books. I hope these books will allow them to increase their latent abilities and reach their dreams! Maybe they will event fight each other to read the Harry Potter books first!

I once read a story  about a lady who liked returning starfish back into the ocean from a beach that had many of them stranded. A man arrived and asked her why she was doing that. He said her actions were useless because she will not be able to put all the starfish into the sea again. And the lady replied that it does not matter whether it is useful or useless but that the difference is made in the starfish that could continue on living, that was enough. Volunteering in this project was exactly like that.

image023 image025 image027

I am Valentina, an Italian MBLer who is currently living in Suzhou, China. I joined MBL four years ago after I found into “Good Women of China”, one of Xinran’s outstanding reportages on Chinese culture. After living in London for five years I decided to experience China myself, therefore I now reside in Suzhou, working and studying Mandarin. It has been an amazing life-changing experience so far.

On September 20th and 21st I took part in an amazing project with MBL’s Nanjing office, aimed at donating educational material to two schools located at a village in the countryside of Lianyungang, five hours outside of Nanjing. “Books for Kids” is the project by which the MBL group delivered school material, such as desks and bookshelves, and kids’ books to children in the Tuhe village. After setting up the libraries on Sunday 20th, we assisted at the inauguration ceremony, which took place on Monday 21st. The ceremony featured speeches from the schools’ representatives as well as from MBL’s coordinators. Afterwards, an English class took place, where I had the opportunity to interact with the students. Following lunch with the schools’ staff we departed from the village and made our way back to Nanjing.

This opportunity was a great lesson for me. Not only did I have the chance to see new places, completely different from the city of Suzhou that I am used to, but I was also able to face a different reality. Those kids and teachers face a daily struggle to further their educational level, learning with the right quality of material. However this didn’t strike me as much as the fullness of enthusiasm from the children when it came to taking part in the English class.

What I saw in those schools made me realise that, after all, there are still things that can’t be bought or fabricated, such as the passion and interest that drives you to achieve your goals or your passions. What we gave to those children are just the tools to achieve their goals, but they already possess the fundamental ones, curiosity, fervour and eagerness to succeed.

I consider myself a really lucky person, because I have been given the opportunity to experience a different reality from my daily life. It taught me something that will stay with me for a long time. I wish to thank MBL for that, because thanks to all the MBLers involved this project was successfully delivered.

image021 image025 image031 image037 image043

The Junior Chinese Summer School Programme

11013598_995092840566335_504988808793863056_n 11831657_995092857233000_4138256638444889638_n

The Junior Chinese Summer School Programme has successfully completed by 25th July in Mayfield, East Sussex. MBL team and Xinran with many adotive families attended this programme to spread Chinese culture and get close to each other. We would like to thank Robin, Maria and their daughter Isabella for the delicious meals and the accommodation offer. And we appreciate our supporter and her family for hosting a fantastic dinner for MBLers. Thank you very much indeed for all your kindness.

In this programme, our volunteers from Mother’s Bridge of Love have witnessed the strong bond of love between western parents and Chinese adoptees. We set up stalls selling books about China and Chinese traditional decorations. The major work of MBLers was to talk with parents, getting to know their life with Chinese adoptees. MBLers also held a Chinese minorities fashion try on session. The children were dressed with Chinese minorities’ costumes such as Dai, Miao, Meng Gu and etc. And Xinran gave a talk in Mayfield School about the role of woman today in China and her new book “Buy Me the Sky” which reveals the effect of one-child policy to Chinese society. The audience were touched and also showed great support to Mother’s Bridge of Love. Our project “Books for Kids” has greatly attracted groups of parents who regularly take their children back to China every year. Different from the normal vacation, “Books for Kids” offers western children a unique opportunity to gain a deep insight of Chinese family, class and countryside. With MBL team, they would take a part in all the activities including packing and sending books, building local libraries and etc.

11825199_995094080566211_4125499563015540232_n 11836748_995093833899569_5406796878601621082_n

This experience was very enjoyable. People were amazed that the lovely little girls with minorities’ costumes were just as beautiful as models in T stage. The parents and MBLers were busy taking photos hoping to remember this moment forever. One of the volunteers was really touched. She said ” Having deep communications with the parents, I found that to improve the children’s Mandarin, the parents positively seek Chinese summer courses or Chinese personal tutors. This is inspiring that they constantly remind their beloved children of Chinese culture and their identities as Chinese offspring. Their love is generous and selfless.”

If you would like to help those kids who are in need of better education or you are looking forward to exploring Chinese culture, please encourage us and do not hesitate to contact us. Every little help from you means a lot for children in poverty.

Donation can be paid:
– On-Line Payment, please use this link… and please leave your name and email address, and also put “MBL Dragon Boat” “MBL Dragon Boat: name of the paddler you are sponsoring” in the donation comment box
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Account Name:The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL)
Account Number:11453130
Sort Code: 400607
IBAN: GB08MIDL40060711453130
Thank you very much on behalf of MBL and those children from village to village!
MBL Head Office

The melodies of love and joy from the deepest heart


Congratulations on consummation of the Chinese concert “ Melodies from the Heart” performed by Huaxia Traditional Music Orchestra of China Conservatory on 21st August in London Centre Hall of Westminster. Mother’s Bridge of Love, as the only official charity partner, has cooperated successfully with organizers to build this music bridge between the west and China.


11887918_1005740129501606_8879243834294359886_n 11892268_1005739979501621_3400714040648838421_n

Before the concert, our VIP guests were invited to a VIP reception when Minister Counsellor Mr. Jin Xu from Commercial Section of Chinese Embassy and the remembrancer of the city of London Paul Double gave speeches.

During the first 45-minute performance session, Kuan Naichung led Huaxia Traditional Music Orchestra to perform “ A Festival in a Village”, “Sorrow under the Moon”, “The Family photo”, “Drinking Ceremony and Dance Music of the Tang Dynasty” with Pipa performed by Cheng Yuyu and “Full moon at the Lantern Festival and the night”. All these well-known pieces awoke audience’s childhood memory. Additionally, conductor Kuan Naichung showed the audience that words are another form of music. Before each piece, he either illustrated the background stories or visualized the music with beautiful Chinese traditional poems. For “Full moon at the Lantern Festival and the night”, he explained the excitement at the latter part of the music with the poem “众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处.” (Searching him thousands of times in the crowds, I turn around suddenly, find he is standing in the lights gloomy.)

The second performance session started with a speech given by the invited VIPs, including Minister Counsellor Mr. XIANG XiaoWei from the Cultural section of Chinese Embassy, and followed by a speech by Mr Robin Musgrove-wethey. As a loving father to a beautiful Chinese daughter Isabella who came from Nanchang in 2005, Robin shared his experience with MBL and his opinion on the meaning of MBL’s work for bringing authentic Chinese culture to all the audience in that evening, to adoptive families and their beloved Chinese children in the UK, and to the UK society. In his view, MBL is reaching out to Chinese children in all corners of the world: those who have been raised abroad and those living in destitute conditions in China. He also introduced MBL as a UK Registered Charity and how we are “building bridges” between the East and the West by sending books from the West to the East in order to encourage the reading of Western literature, and MBL also raise funds to build children libraries in poor countryside schools and orphanages in China.



After the speeches, Zhang Weiliang, the famous flute and Xiao performer brought two fresh pieces “ Weeping Flowers- Hua Lei” and “Little Cow Boy” which was introduced with poem “借问酒家何处有?牧童遥指杏花村.” Erhu performer, Mrs Song Fei also brought two classical pieces “The Moon reflected in Er-Quan” and “The New Year’s Eve”. All the audience were obsessed with the music that passed the composer’s sadness and his steadfast hope for brighter future.

The performance was so successful that at the end the audience did not stop applauding. To show gratitude, the orchestra performed one extra piece “Lovely Blossom and the Bright Full Moon”. The warmth and power of the music, like a river flowing from the stage to the deep part of our heart, brought audience peacefulness and happiness.

We would like to thank Chinese Business Network’s support for offering the limited free tickets with good seats and discount for our supporters, adoptive families and MBL volunteers. We greatly appreciated Robin Musgrove-wethey, our VIP guest and his family for giving a speech in front of all the audience introducing the three bridges of MBL, which was no doubt a historic moment for MBL. We are honored to have our guests including representatives from Hong Kong Adoptee Network, UK top music reviewer, Credential International Arts Manager and etc. Thank you all for joining this brilliant concert with Mother’s Bridge of Love.


If you enjoyed this concert, or are looking forward to hearing more about coming Chinese concert or you would like to help those kids who are in need of better education, please encourage us and do not hesitate to contact us. Every little help from you means a lot for children in poverty.

Donation can be paid:
– On-Line Payment, please use this link:
and please leave your name and email address, and also put “MBLChinese Concert” in the donation comment box.
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Account Name:The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL)
Account Number:11453130
Sort Code: 400607
IBAN: GB08MIDL40060711453130
Thank you very much on behalf of MBL and those children from village to village!
MBL Head Office

Drafted by MBL volunteer HE RuiYun (何瑞云)
*The funds and donations that MBL makes from this concert are to support MBL “Books For Kids” project and our operations.

MBL East-West Children’s Art Trip 2015

MBL East-West Children’s Art Trip 2015


7月26日伦敦时间11:30-16:30,母爱桥参与组织V&A Museum of Childhood 夏日派对,为伦敦和世界的小朋友们提供了丰富的中国文化体验。母爱桥的志愿者们用中国传统民俗工艺品进行义卖,为母爱桥的“Book for kids”项目募集善款。特别的中国少数民族服装试穿活动也吸引了世界各地小朋友们的注意,他们争相试穿服装,表达了对中国文化的好奇与尊敬。来自深圳杨梅红艺术团的18位小朋友在母爱桥志愿者的带领下,参观了博物馆。小朋友们先欣赏了博物馆的世界舞蹈表演。之后,志愿者对博物馆中的中国展品向小朋友们进行了详细的讲解,也对有代表性的英国展品做了详细介绍。孩子们表示这种边玩边学,寓教于乐的活动使他们更加好奇不同的民族文化,也希望以后长大自己能够成为中国文化的使者;像母爱桥一样搭建中西方文化交流之桥。


The Mother’s Bridge of Love and V&A Museum of Childhood Cooperative Children’s Summer Party

July 26, MBL made an appearance at the V&A Museum of Childhood for the Summer Festival in Bethnal Green. MBL set a stall with many other children’s’ NGO’s and Charities. MBL was able to provide a rich cultural experience for children by showcasing its fundraising products, alongside traditional Chinese folk arts and crafts. The unique clothing of ethnic minorities in particular was a great hit! Children of different backgrounds were eager to try the clothes, expressing curiosity and respect towards Chinese culture. The visitors to the event were able to meet MBL volunteer’s close-hand and find out about MBL’s work. It was a great opportunity for everyone!


A group of little Chinese Art students all the way from China also participated at Summer Festival together with the help an support from MBL volunteers, as part of MBL Culture & Education Exchange Program.

The event occurred in tandem with MBL’s ‘Books for Kids’ project. The project is MBL’s worldwide plea for maternal love, created to raise money for building libraries in China. For this project 18 children from Shenzhen Yangmei Hong Troupe were able to visit the museum! The children were able to learn about the museum as MBL volunteers carefully explained to them and showed them around. They were able to witness the spectacular music and dance performances played by the Museum’s volunteers.

MBL wanted the children to have fun through learning, entertaining and educational activities. This way they could also become more curious about the different cultures of the world and understand who they are. Through learning it is hoped that as they grow older they could become ambassadors of Chinese culture. One day they will be able to build their own bridges of love from East to West!




MBLers at London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 2015

MBLers at London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 2015


28th June 2015 – MBL joined in again for this year’s London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival. The event was busier than ever, held at the London Regatta Center at the newly regenerated Royal Albert Docks. This time round for MBL there were 23 enthusiastic paddlers taking part in what became a fiercely competitive day.

MBL’s participation at London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 2015, on the one hand, MBL wants to show the support to the sharing of traditional Hong Kong/Chinese culture in the UK, and on the other hand MBL aims to raise funds for MBL “Books For Kids”project to build up children libraries at poor countryside schools and orphanages in China. All the funds MBL raised from Dragon Boat Racing will be for “Book For Kids” project and also for MBL’s operations.

It started off as a hectic morning. There were numerous different teams ranging from the professional dragon boat teams, charities like MBL to delegates from corporations like PwC and even the Chinese Embassy. Though this was a charity race, the MBL team knew it was going to be an exciting day.

PIC_20150628_164749_977 PIC_20150628_164740_0BC PIC_20150628_002456_78C

The MBLers set up in the tents next to East-West Festival. It was a great position as the music played whilst the teams slowly built up. Eventually by half past nine, everyone had arrived and they were ready to paddle.



When everyone was arriving, MBL Dragon Boat team captain Xiaoli gave welcoming words and briefed the team for the upcoming exciting races.



Then the Chinese Consular from the Chinese Embassy, Mr JIN Xu came to visit MBL Dragon Boat team and gave a motivational speech, and everyone had listened in intently and was energised by Mr JIN Xu’s words. 


From hearing Mr Jin Xu’s words, the MBL Team were ready to get started with training & safety briefing session.


_MG_7753 _MG_7750

After the training & safety briefing session, MBL team moved to the fields near the team tents, and organised themselves and practiced the paddling manoeuvres. Everyone paddled in rhythm and seemed highly confident. One keen volunteer said, “The team are nicely synchronised, we can do well if we stay focused.”

The MBL team know that because the race would be so competitive, it would be challenging to win the charity league. A calm volunteer said, “Winning isn’t important. We’re here to have fun and do our part to show the great work that MBL does. That’s all that matters!”

Soon, the team were ready to move to the Dragon Boats. Before they did a trained expert showed them on the best way to paddle as a team. The support given by Festival organisers was fantastic. They gave helpful advice and ensured the team’s safety.


_MG_7773_MG_7945  _MG_7785

The first race started in a blitz! Whilst the MBL team did fantastically, the other teams were even better. It was a fiercely competitive race. Right after paddling one MBLer commented, “It’s fun, everyone is excited but it’s also tough. We have to work really hard if we want to improve our time. We have the right attitude, we just need to make sure we work together!”.

For the second race the weather had decided to change. The calm and cloudy morning had evolved into a sudden rain. The MBL team were soaked but they showed their resolve by paddling against all opposition. A determined MBLer puffed, “We have to keep practicing and get better before the last race. We know we can do it!”.


_MG_7845 _MG_7861

By the time the second race had finished, the MBL team were able to relax for a little while whilst the rain subsided. The East-West Festival next to the team’s tent had an eclectic mix of entertainment for the many visitors that had come to see the races. The MBLers took the opportunity to enjoy themselves as well!



After their momentary respite, the team knew what they had to do. It was time for the final race and they were ready to for the last paddle. The race had begun and finished with a flourish. Though the other teams paddled hard and kept the MBL team at the back, the MBLers never gave up!


As a result of their hard work the MBL team had achieved a fantastic time. This was a massive 15-second improvement over last year. Thanks to their efforts the MBL team went to 8th place and beat two other teams from Charity Teams and one team from the Open Teams. One proud volunteer said, “It was great to take part in the team for MBL, we did really well to beat our result from last year. It’s all due to our team spirit, let’s do even better next year!”



The MBL team proved to everyone that they were able to rise above the challenge. It was truly a great day and a fantastic moment for MBL! Well done the MBL paddlers, volunteers and everyone who was involved! Thanks for those who supported each paddlers to raise funds for MBL “Books For Kids”project to build up children libraries at poor countryside schools and orphanages in China!



Drafted by Asif Hussain ( )   Edited by Xiaoli



MBL Charity Film Screenings with China International Film Festival London (CIFFL) 2015 on Wednesday 13th May & Sunday 17th May

MBL Charity Film Screenings with China International Film Festival London (CIFFL) 2015
Wednesday 13th May & Sunday 17th May
Here, MBL would love to invite you, your family, or friends for this upcoming China International Film Festival London (CIFFL) 2015! There will be two MBL Charity Film Screenings (Wednesday 13th May & Sunday 17th May), and we aim to raise funds for MBL “Books For Kids” project to build up children libraries in impoverished villages/orphanages in China. 
For helping MBL to estimate the numbers of people will come, do please click or ask people whom you’re inviting to click “Going” at MBL Charity Film Screening Event Page on Facebook: and
Of course, we would be much appreciated if you or people you’re inviting would like to make ANY amount of DONATION to MBL, and please visit: leave name, email address, and also leave Kung Fu Jungle” or “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” in the “Donation comment” box.
Or you are welcome to make donation at MBL Donation Box on MBL Information Desk inside of the Cineworld Haymarket on the day.
Details of “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”:
Time: 18:00 – 20:00 (Screening), Wednesday 13th May, 
Venue: Cineworld Cinema London, Haymarket
Address: 63-65Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RL
The Taking of Tiger Mountain 智取威虎山 (Mandarin: zhì qǔ wēihǔ shān) (
Trailer (Mandarin):
Trailer (with English Subtitle):
Director:Hark Tsui (
Writers: Huang Jianxin, Li Yang, Hark Tsui, Wu Bing, Dong Zhe, Lin Qi-an
Stars: Zhang Hanyu, Yony Lueng Ka Fai (, Lin Gengxin, Yu Nan, Tong Liya
Genres: War/Action/History/Adventure/3D
Language: Mandarin Chinese (with Chinese and English subtitles)
Runtime: 143 min
UK Certification: 15 years and over
Storyline: Adapted from Qu Bo’s book Tracks in the Snowy Forests, the film Taking of Tiger Mountain tells a story about a battle of wits and courage between a People’s Liberation Army squad and a bandit gang in the forests of northeast China.
Details of “Kung Fu Jungle”

Time: 18:00 – 20:00 (Screening+Meeting the Director), Sunday 17th May, 

Venue: Cineworld Cinema London, Haymarket

Address: 63-65Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RL

Kung Fu Jungle 一个人的武林 (Mandarin: Yī Gè Rén De Wǔ Lín; Cantonese: Yat1 Gor3 Yan4 Dik1 Mou5 Lam4(

Trailer (Mandarin)

Trailer (Cantonese with English Subtitle)

Director: Teddy Chan (

Writers: Teddy Chan, Ho Leung Lau, Tin Shu Mak

Stars: Donnie Yen, Baoqiang Wang, Charlie Yeung, Bai Bing, Zhang Lanxin, David Chiang, Won Bin , Alex Fong

Genres: Action/ Crime

Language: Mandarin, Cantonese (with Chinese and English subtitles)

Runtime: 96 min

BBFC Insight: strong violence

Genre(S): Action, Crime, Martial Arts

UK Certification: 15 years and over (

Storyline: The film tells a story about Kung Fu tutor Xia Wuhou was challenged by Kung Fu master Feng Yuxiu while both of them are on the run. Be Friends or foes, two Kung Fu masters’ encounter leads to an unavoidable battle between them and also a bloody war in Wulin circle of Hong Kong.


***MBL与第三届伦敦国际华语电影节 (CIFFL) 2015携手共创公益慈善梦想***

诚挚邀请母爱桥MBL的朋友们和支持者们欣赏由第三届伦敦国际华语电影节 (CIFFL) 2015带来的华语电影盛宴!为MBL“Books For Kids”项目筹集善款,为中国贫困、偏远地区的孩子们建立更多的儿童图书馆!
展映院线: Cineworld Cinema London, 63-65 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RL
18:00 – 20:00 “智取威虎山”(The Taking of Tiger Mountain):
导演: 徐克
编剧: 黄欣、李杨、徐克、吴兵、董哲、林启安
主演: 张涵予、梁家辉、林更新、余男、佟丽娅
类型: 战争/动作/历史/冒险/3D/15+
语言: 普通话 (中英文字幕)
上映日期: 2014年12月23日 (中国大陆)
片长: 143 分钟
简介:《智取威虎山3D》改编自曲波小说《林海雪原》,讲述的是解放军一支骁勇善战的小分队与在东北山林盘踞多年的数 股土匪斗志斗勇的故事。
18:00 – 20:00  “一个人的武林(Kung Fu Jungle)”(导演见面会: 陈德森)
导演: 陈德森
编剧: 陈德森, 刘浩良, 麦天枢
主演: 甄子丹、王宝强、杨采妮、白冰、张蓝心、姜大卫、元彬、方中信
类型: 动作/警匪/15+
语言: 普通话/粤语 (中英字幕)
上映日期: 2014年10月31日
片长: 96分钟
简介: 该片讲述了武术教头夏侯武遭遇武痴封于修挑战, 两个武艺超凡的杀人犯 同时在逃, 他们是敌是友, 两雄相遇, 一场巅峰对决势所难免在香港武林掀起 血雨腥风的故事。
母爱桥MBL “Books For Kids”项目团队代表偏远、贫困山区的孩子们感谢您和伦敦国际华语电影节的爱心奉献与慷慨捐赠!

周三和周日的两部慈善场的电影票没有固定的票价(市场价每张£11),但是您可以根据个人喜好在:   进行网上捐赠,支持MBL“Books For Kids”图书馆项目。请在“Donation comment”里注明两部慈善电影放映场中您想要观看的电影名称。例如:“智取威虎山”The Taking of Tiger Mountain!或者也可以到影片放映现场,MBL的慈善募款箱前进行直接捐赠!

欢迎您联系MBL: 进行两部慈善场的票务问询
MBL Head Office

MBL and London Book Fair 2015

MBL and London Book Fair 2015

MBL Corporate Members William from China Investors Club visit MBL volunteers at LBF 2015 in fron of CPG stall







MBL team with PPMI at LBF 2015
MBL team with PPMI at LBF 2015

MBL’s Support of CACH Reunion March 2015

Congratulations on MBL’s unique contribution towards the CACH Reunion 2015! On March 14, 2015, three volunteers from MBL joined CACH Reunion 2015 at Daventry Court Hotel near Coventry, where they put up various Chinese- culture workshops and as well as a charity stall. From 11.30 am to 4 pm on the day, groups of children participated in our paper-cutting and paper-folding workshops and enjoyed making their own Chinese lanterns, and the others were fascinated by the traditional Chinese calligraphy and eager to learn how to write their Chinese names using the brush. The workshops gave the children and their family a glimpse of the traditional Chinese culture, and also left the MBL volunteers a lasting impression. We are looking forward to meeting more children adopted from China to introduce to them their cultural roots and support them in all possible regards.


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Volunteer list: Yanan DU, Wenling YU, Ms Chen drafted by Wenling YU