The Junior Chinese Summer School Programme

The Junior Chinese Summer School Programme

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The Junior Chinese Summer School Programme has successfully completed by 25th July in Mayfield, East Sussex. MBL team and Xinran with many adotive families attended this programme to spread Chinese culture and get close to each other. We would like to thank Robin, Maria and their daughter Isabella for the delicious meals and the accommodation offer. And we appreciate our supporter and her family for hosting a fantastic dinner for MBLers. Thank you very much indeed for all your kindness.

In this programme, our volunteers from Mother’s Bridge of Love have witnessed the strong bond of love between western parents and Chinese adoptees. We set up stalls selling books about China and Chinese traditional decorations. The major work of MBLers was to talk with parents, getting to know their life with Chinese adoptees. MBLers also held a Chinese minorities fashion try on session. The children were dressed with Chinese minorities’ costumes such as Dai, Miao, Meng Gu and etc. And Xinran gave a talk in Mayfield School about the role of woman today in China and her new book “Buy Me the Sky” which reveals the effect of one-child policy to Chinese society. The audience were touched and also showed great support to Mother’s Bridge of Love. Our project “Books for Kids” has greatly attracted groups of parents who regularly take their children back to China every year. Different from the normal vacation, “Books for Kids” offers western children a unique opportunity to gain a deep insight of Chinese family, class and countryside. With MBL team, they would take a part in all the activities including packing and sending books, building local libraries and etc.

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This experience was very enjoyable. People were amazed that the lovely little girls with minorities’ costumes were just as beautiful as models in T stage. The parents and MBLers were busy taking photos hoping to remember this moment forever. One of the volunteers was really touched. She said ” Having deep communications with the parents, I found that to improve the children’s Mandarin, the parents positively seek Chinese summer courses or Chinese personal tutors. This is inspiring that they constantly remind their beloved children of Chinese culture and their identities as Chinese offspring. Their love is generous and selfless.”

If you would like to help those kids who are in need of better education or you are looking forward to exploring Chinese culture, please encourage us and do not hesitate to contact us. Every little help from you means a lot for children in poverty.

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