MBL East-West Children’s Art Trip 2015

MBL East-West Children’s Art Trip 2015


7月26日伦敦时间11:30-16:30,母爱桥参与组织V&A Museum of Childhood 夏日派对,为伦敦和世界的小朋友们提供了丰富的中国文化体验。母爱桥的志愿者们用中国传统民俗工艺品进行义卖,为母爱桥的“Book for kids”项目募集善款。特别的中国少数民族服装试穿活动也吸引了世界各地小朋友们的注意,他们争相试穿服装,表达了对中国文化的好奇与尊敬。来自深圳杨梅红艺术团的18位小朋友在母爱桥志愿者的带领下,参观了博物馆。小朋友们先欣赏了博物馆的世界舞蹈表演。之后,志愿者对博物馆中的中国展品向小朋友们进行了详细的讲解,也对有代表性的英国展品做了详细介绍。孩子们表示这种边玩边学,寓教于乐的活动使他们更加好奇不同的民族文化,也希望以后长大自己能够成为中国文化的使者;像母爱桥一样搭建中西方文化交流之桥。


The Mother’s Bridge of Love and V&A Museum of Childhood Cooperative Children’s Summer Party

July 26, MBL made an appearance at the V&A Museum of Childhood for the Summer Festival in Bethnal Green. MBL set a stall with many other children’s’ NGO’s and Charities. MBL was able to provide a rich cultural experience for children by showcasing its fundraising products, alongside traditional Chinese folk arts and crafts. The unique clothing of ethnic minorities in particular was a great hit! Children of different backgrounds were eager to try the clothes, expressing curiosity and respect towards Chinese culture. The visitors to the event were able to meet MBL volunteer’s close-hand and find out about MBL’s work. It was a great opportunity for everyone!


A group of little Chinese Art students all the way from China also participated at Summer Festival together with the help an support from MBL volunteers, as part of MBL Culture & Education Exchange Program.

The event occurred in tandem with MBL’s ‘Books for Kids’ project. The project is MBL’s worldwide plea for maternal love, created to raise money for building libraries in China. For this project 18 children from Shenzhen Yangmei Hong Troupe were able to visit the museum! The children were able to learn about the museum as MBL volunteers carefully explained to them and showed them around. They were able to witness the spectacular music and dance performances played by the Museum’s volunteers.

MBL wanted the children to have fun through learning, entertaining and educational activities. This way they could also become more curious about the different cultures of the world and understand who they are. Through learning it is hoped that as they grow older they could become ambassadors of Chinese culture. One day they will be able to build their own bridges of love from East to West!