MBL International Children’s Art Exhibition – Embrace Art from the World

Dear MBLers,

The Mothers’ Bridge of Love (MBL), is proud to announce that together with Gallery Amichi from Australia and Nanjing BaiXia Children’s Palace (BX), MBL International Children’s Art Exhibition – Embrace Art from the World – was successfully held from 18th February 2012 to 17th March 2012 at BX.

The International Children’s Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony attracted many different groups, including local families, education institutes, publishers, artists, media, and international friends (such as the representative of the UAE Ambassador)…As part of MBL charity event for children, Gallery Amichi BIG ONES LITTLE ONES® “Through my eyes” from Australia brought to Nanjing BX a collection of more than 120 pieces of art by children from 16 countries.

MBL set up an Information Desk during the Exhibition, which helped people to know more about MBL: Who we are? What we do? How to be MBL volunteers or to join MBL as members? Nanjing Team Leader Zhu Li and her team members are encouraging people to get more involved in MBL’s current and future charity events.

Ms Trish Amichi visited some local kindergartens and primary schools, such as Plum Mountain Kindergarten, Nanjing No.1 Kindergarten, ChaoTian Palace Minority Primary School (school for migrant workers’ children), Nanjing Guanghuamen Primary School, and Nanjing Yu Zhi (Special Needs School). As a very passionate and active MBL volunteer, she also kindly ran workshops for the children during her visit.