MBL 10th Anniversary Celebration

MBL celebrated its 10th anniversary on Saturday 9th of August 2014, at V&A Museum of Childhood. Plenty of adoptive families, MBL supporters and enthusiastic volunteers participated to enjoy the great moment. The big day was immersed in a festival atmosphere – the museum was decorated with various Chinese elements, including Chinese lanterns, paper cuttings and flags. It was meaningful to share MBLers’ achievement in the past 10 years, and it was more a day that raise the public awareness of the adoption issues as well as the cultural exchange between the West and East.


Xinran addressed a short but heartfelt speech began the celebration. MBL’s team leader Xiao Li, ,and the members of the board Mr. Eady and Mr. Gorden also gave speeches. expressing their gratitude to the public support and gave best wishes to MBL’s bright future.

The incredible performance of London Chinese Guitar club, London Yulan Qin society and the famous violinst Anna Phoebe, as well as a team of our beloved volunteers made the BIG DAY significant and more attractive. The baby lion dance outside the venue became the favourite show among the kids. Tailored workshops met the interests of different families that parents and kids were enveloped in learning in painting, paper cut, calligraphy and Kungfu. The costume corner fascinated the attendees that many children tried on different Chinese minority clothes and took pictures with their ideal pose gladly.

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Annabel Stockman, the artist who holds the exhibition <Hand me over, hand me down> in the museum, shared the stories about her exhibition, which was composed various children’s clothes, that the kids worn when they marched to new life with new parents, taken from adoptive families.


The Celebration then ended up in Xinran’s talk. She shared her thoughts after the talk: For the Chinese youth adoptees, in which she analysed the geographic issue, sexual ratio and reasons related to the adoption.

The celebration was short as kids were keeping asking when is the next workshop and performance, the celebration was long as people all left with reflection and thinking to issues around adoptive families and cultural collision. The past ten years we have been going through was a long, tough and meaningful road. MBL believed and believes that love would bring those children in need a future with hope. We are also determined to keep providing helps to those children with supports and wishes from all of you!