MBL Xinran at TEDxShanghai 2012

Here is the latest info about TEDxShanghai 2012. The organisers are happy to support MBL with the printing out 1,000 copies of MBL’s brochures – and to offer tickets for MBLers!

Xinran at TEDxShanghai 2012
Sunday 20th May 2012 9:00am-7:00pm
Shanghai Concert Hall

Xinran, founder of MBL will speak on the stage of TEDxShanghai 2012 about “One drop of water of thinking: being a GOOD Chinese woman in a global village – is about our respected Asia culture, Chinese national character and beautiful personality”

You can find out more detail at:

Please contact MBL IT Team Leader Xiangming (email: wangxmlx[at]gmail.com) for your tickets.

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