The melodies of love and joy from the deepest heart

The melodies of love and joy from the deepest heart


Congratulations on consummation of the Chinese concert “ Melodies from the Heart” performed by Huaxia Traditional Music Orchestra of China Conservatory on 21st August in London Centre Hall of Westminster. Mother’s Bridge of Love, as the only official charity partner, has cooperated successfully with organizers to build this music bridge between the west and China.


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Before the concert, our VIP guests were invited to a VIP reception when Minister Counsellor Mr. Jin Xu from Commercial Section of Chinese Embassy and the remembrancer of the city of London Paul Double gave speeches.

During the first 45-minute performance session, Kuan Naichung led Huaxia Traditional Music Orchestra to perform “ A Festival in a Village”, “Sorrow under the Moon”, “The Family photo”, “Drinking Ceremony and Dance Music of the Tang Dynasty” with Pipa performed by Cheng Yuyu and “Full moon at the Lantern Festival and the night”. All these well-known pieces awoke audience’s childhood memory. Additionally, conductor Kuan Naichung showed the audience that words are another form of music. Before each piece, he either illustrated the background stories or visualized the music with beautiful Chinese traditional poems. For “Full moon at the Lantern Festival and the night”, he explained the excitement at the latter part of the music with the poem “众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处.” (Searching him thousands of times in the crowds, I turn around suddenly, find he is standing in the lights gloomy.)

The second performance session started with a speech given by the invited VIPs, including Minister Counsellor Mr. XIANG XiaoWei from the Cultural section of Chinese Embassy, and followed by a speech by Mr Robin Musgrove-wethey. As a loving father to a beautiful Chinese daughter Isabella who came from Nanchang in 2005, Robin shared his experience with MBL and his opinion on the meaning of MBL’s work for bringing authentic Chinese culture to all the audience in that evening, to adoptive families and their beloved Chinese children in the UK, and to the UK society. In his view, MBL is reaching out to Chinese children in all corners of the world: those who have been raised abroad and those living in destitute conditions in China. He also introduced MBL as a UK Registered Charity and how we are “building bridges” between the East and the West by sending books from the West to the East in order to encourage the reading of Western literature, and MBL also raise funds to build children libraries in poor countryside schools and orphanages in China.



After the speeches, Zhang Weiliang, the famous flute and Xiao performer brought two fresh pieces “ Weeping Flowers- Hua Lei” and “Little Cow Boy” which was introduced with poem “借问酒家何处有?牧童遥指杏花村.” Erhu performer, Mrs Song Fei also brought two classical pieces “The Moon reflected in Er-Quan” and “The New Year’s Eve”. All the audience were obsessed with the music that passed the composer’s sadness and his steadfast hope for brighter future.

The performance was so successful that at the end the audience did not stop applauding. To show gratitude, the orchestra performed one extra piece “Lovely Blossom and the Bright Full Moon”. The warmth and power of the music, like a river flowing from the stage to the deep part of our heart, brought audience peacefulness and happiness.

We would like to thank Chinese Business Network’s support for offering the limited free tickets with good seats and discount for our supporters, adoptive families and MBL volunteers. We greatly appreciated Robin Musgrove-wethey, our VIP guest and his family for giving a speech in front of all the audience introducing the three bridges of MBL, which was no doubt a historic moment for MBL. We are honored to have our guests including representatives from Hong Kong Adoptee Network, UK top music reviewer, Credential International Arts Manager and etc. Thank you all for joining this brilliant concert with Mother’s Bridge of Love.


If you enjoyed this concert, or are looking forward to hearing more about coming Chinese concert or you would like to help those kids who are in need of better education, please encourage us and do not hesitate to contact us. Every little help from you means a lot for children in poverty.

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Drafted by MBL volunteer HE RuiYun (何瑞云)
*The funds and donations that MBL makes from this concert are to support MBL “Books For Kids” project and our operations.