MBL & BBC “One Child” Meeting Event – Thursday 13th March 2014


On Thursday 13th March 2014, MBL coordinated with BBC of organizing a meeting event between some adoptive families and BBC “One Child” production team at BBC Drama Production in London.

  1. 10:00am–10:30am

The executive Producer from BBC “One Child” welcomes all the attendees, and followed by introduction of each individual.

  1. 10:30am—11:00am

The “One Child” writer Guy briefed the drama story line: “a girl named Mei age 23, university student, who was adopted as a baby from China. One day, Mei was in her room study, a message popped up on her computer screen;‘your birth mother is looking for you in China…’Mei jumped and didn’t know what to do, she went to her mother (adopt mother), the family decided to follow up the message which was sent by a Female Chinese Journalist, who involved human rights and anti –corruption in China. Mei went to China met her birth mother who lived in a poorest condition, the scene was broken Mei’s heart… the drama did not stop there, Mei then came to know that she had a brother who had been given a death sentence which he didn’t commit the crime… In order to save her brother, Mei needs £50,000 to pay detective…in the end, they didn’t save Mei’s bother, because the corruption was so powerful and the journalist almost her friends were arrested, Mei came back to the UK with her adopt family.”

  1. 11:00am—12:30pm

The production team interviewed Ms Axxx, who’s an adoptive mum, and Bxxx (19 yrs old) who’s a Chinese adoptee about their relationships between, Guy questioned, if the story had happened to them how they react and do… physiologically and their thoughts…

Ms Mxxx, an adoptive mother,  gave her side of story when she adopted her disabled son fromChina through Special Needs Scheme.

Later on, one of the MBL team leaders LIN Ping contributed the culture and modern life in china, and her own family experience of live in between two cultures.

It was a vivid, interesting meeting and emotion discussions. The whole meeting last till 13.00pm which was one hour exceed.


Reported by MBL Team Leader: LIN Ping

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