MBL at London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Sun 29th June 2014!

A group of 18 participants from PPMI, Qumin and other MBL supporters took to the Thames last Sunday, 29th June, to take part as paddlers and drummers in a Dragon Boat Racing Festival. “Building bridges between China and the West” has always been one of the MBLers’ most important missions, and this time again MBLers felt compelled to join such a significant and meaningful East-West Related Event – the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, helping and supporting the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) to promote Hong Kongese culture in the UK.

Xiaoli was our featured planner, inviting passionate people to join this event and make their efforts more than just a race – MBL aims to raise funds to build more libraries for children from Chinese rural areas. All our hearts were racing, and not just from the physical challenge! Eddie shared the joys he felt when he met new friends, Chole was impressed with the teamwork she saw, while Ryan remarked “the most exiting part was to enjoy the paddling as well as to get involved with Chinese culture and communities”.

With the motivation to promote a worthwhile cause, an opportunity to interact with new friends from different industries, the chance to learn more about Chinese culture and to round it all off some gorgeous weather to enjoy – in fact, a heavy downpour came just as the MBL team had finished their last race!– it was truly a day to remember!

MBL Head Office
Drafted by DONG HaiYi, Edited by YAO JingYan


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Norwegian and UK adoptive families reunion with MBLers 23rd May 2014

Recently, MBL organized a meeting with both adoptive family from Norway and UK, Xinran, XIAO Li, LIN Pin, and LI Xu attended this lunch  meeting at Royal China restaurant in London.

1Z8A0116Adoptive families and MBLers —Family photos


1Z8A0162Mothers from Norway and the UK


1Z8A0155Happy girls was having fun


Moms and their beloved ones






During the lunch meeting, adoptive families and MBLers had a really lovely talking and communication.




Everybody was looking forward to the lunch meeting







To be specific, a couple of points have been discussed, including MBL project Pen Friend Program, MBL Culture Trip in Nanjing, MBL Ya’an Trek, MBL’s potential support to Norwegian adoptive families group when ythey go back to China (especially Xi’an) in two years time, besides, we also discussed a plan for MBL’s next visit in Norway.



MBL at CACH Reunion 14th – 15th March 2014

Date: March 14-15th, 2014

Location: Daventry Court Hotel, Rugby, Sedgemoor Way, Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 0SG, United Kingdom

On March 14th 2014, MBL Team Leader Xiao Li and a head office intern DU YaNan went to Daventry Court Hotel for preparing the upcoming CACH Reunion event on 15th March 2014t.

CACH 2014 1

MBLers started to set up MBL’s stall in the hall of the hotel after a detailed discussion about the layout.

On the day of the CACH event, it began with a wonderful lion dance performance. As the adopted family and children increasingly gathered, the atmosphere of the hall was beginning to warm up. 

CACH 2014 2CACH 2014 3

In this year’s event, the main activities MBL were running at our stall were as followed:

Firstly, Chinese culture items sales: including Xinran’s books (in many versions of different languages), MBL trustee Ching-He Huang’s books, and other China related books, Chinese calligraphy materials, paper-cutting text books, Chinese brush/ink stone, traditional Chinese music CD and so on, aiming to arise their interest in Chinese culture and giving basic knowledge of Chinese culture to those beloved families. 

CACH 2014 5

Further, the adopted family were encouraged to get involved in an activity which is called ‘Find out Where Do You Come From’. Our Chinese adoptees were asked to spot their hometown on a Chinese map, which enables them to develop a deeper impression about their hometown.


Meanwhile, DU YaNan had a lovely chat with a couple of families, grasping this opportunity, she also introduced the concepts and aim of our organization to some new families and promoted our projects such as Pen Friends Programme, Library Project and MBL 10th Anniversary. Many families showed their interests in MBL Pen Friend Programme and

children were excited to find a pen pal same age like them in China. It is such a wonderful programme that children can be motivated to learn Chinese and learn more about China through their own way.

CACH 2014 4_meitu_2

At the end of the day, all the families got together and took a lovely photo. It was such an unforgettable experience and also very emotional moment to spend with those beloved children and their wonderful parents.

CACH 2014 7



Reported by MBL volunteer Du Yanan (杜亚楠)

MBL & BBC “One Child” Meeting Event – Thursday 13th March 2014


On Thursday 13th March 2014, MBL coordinated with BBC of organizing a meeting event between some adoptive families and BBC “One Child” production team at BBC Drama Production in London.

  1. 10:00am–10:30am

The executive Producer from BBC “One Child” welcomes all the attendees, and followed by introduction of each individual.

  1. 10:30am—11:00am

The “One Child” writer Guy briefed the drama story line: “a girl named Mei age 23, university student, who was adopted as a baby from China. One day, Mei was in her room study, a message popped up on her computer screen;‘your birth mother is looking for you in China…’Mei jumped and didn’t know what to do, she went to her mother (adopt mother), the family decided to follow up the message which was sent by a Female Chinese Journalist, who involved human rights and anti –corruption in China. Mei went to China met her birth mother who lived in a poorest condition, the scene was broken Mei’s heart… the drama did not stop there, Mei then came to know that she had a brother who had been given a death sentence which he didn’t commit the crime… In order to save her brother, Mei needs £50,000 to pay detective…in the end, they didn’t save Mei’s bother, because the corruption was so powerful and the journalist almost her friends were arrested, Mei came back to the UK with her adopt family.”

  1. 11:00am—12:30pm

The production team interviewed Ms Axxx, who’s an adoptive mum, and Bxxx (19 yrs old) who’s a Chinese adoptee about their relationships between, Guy questioned, if the story had happened to them how they react and do… physiologically and their thoughts…

Ms Mxxx, an adoptive mother,  gave her side of story when she adopted her disabled son fromChina through Special Needs Scheme.

Later on, one of the MBL team leaders LIN Ping contributed the culture and modern life in china, and her own family experience of live in between two cultures.

It was a vivid, interesting meeting and emotion discussions. The whole meeting last till 13.00pm which was one hour exceed.


Reported by MBL Team Leader: LIN Ping

There are some newest information about ‘One Child’,

please click HERE and HERE

ONECHILD-articleLargeBBC One Child_meitu_2


LSE China Development Forum 8th February 2014

800-600.c726acf5bbb82d3a04f9d5a77385ac9e9a926f6b_stxt_63.bb8080800-600.1926c2ba9e824cc67abe638730eebfec128eb2df_stxt_63.fc5a60MBL is a Supporting Partner to LSE China Development Forum 2014 – Rebalancing China


800-600.3a53a8de0206461604863b374b21d6b45f7fae4a_stxt_63.f958a7800-600.ee9ef24cb8085fdbea31a13a84e331509195910c_stxt_63.0288bfOpening Speech


800-600.10d34156a18a17bbaa622c2061d94a11a2c881b2_stxt_63.6cc2ff800-600.e66b530febbe386f3251d48f26a34d86313a9c7b_stxt_63.a53189800-600.7f71a42b09d82c8aa486d5a64b741584b424ea46_stxt_63.2e62a7Legal reform Panel discussion


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MBL’s at Chinese Festival Day – 19th Jan V&A Museum

On January 19th 2014, 10 volunteers from the Mothers’ Bridge of Love participated in the Chinese Festival Event held by the Victoria and Albert Museum, helping to run the event smoothly and successfully.


image image MBL at V&A MBL at V&A1MBL, as a charity organization known for diminishing the cultural gap between the British and Chinese cultures especially for those British families that adopt Chinese children, made great contributions to this event in various ways. The 10 volunteers from MBL tried their best to provide a cross-culture support to all the activities. Among the volunteers some of them are native Chinese. They used their own knowledge to answer the questions raised by the families about China and provided language assistance to the Victoria and Albert Museum for the whole day. Besides that the MBL volunteers also provided general support in various corners of the museum, helping to guide the visitors and doing marketing for the events. Some of them also joined the activities directly and helped to run the workshops along with the official staffs of the museum.

On that day, a number of activities relate with Chinese culture such as the imagination station in which the family members should find out their Chinese zodiac according to their birthdate and create their family creature using imagination and kite-making workshops are held in the Museum to help the coming families learn more about traditional Chinese culture. Some MBL families also attended the Chinese cultural activities to enable their children have a deeper understanding about the Chinese civilization and arts.

After the whole day’s work, MBL members and volunteers reinforced our connection with the MBL families. Moreover, we also introduced the concepts and aim of our organization to some new families who are interested in the MBL. The museum highly appreciated the volunteers’ hard work. And the volunteers all feel rewarding.


 Reported by MBL volunteer Erica (Peng Yan)

Sunday 8 December 2013: MBL at CACH West London Group Christmas Party

MBL at CACH West London Group Christmas Party

Date: 2.30 pm – 5 pm Sunday 8 December 2013

Location: St Faith’s Church Hall, 122 Windmill Lane, Brentford, TW8 9NA, London

MBL is so happy to provide help and support to CACH West London Group for this wonderful ipcoming Xmas party, and MBL volunteers YU Wenling (余文羚) and FENG Xiuyu (冯秀玉) will be there to celebrate together with adoptive families, children, and friends, and also to help with some children activities, such as making Christmas Cards and preparing Wish Cards. They will .

Meanwhile, MBL will donate our children’s magazines and Xmas cards for sale to raise moeny for  the Bosnian Orphanage.

Please keep up with us for more updated information and wonderful photos of the party below…


On 8th December 2013 CACH annual Christmas Party, two volunteers from Mother’s Bridge Love have participated in organizing a party for more than 20 families in St Fainth’s Hall in west London. 

MBL volunteers Wenling and Xiuyu arrived at the 122 Windmill Lane, Brentford at 2:00 o’clock. They started the preparation with the sponsors Elisabeth and other CHCH volunteers.  With the coming of family and children, the atmosphere of church was beginning to warm up.  The children were starting say hello to each other, which was leaded by their parents, some of the young children were a little bit shy at the beginning but with time going they were being more and more relaxed. MBL volunteers were responsible for guiding children to drawing cards and making Christmas cards.  Most of the children made the Christmas cards by themselves individually.



Ms Elisabeth, the coordinator of CACH West London Group, gave a speech on the Christmas party, and showed her thanks to The Mothers’ Bridge of Love. She also invited one of the MBL volunteers to share her volunteering experience in MBL.  Later, Qingqing was giving a performance about Chinese traditional dancing.  During the Christmas Party, Wenling and Xiuyu had a lovely chat with a couple of families, they explained who MBL is and what MBL does, and also showed some pictures about MBL’s previous. We hope more and more people and families will join our big MBL family.



The party was finished by a raffle, which aimed to raise money for a Bosnian Orphanage. It was a really meaningful chance for both Wenling and Xiuyu, as this was their first time to participate MBL’s activities; it was also an unforgettable experience for them to understand family, children, the love beyond the nationalities, and the essence of human nature.


As Weling said:” The most important thing I have felt during this activity is, we need pay more attention on Children’s inner feeling and their character buildings. Children would be more outgoing after participating those kind of activities “;  “Children’ parents do their best to provide the better growth environment.”


A lovely Christmas card for MBL from CACH West London Group



The Mothers’ Bridge of Love would like to make more cooperation with adoptive families and schools, and meanwhile we welcome more volunteers to join us. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at: headoffice@mothersbridge.org 

MBL is currently looking for a new office to keep on our good work going on, any donation or membership support would be appreciated. Also your help and support will make many Chinese children’s life from country to country, village to village! Please make Donation HERE

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.mothersbridge.org 


2013 128日,由两名来自母爱桥的志愿者参与到由伦敦西部CACH 组织的一年一度圣诞派对。 此次活动由CACH West London Group发起,母爱桥作为主办方参与者,也积极的加入到其中。


当天,由来自伦敦西部大约20多个家庭参与到了活动当中。MBL志愿者文羚和秀玉于当天下午2;00到达了主办地点St Faith’s Hall, 122 Windmill Lane, Brentford, London. 并于主办方COCH 发起人Elisabeth和其他来自COCH的志愿着一同布置了教堂和桌椅画笔卡片的摆放, 文羚和秀玉主要负责引导孩子制作圣诞卡片。


2:30pm, 随着家庭们的到来,教堂里逐渐热闹起来,孩子们在大人的带领下互相打招呼Say Hello,年纪较小的孩子起初有些害羞,但随大人们的鼓励,孩子们也越来越放松。MBL志愿者们开始带领小朋友们做活动,指导孩子们进行涂画并制作圣诞卡片。孩子们都很独立,她们大多数都自己完成了绘画和卡片的制作,这是在志愿者没有想到的。


3:30pm, 由Elisabeth 为大家做了开场白,演讲中Elisabeth答谢了母爱桥的支持,并且邀请了MBL的志愿者上台与大家交流母爱桥的经验和理念。稍后Elisabeth 的小女儿Qingqing 为大家带来了优美的中国古典舞蹈。 在休息时间,文羚和秀玉与收养家庭的家长亲切交谈,并且向他们介绍了母爱桥慈善组织和以往的收养家庭活动,希望能让更多的家庭了解到母爱桥,并且加入到我们母爱桥的大家庭。




就像文羚所说:“这次活动给我的最大感受是我们需要多关心收养坚挺的孩子,特别是重视他们的内心感受和性格培养。孩子们往往认生,害怕和陌生接触,通过聚会等形式的集体活动能让孩子逐渐开朗和外向。”“ 收养家庭的父母都在尽自己最大努力的给孩子提供好的更好的成长环境。”



母爱桥希望可以和更多的收养家庭组织以及学校合作,同时我们欢迎更多的志愿者参加MBL的活动。如果你感兴趣,请随时联系: headoffice@mothersbridge.org.

母爱桥正在寻找新的办公地点,我们希望能继续MBL所做的一切…为了这些被西方家庭收养的中国孤儿,也为了我们在国内救助的残疾孤儿和在偏远地区建立更多的儿童图书馆。我们真诚的期盼您的捐赠善举,捐赠细节请访问: https://www.mothersbridge.org/donate/






 Reported by MBL  volunteer FENG Xiuyu (冯秀玉)   Edited by MBL Head Office XIAO Li (肖莉)

6th – 9th Dec 2013: China International Film Festival London









Great Thanks to CIFFL for bringing so many wonderful Chinese films to the UK! We highly recommend MBL adoptive families, adoptees, and MBL friends and supporters to attend the film screenings.

For more details of the film screening timetable

Here is for each film’s summary.


Our recommendations:

FengShui (万箭穿心) for understanding Chinese women and mothers in deeper perspective!

Fallen City (倾城), which has such an emotional story based on Wenchuann earthquick in Sichuan. MBL donated 8 school libraries (https://www.mothersbridge.org/general/picture-book-donation-drive/) in Sichuan area as our support to those children who were affected and suffered from natural disaster.


MBL is raising more moeny for school libraries in rural countryside in China (https://www.mothersbridge.org/projects/ongoing/challenge-events/), and please have a look at our “Ya’an Trek 4 MBL” fundraising trek activities in China (https://www.mothersbridge.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/152.pdf).


MBL cooperate BBC up-coming Drama “One Child”!

MBL is currently cooperating BBC for this up-coming drama called “One Child”, which involving a role of a Chinese girl Mei, who’s a 23 year-old postgraduate student of astrophysics at University College London. She was adopted, when a baby, from an orphanage in Guangzhou by a British-American couple and she has been brought up in Britain.

MBL is sending a few questions out to some adopted girls of a similar age to Mei and to some adoptive parents on behalf of BBC, so BBC  Drama Production team could get an insight into how someone in Mei’s situation might feel.

Here are two separate questionnaires – one for the adoptees and one for the adoptive parents.
We’re so grateful for your help with this and do please send your answers back to BBC Drama Production Script Editor Jessica Burdett (Jessica.burdett@bbc.co.uk) by 15th Nov! Please also feel free to let us know if you need any more information.
Many Thanks&  谢谢您!
MBL Head Office