MBL at London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Sun 29th June 2014!

A group of 18 participants from PPMI, Qumin and other MBL supporters took to the Thames last Sunday, 29th June, to take part as paddlers and drummers in a Dragon Boat Racing Festival. “Building bridges between China and the West” has always been one of the MBLers’ most important missions, and this time again MBLers felt compelled to join such a significant and meaningful East-West Related Event – the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, helping and supporting the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) to promote Hong Kongese culture in the UK.

Xiaoli was our featured planner, inviting passionate people to join this event and make their efforts more than just a race – MBL aims to raise funds to build more libraries for children from Chinese rural areas. All our hearts were racing, and not just from the physical challenge! Eddie shared the joys he felt when he met new friends, Chole was impressed with the teamwork she saw, while Ryan remarked “the most exiting part was to enjoy the paddling as well as to get involved with Chinese culture and communities”.

With the motivation to promote a worthwhile cause, an opportunity to interact with new friends from different industries, the chance to learn more about Chinese culture and to round it all off some gorgeous weather to enjoy – in fact, a heavy downpour came just as the MBL team had finished their last race!– it was truly a day to remember!

MBL Head Office
Drafted by DONG HaiYi, Edited by YAO JingYan


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