MBL’s Support of CACH Reunion March 2015

Congratulations on MBL’s unique contribution towards the CACH Reunion 2015! On March 14, 2015, three volunteers from MBL joined CACH Reunion 2015 at Daventry Court Hotel near Coventry, where they put up various Chinese- culture workshops and as well as a charity stall. From 11.30 am to 4 pm on the day, groups of children participated in our paper-cutting and paper-folding workshops and enjoyed making their own Chinese lanterns, and the others were fascinated by the traditional Chinese calligraphy and eager to learn how to write their Chinese names using the brush. The workshops gave the children and their family a glimpse of the traditional Chinese culture, and also left the MBL volunteers a lasting impression. We are looking forward to meeting more children adopted from China to introduce to them their cultural roots and support them in all possible regards.


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Volunteer list: Yanan DU, Wenling YU, Ms Chen drafted by Wenling YU