MBL Trip in China (Dec 2012) – Lilly from Cheltenham Ladies’ College

Lilly’s Volunteering Experience with MBL in China

MBL volunteer Lilly (graduated from Cheltenham Ladies’ College) went to China for her two weeks volunteering experience with MBL in Nanjing in Dec 2012.

As a MBL base in China, Nanjing BaiXia Children’s Palace provides courses of traditional and contemporary arts and skills to local children/youth. More than 20,000 pupils aged between five and fifteen attending courses regularly every year. And MBL also works with schools, colleges, and universities in China and regularly invites international artists, scholars, and writers…as MBL volunteers to visit and give lecture/workshop to the students there.

Teaching Chinese children at school

For more details and Lilly’s article about her experience please click: Lilly’s Volunteering Experience with MBL in China